Agent EI’s Planetary Diary

by Andrew Smith


The Turquoise Diary on the 2nd October 2016 as Neptune is quincunxed by the Sun

The land beneath your feet may feel like a fresh path; your soul may have shed many layers this past two weeks; your ego may have been laid bare; and you have been internally called upon to offer up the illusion that you have to be someone, but there has remained a desire for peace and serenity, after all your body cannot throw off that nagging jaded feeling that has been quietly growing in the background. A scared space is needed so that you soul can completely replenish and renew itself, so you can regain a balance and centre, as well as some well-timed inspiration. Yet the Yang force within you just won’t give up!

“Recognise me!”, it cries out in an infantile plea, as it desires to be seen, hungers after acknowledgement, masked behind the longing to share your light, your perspective and your experience with your world.

“I’m fully accepting of where I am and all is perfectly in alignment”, says another voice within you. Beneath you, the path divides – one lofty and soulful one, the other is more egoic. Neither wrong, neither right.

Both want attention, but your bilocation skills are not working on full power today! Allying those differing states of consciousness will be no mean feat, as the old saying resounds around your heart – be in the world but not of the world. Will you?

The Purple Diary on the 26th September as the Sun and Jupiter conjoin

As the light gradually builds in the early morning dawn, you can feel the breath of consciousness gentle whisper in the trees, cooling and soothing, easing and comforting, as you stand facing the rising sun. The burgeoning pastel light that has not fully dawned offers spring to excite your soul, the clouds gradually transmuting into lighter colours from the stain of night’s ink. Gratitude builds for all that you can see, feel, hear, smell and taste; for all that you have experienced, the kind and unkind; for all that you have learnt, in isolation and in fellowship; for all that you have loved, in friendship and in union; for all who have shared your path, teachers each and everyone, both friend and foe; for the pain that has taught you to embrace and release those enemies of your soul; for the joy that has lifted your heart in hope; and for the love that remains ever present within and without, reminding you that you have never truly been alone, even during those darkened moments.

Bowing deeply from your waste to the Light growing in the East, you offer up your heart, so that you can en-light-en and grow without limitation within this kaleidoscope of colour. A simple thank you slips from your soul. Two petals from a lotus flower, one purple, one white, float towards you on this breeze, as your offering is heard.

Anything and everything is possible. Anything and everything.

What an amazing time to be here and now.

With love

Extract adapted from Sacrifice, the New Moon in Libra by Andrew Smith © 2016


The Purple Diary on the 25th September 2016 as the Sun conjoins Jupiter

Little Spirit,

Anything is possible because you are Boundless,

Explore and experiment because you are unlimited,

Engage the world with the whole of your body and soul because you are unfettered,

Give love without asking for anything in return because you are unsullied,

Let your hands create from pure imagination

Let your voice freely carry your light

Let your feet brighten the ground you walk upon

Let your heart be a beacon of hope

For you are the Light in a world that has forgotten

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Venus Diaries on the 19th September as Venus trioctiles Neptune

Emotions heightened, your soul eagerly anticipates, as you are reminded that you are radiant and glowing. Do you feel it though? Do you feel internally the same way that others may see you? What is it that they value in you? Notions of seduction rise within you, as you long to feel life kiss the nape of your neck and acknowledge your presence. Sensitivity increases as your heart attempts to open, despite the cautious defensiveness that has been trained into you, from a life time of living within a cynical world. Will you let this enemy in and let the world win, as you grudgingly concede that there is no value in living from a heart centered place? Or will you rise above it, focusing on the innocence that still exists deep within you, as you are offered the chance to live with love as being your core value? That is one of the choices that lies within this temporal vortex.

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Red Diary on the 17th September 2016 as Mars trines Uranus

These past few days has not been giving homage to the tried and tested, to reaction and irritability, to hopping up and down on hot coals in a steamy sauna as you attempt to adjust to the increased humidity and pressure, but to finding a new path along which your vital life force can flow. Originality in action, razor sharp, intent and decisiveness in execution crystal clear, a firm yet flexible focus, directed without an edge and fuelled by utter conviction, strengthening by the moment, from the highest levels of your awareness freely flows up from the earth through you as your Spirit hungrily seeks to openly express the desire of your soul, free from egoic concerns and menial trivialities.  As you feel free to express your libidinal energy in an open and confident manner, you are an open channel through which spirit roams, wild and unfettered, without inhibition and without restriction. Even in those ever so frequent tetchy moments, when irritation and frustration enjoy their puppeteering, you can see through the attempts to enslave your ego to reaction and unkindness. With eyes wide open and libido coursing through your veins, you still have a choice – to walk with an air of calmness and confidence along the high road or to descending into the hungry furnace and the black sweat? Dharma or Karma? Which will it be?

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Cyan Diary on the 16th September 2016 as Uranus biquintiles Mercury, quincunxes the Sun, trines Mars and semi-sextiles Chiron AND on the day of the LUNAR eclipse

A toast

Here is to the wildness in you – your untamed spirit that knows no boundaries; your creative heart that openly and freely expresses what you love; your open and enthusiastic soul that dances to the beat of your own heart, wildly spinning and laughing uncontrollably; your jiggy legs that are built to roam and explore, not to sit behind a computer in one position for hours at a time; your curious mind that will not be colonised; your innocence of spirit that lives your dream, painting the world in bright colours and ignores the furtive frowns from those who have forgotten; your utter belief in magic and enthusiasm when it continually reveals itself every day; and to your uniqueness – remember there is NO-ONE like you! NO-ONE. There never has been, there never will be anyone like you. As you drink in the Moon this evening, why worry about what the living dead think of you? You were born as a dream, you live within a dream, you are a dream and anything and everything is possible. Here is to being insane, if that means defying convention and being true; being wild and being you.

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Ginger Diary on the 14th September as Chiron in Pisces is illuminated by the Sun in Virgo (preparation for the Piscean Lunar Eclipse)

“An entire body of water the size of the Pacific Ocean can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.  Similarly, all the negativity in the world can’t bring you down unless you allow it to get inside your head.” Marc Chernoff’s grandmother!

