The New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse of Fixed Fire, trine Uranus

on the 21st August 2017 at 18:30 UTC

(if you are in the USA, you will be able to view this eclipse, please check the time for exact eclipse in your time zone. Astrology software shows exact time of eclipse from a central geocentric point of view, whereas the eclipse path is seen at times given from the topocentric (local) view and angle 


Smoothing your soul, softening your jagged edges, quietening that insufferable inner narrative, breathe in the enveloping silence of the fake night as the harsh, dazzling yet vibrant light gradually dims and diffuses like a watercolour landscape, fading eventually to grey and then painted black, as Nature pauses in quiet awe and the heat of busyness is cooled by full but gentle embrace of the Inner heart being made fully visible.

Within this calm space, a gap in consciousness opens up to offer you the opportunity to ‘feel’ how in touch you are with who you truly are and how ‘healthy’ your Inner Heart is. Encouraged from birth to look outside of yourself and model yourself on someone else’s view of who you are; discouraged by conformity to stand up and stand out; colonised by an insatiable master whose self-interest in preserving its own immortality has resulted in your creative life force being channelled to feed its own survival; your individuality has been allowed to be expressed within a carefully selected and managed path.

But having felt a pull away from the light of the world, you have been descending, of late, into a deeper, more personally relevant place in your soul. The chaos of a world filled with mindless distractions, feeding your mind with un-necessary information, encouraging your survival instinct to thrive off fear by being subjected to a constant stream of negativity and fear, has become increasingly unappetising over recent months. Conscious of that movement, you have been working on what it means to be true; what it means to live in accordance with your inner Light; what it means to be authentic; and what it means to live in complete consort with your path. And now, as the masculine light of Consciousness dims and as the calming light penetrates your being, you are left to feel the truth of your core without having to ‘be’ someone. Within this stream of awareness, a heretical thought slips through into your own consciousness – you have always been you!

You always have been you.

All that is needed is to give permission to yourself to feel the rawness of your Truth; all that is needed is to tend to the flame that exists within; all that is needed is to feed that flame; all that is needed is to let your eyes, your ears, your tongue, your heart and your mind catch this flame; all that you need is quieten your soul so that you can feel all that you are passionate about; all that is needed is to feel your Inner heart and to nourish and nurture it because without knowing passion, you can forget your connection to spirit and if you forget your connection to spirit, you will not feel whole and unified.

Take America, which lies directly under the path of this total eclipse and is an example of this eclipsed process in action. Once the light of our modern world, a shining beacon of inspiration and hope, a larger than life example to all of what growth and expansion means, has been a falling star as its masculine heart consumes and consumes to the point that its feminine heart (a heart of diversity and true equality) has been forgotten. Once full of light, now dark as midnight, a divided land forged under a hammer that promised freedom, cleaved open by strife and greed is offered the opportunity to heal its masculine heart and to receive the full embrace of the feminine, to reunite, to earth and to find union within the illusion of its supposed Union. It is being an offered an opportunity to unite by dimming its ever powerful ego and listening to its soul, its people and its land. Will they though? That is the choice that they have to make as a nation, mirroring the choice that you now feel the need to make – will you quieten your egoic desire to become someone, listen to your Inner Heart and gently bring your heart and mind into alignment, allowing yourself the permission to breathe, still and just be? In this state, you will realise that you are authentic and always have been! After all “Authenticity is our natural state of being. The authentic self is a state of being where we are centred, creative, adaptive, and inspired.” (Henna Inam).

Your true identity goes far beyond the social roles that you play. It transcends your egoic Self. There exists an “I” within you. An “I AM”; a spark of Divine Light within your Soul; a spark that is now alive and unable to hide itself. Your ever present Christ light is effervescent, radiant and profoundly strong and will show itself regardless of any ego control mechanisms that you have created to prevent it from radiating. As the vibrant light of your masculine ego is eclipsed, meaning that you no longer feel the pressure to ‘become’, but rather you have the opportunity to ‘be’, you are offered the opportunity to openly express the heart of who you are and what you are fundamentally about over the next six months. This deep and open connection to your inner “I AM” will enable you to remember your Truth and to support you in showing up.