Pisces simply refers to the fluid exchange of emotionally charged light and sound between all living and non-living things. Depicted by two fish, or water beings, swimming in opposite directions, it speaks of a two way emotional energy exchange between you and the world around you. Again I say, a two way exchange between YOU and the world around you. That faculty has been wounded in a world addicted to experience and matter, a world blinded to the reality that you are one thread inexorably bound and connected to all other threads within the matrix of life. It has become easy to forget that you have an impact on your world. Yet impact the world you can!

In a world consumed by fear and negativity, it can be hard to remain positive, as you are encroached by the doom mongers and sensationalist drama created by the Cult of the Exterior. But remember that you have a say over what infiltrates your consciousness, as much as what you put out into your world. Over the coming days, you will be shown what you truly believe in, whether you allow that belief flow freely within your world and the quality of the waters within which you swim. What is that emotion? What are you putting into the water that we can all drink from?

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Red Diary on the 13th September 2016 as the Sun squares Mars

Once again that rascal, irritation, has reared this head and has enjoyed hanging out with you. But is his purpose to agitate you or to test you to see how deep peace, acceptance and calmness lies within your soul? Of course you have been doing the work that demanded of you; and of course you know that love is the only path but in times of fatigue/ in times of over-doing/ and in times when things don’t go according to your desire, you are offered the opportunity to experience how committed you are to a gentle path – a path that cuts through times of inner conflict without reaction/ without unkindness and without a descent into a scene befitting a soap opera drama!

Today is a wonderful moment to assess whether conflict has caressed your inner being and indecisiveness presented you with too many paths to choose from; whether you have confidently seized initiative or languished on a bed of compliance; and whether gentleness and humour still find a place before your hearth or have you banished them beneath a blanket of over sensitivity and touchiness!!!

Andrew Smith © 2016



The Venus Diaries on the 12th September 2016 as Venus biquintiles Neptune
Do you know what is so great about the aftermath of any stormy weather? It is the confirmation of the unwavering optimism generated during the maelstrom, as your eyes keenly scan the horizon for any hint that this time will pass; it is the sharpness of the air; the lucidity of the light, drawing nature out from under its shelter; and the vibrancy of the colours as the Sun once again penetrates through the grey canopy, offering hope and brightness to a darkened, sodden landscape! Ah how uplifted the heart feels, as perspective dawns and a higher awareness brings insight and awareness that was cloaked under the heavy clouds. Anything is possible. Everything is within reach. Love feels like love, joy feels like joy and inspiration free flows once again. Cast off your worries, breathe deeply and be present. Now is the moment. May you lift your heart up and spot the little pleasures in your life and feel the ever present love envelope and surround you.
Andrew Smith © 2016
Image credit – After The Rain by Jari Ehrström


The Venus Diary on the 11th September as Venus squares Pluto

It can be hard extracting your heart from values and opinions that once served you, especially when you are bombarded from birth with differing opinions or have ingrained within your DNA, tribal and ancestral scripts and patterns. Yet you are on a never ending journey towards wholeness, making conscious the depth to which the values that you have absorbed from an external source and made your own.

This fact has been so patently and intensely obvious over these past few days as you have confronted the unconscious bias puppeteering your heart. Internally prompted to confront those alien values, the realisation that they are yours, since they are within you, has been humbling. If it is any consolation, those raw reactions that you have felt as you confronted the disconnect between what you now hold as a spiritual truth and the reality that you have been living, are merely an indication of depth within your heart that those values assimilated from someone else’s perspective of life have lain. The work you have been doing on yourself can enable you to free yourself from those strings, should you choose to do so, cleansing and purifying your heart, leaving open a space to fill with values of your own choosing, thereby lifting you up and empowering you to live in true alignment with what it is that you love and value.

Through the storm and the dissolution of all that has been real; through the year-long confrontation of the reality of how you are living in comparison to the life you live within your mind; through this intense three week Retrogradation asking you to review whether you are listening to your body’s intelligence; and through the recent dawning of a new chapter of open and transparent communication, everything that you have experienced has been perfect and if integrated will open you up to a more free and empowered attunement to your heart. Will you listen and learn and will you let go of those alien ideals? That has been the medicine…

Andrew Smith © 2016
Image credit – voyage et jamais ne revient by Marcus


The Aquamarine Diary on the 10th September 2016 as Neptune squares Saturn

Rising high above the greying mist the seduction of safety has bound you to a world of familiarity. Sameness abounds, all vestiges of uniqueness blanched before they have a chance to flourish. For a long time it has grown in silence within the one place that cannot be owned, your heart. Patiently waiting until you are ready, formlessly floating in your dreams, gently orchestrating your thoughts through serendipity and coincidence, offering affirmation and confirmation despite the noise, the distractions and the fear.

In recent days, courage has kindled, though the way forward remains unclear, compelling you to leave behind those fettered bonds that bind you to the person you have been and to the landscape that no longer homes you. Layer upon layer, wave after wave, the veil thins and light dawns as you feel the depth to which you have been colonised, living within an illusion of freedom. It is so clear now that things may never turn out the way you thought they would within this safe world, so what have you got to lose?

In surrender or resignation, you feel that the old dream of you has to die before you can truly emerge free from the illusion of the choices this isolated world has offered you. Stepping down and away from that protected perch, tentatively you enter the mist, finally embracing the ‘danger’ of chaos, unfurling yourself into the grace of dissolution, trusting your spirit to adventure and allowing so much space and energy fill you. Soon you will be home in this new rhythm of surrendering, trusting and letting go.

Andrew Smith © 2016
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The Twilight Diary on the 4th September as Saturn squares Neptune

Standing between worlds is strange. Is it the end with the light not strong enough to eclipse your sight, yet willowy enough to stimulate fear within your imagination, or is it the beginning, the light burgeoning but not fully dawning offering the spring of newness to excite your soul? Shadows prevail within this place of no-form yet they are not strong enough to eclipse the path, which appears formed but not fully formed in this wan light. Nothing is what it seems, the way forward not defined and the way back ever dwindling and dissolving in this time of interim. As you hold your breath waiting to claim what is birthing, still fresh and raw from that which has passed, your mind sways back and forth between nostalgia and anticipation, fear and conviction, sadness and excitement, confusion and surety. All you know is that you have to make your own way. That much is clear despite lacking confidence of clarity as you gingerly tread away from what is now feels like false ground. You cannot lay claim to anything yet but that time will soon come, as the light steadily grows and the way slowly becomes clearer making the dream of living authentically, fully possible.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Image Credit: in-between-worlds by steven-poulton


The Orange Diary on the 3rd September as Mercury separates from its second conjunction with Jupiter

Mercury’s union with Jupiter is one of the dominant themes of this retrograde process, offering you the opportunity to enhance your thought process, to grow and expand your awareness and to open up your mind to new and exciting knowledge, knowledge. Yet as dawn beckons and the night dwindles, shadowy thought forms dance gleefully in this burgeoning light. Those shadows are cast from impenetrable bastions of education and knowledge that have served a former you, many of which have accumulated cobwebs and are no longer necessary for the current you. Yet, new learning challenges old learning and old learning may not want to give up its home in your mind, after all you did take the time to hone and refine that knowledge. But how can a seed flourish in land that is overcrowded? It will grow, but how healthily?

As you dance on the threshold of this dawn, eagerly feeling the newness of what is pending, your mind is also reeling from the profound insights concerning just how deep some former beliefs have influenced your thought process, and the disconnect between what you currently believe to be true and what your core believed to be true. Opportunity abounds to heal and release those former ideals, thanking them for their companionship and for what you have learnt and experienced within their protective walls that now serve to imprison you, as opposed to support you.

The karios is apt to enter an unprotected state and to feel vulnerability guide you across uncertain and unfamiliar lands, safe in the knowledge that you are planting seeds that will gradually flourish over the next six months. So take seriously any books, wisdom, interchanges that occur now, as they will guide and inform you as to what ideals and themes you are seeding as a pattern of intellectual stimuli over the coming year.

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Orange Diary as Mercury Conjoins Jupiter and the Sun opposes Neptune on the 2nd September 2016

Mind blown as illusions you didn’t even realise you carried have been exposed, left raw, vulnerable and open, ideal to plant and grow something new, something powerful, something inspiring… Free to explore in whatever way you want; free from instruction; free from guidelines; a blank canvas onto which a new dream can be painted… what will it look like? What form can it take? Will it have form at all? Will you cope with this freedom or try to recreate what you have left behind? Will you truly embody what you believe to be true, walking your walk, as opposed to cleverly talking a good game, convincing everyone, including yourself that you are indeed a noble soul… just look at the broken shards all around your feet, the remnants of the shattered illusions, violently torn asunder in such a short space of time. At least the light is gentle, dimming ever deeper as the 12th looms, allowing your eyes to see the shadows cast by those nefarious thought forms that have delighted in deceiving you, pulling you in myriad directions at once. This light eases your breath, if you can remember to breathe deeply; this light can also distract you if you focus too much on the shards… that is the choice you are faced today. But remember as you choice, the world is your oyster as your mind frees itself from being colonised and an uncertain dawn looms, made certain by you and your choices.

What a week… what a time… what a life… Time for a retreat…

Andrew Smith © 2016

Morning Skies

The Gold and Silver Diary on the 1st September as the Sun and Moon unite in Virgo

Extract from Little Spirit’s Discernment – the New Moon in Virgo, available

Little Spirit – “Look up at this morning sky. What does it promise? Everything! It is unlimited. It cannot be bought or owned. It stretches out for infinity, lit by a golden orb that lights the way. Within you that very same vastness exists, an inner sky with your own star within your soul; a star that lights the way in times of dark, a star that endlessly shines, regardless of the weather.

“But there are those who want you to ignore the infinite possibility that lies overhead and within you; that you have within you an unlimited source of light; and that you possess everything that you need to radiate and animate your own life. They will try to convince you to lend them your light and in doing so they will try to own that light, channelling it for their own purposes. There are many who have lent their light to others and have been drained of their hope, dreams and energy and they feel uncomfortable when someone refuses to give their light indiscriminately or will not permit their light to be controlled or dampened. Within that discomfort, the pressure to conform mounts in the form of distractions, irrelevant responsibilities and the pursuit and addiction to money. It narrows your view, bows your head and prevents you from seeing the infinite possibility that exists both within and without, that you can create any world you want and that you have within you the unlimited ability to sustain yourself.

“Remember that you do not have to give yourself to anyone or anything, Anxious Spirit. All you need to do is discern what is right for you by listening to your gut and following where it leads you.”

Andrew Smith, all rights reserved 2016

Bring it on

The Confused/ Dumbfound or reflective diary on the 30th August 2016 as Mercury Retrogrades

So the silly season is once again upon as – “don’t sign contracts”; “machines grow teeth and bite”; “flights get delayed”; “keys go missing”; “communiques get misinterpreted”; “all hell breaks loose”, etc. – all because of Mercury and his back tracking. Is it really the purpose of a planet to cause things to happen, do we merely become more cognitive of such matters or is there a deeper meaning behind this thrice annual (though this year it is four times) stage of an overall process? That, I suppose, is for you to decide. Fate lies firmly in your hands and not in the stars, since the stars merely incline and not define, in my opinion. So I eager await this inner reflective space to review all those highly analytical, verbose and technical ideas that, like seldom read cobweb adorned books clogging up the space between my ears, dusting some off and recycling others. And I don’t know about you, I’ve a lot of cleaning to do these days, as I’ve noticed a disconnect between what my body’s reality is telling me and what my mind is telling me. Not an easy process, granted, especially within such an enlarged and busy mental time. But necessary! Letting go those deeper paradigms that stem from a distant Andrew and allowing new thoughts, more reflective of the 30th August 2016 Andrew, is so needed and I need time to reflect, review, discern and discard, ahead of an exciting birth on the 12th/ 13th September. Maybe I will lose my keys and my flights will get delayed because my mind is elsewhere, but what does that matter? It is only stuff and incidental, as my mind gets tested to see whether my mind truly believes what my soul knows. And if there is a disconnect, what a time to re-connect! This is going to be a hell of a retrograde in a constructive manner, especially with the New Moon a day away. Reflection and New Growth; reflection and new growth. Bring it on!