The alignment of the Lights within a sign points to an opportunity to replenish and renew, to set intentions and to gain insight into how integrated that archetypal theme is for you. The sign of Leo corresponds to the stage of your development wherein the spark of life becomes strong and enduring. Reigniting, or refuelling, that flame is periodically necessary, especially after a healing experience, since you are often left questioning your purpose and your confidence can be more vulnerable. In other words, after times when your inner flame burns thin.

Once reignited, your fire can not only give you a deeper sense of purpose, but it can sustain you through life’s vicissitudes. Without fire you can forget your connection to spirit; without inner purpose, your soul’s intention may struggle to find expression; without vision, you cannot create intention and therefore reality. When you connect to what gives you passion and purpose; when you truly understand what triggers your ego or sense of pride; then the dense emotional states such as fear, doubt and insecurity can be dispelled. As you develop a grounded sense of self-belief and self-confidence, you can walk confidently, integrating without breaking stride all healing experiences that are inevitably invoked, as you are no longer dependent upon the external world as a gauge of how you are doing nor do you need to listen to the apparent authority of an external voice

In Leo, the spark of life becomes strong and enduring, having connected with people, exchanging both ideas and values and now time alone is needed to figure out which way your inner spark needs to be directed. Once ignited, this fire can not only give you a deeper sense of purpose, but it can sustain you through life’s vicissitudes as the subsequent vitality and sense of aliveness can dispel both anxiety and tension. I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive – an aliveness that stems from a depth of inner ‘knowingness’ and conviction is at the heart of the essence of ‘Leo’.

On the 21st August, the Sun and Moon again realign for the second time in Leo in 2017. The fact that it is the second Leonine lunation in one solar year means that our consciousness is needing more time to connect and realign with its inner flame, its inner beliefs and its inner passion. However, this alignment is an eclipse, meaning that the normal Light of the ego is dimmed as the Inner Light of the soul soothes the ever burning desire to be. In short, you cannot hide the feelings of your Inner Flame as they are gently soothing and calming the frenetic busyness of the longing to ‘become’. You are. That’s the simple message of this eclipse – YOU ARE.

The energetic impact of an eclipse is more keenly felt for a longer time than a normal New Moon, therefore over the coming six months you are offered the chance to not only able to show who it is that you are more clearly to the world, the world will ‘feel’ your presence regardlessly! Everything you are carries within it a strong imprint of your Light, leaving a strong mark, enabling you to express yourself without hindrance, guilt or embarrassment. Fecund with opportunity the challenge of this eclipse is taking it by the scruff of the neck and giving yourself permission to truly shine, showing the world, unequivocally, who you truly are. You are being offered, nudged and made aware of multiple opening doors, each permitting you to express yourself more spontaneously and creatively. What has previously felt like risk, won’t. What has felt that judgement, won’t. What felt impossible, won’t. You are now in a place in yourself when you are aligned with your true Self and this part of your Soul cannot hide, or does it want to.

Just remember that when you are true to your inner being; when you walk YOUR path – you create the space for others to do the same. Imagine what that would mean if we all just accepted each other and created a space for all those in your life to just be – to express their hearts openly and freely; to express their inner beauty; and to express their true essence? Imagine how much more beautiful life would feel if permission was granted for each and every soul to openly express their creative truth? So my prayer of intention for both America and for humanity during this intensely beautiful and unifying cosmic event comes from the Navaho tribe as they invoke beauty through living truthfully. After all, when you realise truth fully, you see its beauty; when you see goodness in action, you see beauty, since beauty is found where material, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions are aligned.

With beauty before me, I walk

With beauty behind me, I walk

With beauty above me, I walk

With beauty below me, I walk

From the east beauty has been restored

From the south beauty has been restored

From the west beauty has been restored

From the north beauty has been restored

From the zenith of the sky beauty has been restored

From the nadir of the earth beauty has been restored

From all around me beauty has been restored.

Peace to you and yours



All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 10:02 BST, 13th August 2017.

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