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Angelic Diary on the 27th August 2016
Tonight we witness the embrace of archangels Ani-el (the joy of gOd) and Tzadki-el (the prayer of gOd), as Venus conjoins Jupiter.
Aniel’s presence enables you to develop and maintain a harmonious relationship with God and those souls that you come into contact with; to heal emotionally from stress and sorrow; to discover creative inspiration for artistic projects as well as to increase their productivity; and to help you find hope. Tzadkiel’s presence radiates comfort to you when you are afraid, wounded or grieving; kindles a desire for spiritual development in your heart; affords you forgiveness, gentleness and benevolence.
If you are seeking to heal your heart-body; to reconnect to what joy means; to seek comfort if you are feeling insecure; to open your heart in complete trust of life, of love and of spirit, tonight is the night to hold a space for grace to fill you; joy to flow through your heart and for pure radiant abundance and love to emanate from your spirit. May this moment be the ground from which all your further actions and intentions find manifestation.
Andrew Smith © 2016


The wishy-washy red, purple, turquoise, meh… Diary on the 25th August 2016 as Mars squares Neptune

And it has gone… it was there, I’m sure of it… Really it was but when I seek it, it has gone… disappeared into thin air… transcended beyond reach of my senses… all that time… all that energy invested into everything… and now nothing… nothing at all… I want to rage but can’t muster the energy… meh… I want to distract myself… meh… I want to reach out and grasp it again… meh… maybe I’ll imagine it and reach it within… meh… maybe I’ll just sit and be still or maybe I will plan my next adventure or maybe I’ll distract myself a little or maybe I’ll just accept that it was a pipedream; something I had to experience; something whose meaning will be revealed in time, that will make sense and help me become more whole; or maybe it was just a visitation from chaos, a distraction from my truth, an ethereal windmill that I perpetually tilted at… maybe that is it… it was nothing… but everything at the same time… maybe I am trying to hard… maybe there is no meaning other than what I give it… my head aches… my heart aches… my ego longs but doesn’t at the same time… this is all too confusing… I need to sleep… meh, I am too tired for that too…

This time will pass

Andrew Smith © 2016

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Ski Lift

The Dark Red Diary on the 24th August 2016

Over the past weeks the heavy, life sapping energy has made it feel like you have been climbing the darkened steep slopes of a volcano, having walked across the sharp craggy scree field, barefoot, waded down by lead weights tightened around your ankles, with an invisible harness attempting to pull you back! But there is a deeper purpose within this heaviness especially if you have been reading the omens correctly, as your libidinal energy has been consciously restrained so you can examine more closely whether you are using your life force in an appropriate manner. And have you? Have you taken a step back and considered why you react in the manner that you have done so, when under pressure or when someone/ something triggers a vulnerable spot in your soul? Are you free from the lust of your ego’s desire to strive and conquer, to achieve and be someone and to prove that you are worthy? How free are you to direct your vital energy in a manner of your choosing or are you constrained by economics and the pursuit of money and have found yourself enslaved by someone else’s opinion of how you should direct your energy – into serving their ambitions and desires? Have you managed to take the time to ground and earth yourself on a regular manner, because you enjoy it as opposed to doing it for some physical gain or target – a fitter, stronger body for example? Have you taken time to understand the nature of your frustrations, and how you react when tired – after all a soul at peace reacts softly even when exhausted?

As the dawn of a new phase of your life-energy gingerly rises within this pure and whole morning, you are being invited to renew your life force and to focus your awareness on your relationship to the hunger of your soul to use your desire nature and physical energy in a way that is appropriate to your higher Soul purpose. The quality of your decisions and the manner of your commitment to this new resolution will gradually unfold over the coming year so there is no immediate pressure to ‘get it right’. But it is a good time to release any bile and toxic emotions that have built up due to unkind thoughts that you have generated towards yourself and any addiction you may have towards walking a path of pain and suffering. In time, your commitment will become evident. In time, alignment between your beliefs and action will manifest. In time, you will see more clearly that the heated ski lift that can get you to the top of your mountain is something worthy of consideration…

Andrew Smith © 2016
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The Orange Diary on the 20th August 2016 as Mercury is at Maximum elongation from the Sun

Everything done in a hurry, multiple platforms in which to communicate, expectation of speed of integration and subsequent action, yet your mind can only absorb so much detail! Skimming is not integration; accessing google for immediate answers often yields personal opinion, or biased knowledge angled at selling something as opposed to encountering wisdom. Mental tiredness rises, sharp reactions increase, the battle between judgement and discernment is now clearly seen in the twilight of our evening shadow as omens signal the necessity to let go the attachment to your mind can be seen everywhere these days.

Waning are older thought forms, established at a different stage in your life and no longer necessary for a fresh cycle of intellectual growth. Stillness is needed to go within to encounter your own mind and its powerful engine that controls everything in your life these days. Addiction to it is more prevalent than drugs, drink or sugar, and yet the prison from which it operates is largely ignored and that elephant remains in the centre of the proverbial room.

Within these agitated days, it would be useful to compare what holds your attention now to what has held your attention by sifting through the books you have accumulated over the past year or looking at the type of feed you have on your social media account. And what an eye opener that will be as you clearly see what your mind has been focus on, what you have digested and how you now perceive your world! What does that say about you and what you have given permission to absorb? Is that a world you want to perceive? Is that world a fair reflection of who you are? Why have you needed to carry those ideals/ images/ thoughts within you and what purpose do they serve in terms of your process and soul’s path? Those are the sort of questions that need to be asked before you can truly let go those thought forms that puppeteer your life, as those un-necessary stimuli serve merely to increase your anxiety and add to your mental overwhelm as your true mind and your colonised mind battle it out in the coming days ahead of the rebirth on the 12th/ 13th September.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Extracts from Discernment, the New Moon in Virgo (to be published)

Image credit unknown


The Vibrantly Pink Diary on the 17th August 2016 as Venus trines Pluto

You are being asked you to renew your faith in what you love; what best serves you; to focus on letting go all that you love – all fantasies and illusions; all past experiences; all disappointments; all hurt; all frustrations and all egoic desires. You can now see the latent potential of your heart; to experience the power of YOUR heartfelt values; to embody what you love. As your capability for love grows, so too does your spirituality, since love and spirituality are inseparable. There can be no love without a selfless spirit. This is the time to give selflessly and fully trust your heart centred truth.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Pink Diary on the 16th August 2016 as Venus conjoins the North Node in Virgo

In a world that is moving at light speed, the fine line between discernment and judgement is often blurred. As technology opens up so many things, it also closes things off. For example, is it possible to gauge, through the lens of digital correspondence, where some really is in themselves, what sort of emotional state they are writing within and what sort of process they may be dealing with, especially if you have had no physical contact with that person? Is it not judgemental to make assumptions based on what you perceive is being said, when there is no emotional texture to what you read, as you project your own inner process onto what you think the person has or hasn’t said? Or is this discernment, based on what feels right or wrong for you?

For me, discernment may seem like judgement, but the difference between these two approaches to life is significant. Judgement offers an opinion, criticism or censure and feeds your ego’s deception of being better (or worse) than someone or something else, usually coming from a reactive place within you. Discernment, however, is a more personal and conscious approach, reflecting your cognitive ability to distinguish what is appropriate or inappropriate or to see things as you perceive them to be.

As your heart slowly moves through this maturing time, what you truly value is brought to the fore of your spiritual development and lessons of judgement and discernment rise more powerfully for you to deal with. Listening to your gut, without judgement has never been more important, as your ego struggles with learning the difference between reaction and reflection. Are you offering an opinion when one is not sought or are you merely using an emotionally intelligence assessment, based on whether what you read, hear, or experience resonates for you, is a question that is foremost in your awareness over the coming days.

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Yellow Diary on the 15th August 2016 as the Sun trines Uranus

You may feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish all the things that you think you should. But have you taken a step back and questioned where does the ‘should’ come from? Are you putting yourself under pressure or are you living up to what you believe someone else wants you to do? The truth is that when you tap into the well of courage that resides deep within you; when you listen to your inner voice; when you make no apologies for who you are; the noise and constant distractions that surround you, fade; the opinions of others don’t matter anymore and you are no longer trapped. You are free. Free to be you so JUMP, if you have not already!

Andrew Smith © 2016

Nothing truly

The Bold Pink Diary as Venus exits her square from Saturn on the 14th August 2016

If you are in any doubt about what you value, look around you. Look at the people you have in your life. Look at the reason why you work where and how you work. Look at the friendships you have forged and the values that they hold dear. Look at those who have graced your life with insights – both kind and unkind. Look at those patterns that reoccur within you that bring you down. Listen to the voice inside your head – is it friendly or violent? Look at the time you genuinely spend engaged with people and activities you love. Look at the way that you judge or the assumptions you make about people or circumstance and ask yourself what do you seek to gain from those egoic conditions? Do they come from a place of peace and love or from a darkened, frightened and lonely place?

Over the past few days your life has been drawn into a deeper awareness of the actuality of the values in your life. Not the potentiality of what you value. The real, harsh reality of what you love, how you love and who you love. If you have asked for nothing, while giving thanks and gratitude to all and what has graced their life, blessed have you been. If you have expected and felt entitled, an active process of transformation and inner confrontation has waged, as this new world beckons but feels far away.

Insight abounds. Reality surrounds you. Love is there. Do you feel it?

Andrew Smith © 2016

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Angel Wings

The Azure Diary on the 11th August 2016 as Jupiter and Uranus quincunx

The vast changes that are taking place in the world around you merely mirror what has been building for the last month within you. Of late, however, it feels as if you cannot contain this restlessness and all is needed is for someone or something to trigger that frustration at being hemmed in and that will give you the excuse to fly. Inwardly there have been much insights and revelations as to whether you are truly free in the life you have out in the world, as you become increasingly sensitive to what constitutes true freedom. Is it a state of mind, a state of being, is it financial, is it to rise to a position of power and therefore can have the space to make your own choices without being micro managed? Is it someone of the above, all or none? That is the underlying question that drives this transition.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Orange within the Solid Pink Diary on the 10th August 2016 as Mercury trines Pluto, during the Venus square to Saturn

Pressure building, the question of whether you are truly living in utter alignment with what you say you value and love presses upmost in your mind. You would not be alone if you have found it difficult to keep in touch with your core values amidst the swirling tide of change and the projection of other people’s fears and unfulfilment upon the world. It is no excuse that the world is in chaos. It always is and always has been. But that is changing because there exists many a brave soul who has forsaken the path of conformity and have broken ground to live what they love and love what they live. They are silent with no desire to impose themselves on the world and merely get on with things, comfortable in the trust that they will make a sustainable living from what arises from their soul, as opposed to listening to their ego. Fear has no place in their life and they have seen through the lies the enemies of their soul have attempted to whisper and kept to their path, a path that is open to you to walk upon.

Over the coming days you will be invited, on numerous occasions, to state what you love and to clarify what you value and it will feel impossible to talk but not walk. As your perception deepens, confidence grows, your self-worth can flourish. So close your eyes and sense the depth, meaning and insight being offered to you, better enabling you to engage with people at a profoundly intuitive and emotionally intelligent manner and to talk about your passions in a thoughtful and insightful manner, showing the depth of your soul wisdom. Of course that means you will no longer be able to ‘see’ things in the same manner, and that may mean letting go some preconceived notions about your reality and those who inhabit your world. This is not judgement, merely observation as you are being called to show up, step up and be the path.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Orange within the Solid Pink Diary on the 10th August 2016 as Mercury trines Pluto, during the Venus square to Saturn

Pressure building, the question of whether you are truly living in utter alignment with what you say you value and love presses upmost in your mind. You would not be alone if you have found it difficult to keep in touch with your core values amidst the swirling tide of change and the projection of other people’s fears and unfulfilment upon the world. It is no excuse that the world is in chaos. It always is and always has been. But that is changing because there exists many a brave soul who has forsaken the path of conformity and have broken ground to live what they love and love what they live. They are silent with no desire to impose themselves on the world and merely get on with things, comfortable in the trust that they will make a sustainable living from what arises from their soul, as opposed to listening to their ego. Fear has no place in their life and they have seen through the lies the enemies of their soul have attempted to whisper and kept to their path, a path that is open to you to walk upon.

Over the coming days you will be invited, on numerous occasions, to state what you love and to clarify what you value and it will feel impossible to talk but not walk. As your perception deepens, confidence grows, your self-worth can flourish. So close your eyes and sense the depth, meaning and insight being offered to you, better enabling you to engage with people at a profoundly intuitive and emotionally intelligent manner and to talk about your passions in a thoughtful and insightful manner, showing the depth of your soul wisdom. Of course that means you will no longer be able to ‘see’ things in the same manner, and that may mean letting go some preconceived notions about your reality and those who inhabit your world. This is not judgement, merely observation as you are being called to show up, step up and be the path.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Solid Pink Diary as Venus starts to square Saturn on the 9th August 2016

Despite the darkening shadow that failure attempts to cast; the tears of anguish, guilt and regret that stream down your cheeks, seeking to flood the broken cracks in your heart; the dreams you held so dear, cruelly lost; the life you planned, shattered; always remember the light is clearer after the rain, illuminating the face of everything, offering meaning in all you experience. Kindness will come in time and humility will flourish as tentatively you tread the path of acceptance and healing. Your heart is strong, love has not forsaken you though it can feel far away at times, patiently waiting until you turn around and face the illusion of your empty room. There is no such thing as failure, just experience and wisdom to be gained, no matter how hard it feels. Love is all you have. Love is all there is.

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Hazy Orange Diary on the 7th August 2016 as Mercury opposes Neptune

In and out of focus, a heavy few days have laid your mental faculties low. Sharpest tool in the box today? Nah. Yes, you are dealing with haziness and yes, you may feel disorientated as the double speak of those who have lost their centre surround you. And yes, that desire to remove yourself from the busyness of your world is real and yes, you can afford to do it and not damage those you love in the process! Moreover you are ‘supposed’ to be taking time out, after all it is draining dealing with all this confusion, deception, lack of clarity and infiltration of fantastical notions into your consciousness!

But have you ever thought that many of the deeper issues that you face hidden beneath the veneer of everyday “problems” cannot be resolved by purely physical and rational means? Perhaps the confusion and tiredness that surrounds you is prompting you into embracing the necessity of a less rational response, using creative techniques? Perhaps you need to take time out to explore a more creative or soulful approach to dealing with these issues? Or perhaps it boils down to a movie and a sugar hit versus deep meditation!! This time will pass…

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Coral Diary on the 6th August 2016 as Venus squares Mars and trioctiles Pluto AND Mercury trioctiles Uranus and squares Saturn

What a last few days it has been. Your mind overload as you attempt to process the multitude of feelings coursing through you. Your virginal heart pounding and a mind too overwhelmed to cope. Within this agitated space, you know you have to find a new way to react; you have been so reasonable and understanding; you have wanted to maintain the sanctity of space and to remain poised and calm, but the intensity of those powerful emotions – the longing… the absence… the confusion… the hunger… Do you force your mind into making sense of things, or do you listen to your body’s intelligence and wisdom, trusting this primal intelligence? Do you write it all down, or is that giving into your mind’s desire to control and understand? Boy it’s tough being an adult when it would be easier to give into the passion and drama. But the old ways will not work. Love will find its way. It always does, as it envelopes space and time bringing those absent close, reminding you their hidden presence is never lost or forgotten.

Healing to all of you whose hearts are worn.

Lots of coral love.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Art by Primal Painter on www.


The Rose Diary as Mars octiles Pluto on the 3rd August 2016

What a cliché to use the libidinal force for self-serving gain or to direct it as a destructive force, creating fear, separation, hurt and anger. Isn’t it a pity that there are those whose evolution has remained static that their immature egoic self can only react as a two year old, puff out their chest, bellow and bicker, throw insults and cuss like a fisher mongers wife? Has consciousness become so accustomed to the notion of “F…k it, kill it” that when heat rises we get stuck in lust, wanton ambition, inconsumable greed and selfishness?

Over the couple of days and in the days to come, a raw, unblemished, terrifying power whose unwavering strength is so powerful that you can literally move mountains with your indomitable will; whose conviction is so complete that you have access to a spirit to keep going, to endure beyond reason, beyond logic; whose quiet determination is so frightening and resolute that no-one could ever question your resolve; and whose passion is so elemental that when unleashed can consume and engulf you to a point that you no longer exist, is circulating consciousness. How do you want to channel this life give/ life destroying energy is entirely up to you. But remember, with great power comes massive responsibility, a responsibility that transcends beyond morality and ethics, a responsibility that has nothing to do with the smallness of your egoic Self, but a responsibility to your humanity and to gOd consciousness to honour and respect your pre-life choice to become a custodian of the most powerful, most dangerous and more fertile life force imaginable.

Do you want to be a cliché or do you want to help consciousness find a new way to harness libido? Let’s see what how you can harness desire, hunger and passion. Remember that each action you take creates a new pattern within the DNA, the cellular structure and the molecules of our entire Universe. You cannot act without the whole receiving the vibration of that action. You and I are in this together so be the agent of the raising of the libidinal life force and help us all experience a new level of awareness.

Andrew Smith© 2016

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Breath of fire

Silver and Gold Diary on the 2nd August as Sol and Luna embrace in tropical Leo

Beneath the calm and seemingly content veneer, projecting an air of surety and positivity, the past few days have all been about the depth and strength of your inner-belief, conviction and confidence. Yes, that fiery fiend has been boiling water and creating a lot of steam, charging your emotional body and supporting your descent into passionate, if somewhat irrational, exchanges with those you care for. But those geysers and drama have also compelled you to look within, to better understand the value in such emotional exchanges, to understand what motivates you react so strongly and why you have been so touchy. And these past three days, within the dark, just prior to the new Moon, the Veil keeping your inner world inner, thins and your world starts to lucidly mirror the complexity of your Soul. What a revelation that has been!! But it is led you to this place – your heart. And there burning ever constantly is your inner flame, that spark of Divinity that can never die, that connection to your heart and your true passion.

You can be forgiven if within the distractions and busyness, the dramas and ever increasing displaces of chest puffing and beating, if you have lost sight of who you truly are, the quiet, understated, confident you, who loves and plays and plays and loves. And tonight, as the Lights of our immediate heavens unite this evening, you are offered the opportunity to honour the love that burns strongly within. Remember that as your inner flame is acknowledged and given a chance to burn freely, joy is created. When joy is shared, peace, fulfilment and contentedness are possible and you are given a chance to get on with your life, dealing with your intrinsic complexes, healing and reunifying as you prepare to re-connect with Source Consciousness.

Tonight the fire within rekindles; tonight the flame burns strong; so breathe deeply in the breath of life and exhale the fire of your soul. Tonight. Tonight.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Extracts from “I am Me”, the New Moon in Leo on

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Rumi Confidence

The Ethereal Diary during the Dark Moon of the 2nd August 2016

If you have forgotten how to be you; how to reconnect to your inner flame; or what creates passion for you, this coming Leonine New Moon can serve to remind you. During this lunation I would recommend that you hold space in the days leading up to the actual New Moon on the 2nd August on those themes as well as reflecting on what inspires you; what forms of creativity you are passionate about, so that you can empower your sense of Self enabling you to move closer to a deeper sense of inner purposefulness which in turn will igniting your inner flame. Carefully listening to the comments made to you about who you are and your subsequent reactions; observing your inner dreams, longings and fantasies about what life you want to create, as opposed to the life you are living within; and also reflect on how aligned you have lived with the passion of your heart, it will give you a good enough gauge to feel how integrated this fixed fire pattern is in your life.

Extract from “I am ME, the New Moon in Fixed Fire (Little Spirit’s consciousness adventures) published for subscribers and for clients on my mailing list.

Andrew Smith © 2016


The Mustard Diary on the 1st August 2016 as Sol receives Saturn by trine

Steady is the light that shines, ever present and ever constant, a beacon in heavy weather, guiding you, protecting you, homewards. There are times when you need to seek out this lighthouse for reassurances; there are times when you are the lighthouse. You are the lighthouse.

The spirit of self-belief and self-confidence steadily courses through your ethereal body, giving you insight into your core beliefs, healing any wounds and opening your heart. As you heart opens you truly live. As you live, you grow and when you grow, you do so embracing change. Change, however, can only happen if you are open to learning, which in turn can only happen when you expose yourself to the world. To expose yourself can only happen when you heal your ego and that is happening right now. So steady as she goes. Shine and be the lighthouse – a beckon of light amidst the swirling tide of change.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Cyan-Crystalline Diary on the 31st July 2016 as Saturn and Uranus speak

It is different out there. Seriously! The world is really very different to what the media suggest. Behind the scenes, people are quietly getting on with their life, living simply and from a place of love, doing amazing feats, supporting their communities, innovating and sharing peace without taking a selfie and without seeking acknowledgement. Their presence touches people in profound ways, and in turn those supported souls pay it back to others. That wheel turns and with it the world spirals up and up.

The language of fear, the attempt to divide and conquer, the desire to impose yourself on the world, and the language of being the greatest and best is no longer the language that fits this world. Those in social power know that. And they are frightened. Why? Because without your attention, without your fear, they have no fuel. They cannot survive. Therefore it is in their interest to assault your mind and keep you chained to them. But that is if you give them your consent. We have done that in the past and that is what is changing. Love may not sell, it may not make for glamourous headlines and it does not feel like a soap opera end scene, but kindness, gentleness, compassion in the face of vitriol and peace in the face of violence is more than enough. Yes, the system may continue to live as it has always done. But that does not mean it is working and that does not mean that our children’s children will live in that world. The world IS different. You can feel it. The evil that walks the Earth is an indication that it is working. It always stomps on the Earth when people awake on mass. Always. But there are more awakening and you are one of them. Love is the way. It always has been. It always will be. Even if it is easy to give into fear, hatred and to feel divide and conquer. Stay the pace. Stay in peace.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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Rumi 2

The Cyan diary on the 30th July 2016 as Uranus challenges Saturn (the ongoing trioctile)

Rumi says it all…


The Diamond Diary on the 29th July as Saturn is awakened by Uranus (trioctile) just before the New Moon in Leo.

Throughout history, there have been times when consciousness has reached a point of realisation that the foundation in which it exists is not working smoothly and attempts are made to change the paradigm. During those times tolerance for the way it has always been drops and awareness increases. A space opens up to see through the fog and to sense the possibility of another way of being. It is during those times that those deeply embedded within and hungry to maintain the status quo fight back with draconian measures, with the underlying intent to harness your passion and your creativity for their own means. After all it is your energy and passion that gives the system energy as the illusion of dualism is further manipulated within a barrage of fear perpetuating the myth of us and them.

It is no secret that one of those times is now. We are living through the end of time before once again it all starts afresh. And who is creating that new paradigm? You.

So let’s be subversive. Why not be you?

Seriously, just for one day. Then another. And another!

What have you got to lose?

Extract from “I am ME”, the New Moon in Leo by Andrew Smith, published for subscribers of

Love is

The Turquoise Diary on the 27th July 2016 as Neptune is illuminated by the Sun (Biquintile)

Who are you, beneath the protective layer of make-up, the photo enhanced images, your clothes, your stuff, your commitments to pay your rent or mortgage, away from your ambitions and that omnipresent longing to be free?

The simple response is that you are.

That’s it.

You do not have to learn to become you. You do not have to do something to be better. You are. You always have been and always will be, you.

Imagine what it would your life would be like if you not only expressed the full extent of your unique cosmic identity, you felt utterly comfortable within it? Imagine what it would be like if you honoured the inner flame of another without trying to control the way that it flames fits into your agenda? Would it really be chaos and anarchy? Or would it eventually create a sense of health and well-being and fulfilment?

Something to think about as you wait for “I am ME”, to be published shortly as Little Spirit ventures into the flame of Leo.

Andrew Smith © 2016

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The Black Diary on the 25th July 2016 as Saturn trioctiles Uranus

Satan, oops… Saturn, is in a bad mood. It’s not been smooth sailing of late and a concern has arisen that too many people are figuring out the Game. Heart heavy from the love that frustratingly persists despite the intentional divide and conquer techniques; the subterfuge; the irrelevant titillations and vain distractions; the double talk; the desperate attempts to increase the fear level; the tampering of food production; the pollution of the water; the dissemination of viruses to reduce the quality of life; the calculated dumbing down; the enslavery to technology… the list is endless. Why, oh why is it not working?

“The system is NOT broken”, Saturn muses. “It is working just fine. It has always worked. Why can’t people just leave it be. Why can’t they just return to their little caves and put their head in the sand and let me live in peace. It was great when no-one thought for themselves; that they confessed your sins and lived in guilt; when they lived their true passion late at night, exhausted from the rigours of working for someone else; ate and drank to their hearts content, numbing themselves from the fact that their life is not the one they wanted to live.”

“You know what, I’ll try to ramp things up, just to put them all in their place. Revolution? Pah. Been there, seen that and I’m still top Trump! I’ll show them. I’ll escalate the fear. I’ll deride their attempts to wake up by creating more bureaucracy, more rules and regulations, more taxes, more terror. Just wait and see. I’ll crush love. Fear is the only thing that matters. Fear enslaves. Fear reigns. Uncertainty will keep them all at bay. Yes, let’s go to town and see whether Love really can prevail…”

Satan ain’t happy and when Satan ain’t happy, havoc reigns in an attempt to further inforce draconian dictates for the common good. But Love is Love and Love always prevails. No matter how difficult you are finding things, this is not the time to give into despair. You have within you the strength and will to live your Truth and to start to forge the foundations of a reality free from the fear that divides your heart. The time is now. Let love rule.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Winds of change

The Cyan Diary on the 24th July 2016 as Uranus receives Saturn by trioctile

That age old tension violently rears its head, yet again, as the deeply ingrained institutions (both within and without) struggle to embrace a truly egalitarian notion – there is no I and you or no us or them. There is just consciousness – one single consciousness, a consciousness that permeates and bathes all animate beings and inanimate objects in a field of immanent awareness. As more and more people step beyond fear, control and the pressures to conform; as more people dive within and step through those psychic barriers that lead your brain to believe that matter is dense; and as more people journey into this Field through myriad healing, dream, meditative and prayer related techniques (or using plant medicine), true sight is restored. And through this third eye, clarity dawns and the System trembles in terror. The drugs no longer working, the lies of distraction exposed, the sedative of entertainment expunged, you no longer want to feed the machinery with its necessary fuel – your anger, shock and fear. We all know what happens when you put leaded in a diesel engine or vice versa. Just watch what happens when love replaces fear and awareness trumps ignorance. As those in a position of ignorance turn the screw, upping the pressure, the fear and the destruction, the wind of change blows in their face, a wind they cannot ignore, a wind that, in time, will purify and heal; a breath of fresh air arising from a new consciousness that is blowing through us all.

Love not fear.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Artist credit – Marleen Visser: The Winds of Change 2

See the light

The Gold Diary on the 22nd July 2016 as the Sun enters Leo

ROAR – Today the Sun strides into Leo affording you the opportunity to plant a seed of fire for your creativity and vision. So hold a space, from the 22nd July, around what inspires you; what things give you purpose; or what forms of creativity you are passionate about, so that you can re-ignite your inner fire. Agent 12 and I talk about some of the themes specific to the cosmic rhythm during the time that the Sun appears to don the Leonine cloth.

Andrew Smith


The Venus Diaries on the 21st July 2016 – Venus quincunxes Neptune

Love is where you come from and where you will return to after your time on the Earth is through. It can feel at times that love is elusive, especially in an unkind world, hardened by fear and suffering from the pain caused by isolation and separation. Love can feel complicated and conditional at times and has to be fought for. Yet there exists within you a candle, ever burning. It occasionally weakens and needs to be rekindled and it is during those times a void can build within you, threatening to envelope you as distraction and hurt pull you into its darkness. Yet love is ever present and when you do things from your heart and soul, you feel a river of joy and light move through you and you forget to safety as you live where you fear to live, confident that love will guide and uplift you.

You are being challenged not to descend into bewilderment, abandonment and disappointment and to remain consciously connected to a higher version of love, a love that knows no bounds and conditions, a love that is ever constant and unwavering and a love that lifts your soul to dance with the clouds.


Agent EI’s Silver Diary on the 19th July 2016 – Full Moon in Capricorn

You know I’d love to blame it on the stars with so much lunacy within our systems these days – but I can’t since the we are the creators of our reality and you know the system that we have created ain’t looking good. The blatant lies, the double talk, the false promises, the egomaniacal narcissism and the pursuit of a self-serviced agenda to secure more money poorly hidden under the pretext of social service is what we have consented to live within. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. You have the power to change due to the existence of Cardinal Earth within you and the capacity to create (cardinal) your reality (earth). It starts with you and this year you sowed a commitment to a new reality on the 10th January. Tonight you can review how that reality is unfolding as the Whole of the Moon is exposed by the light of the Sun. It may take time, but if love is the centre of your reality, it will eventually erode the fabric of the world we have created. Rather than howl tonight, I’m listening to Prince preach instead –

Upload, the evolution principle
You see a rock on the shore and say
“It’s always been there”
Download, no responsibility
Do what you want, nobody cares
Upload, the master race idea
Genetically disposed to rule the world
Download, future full of isolated
Full of isolated, boys and girls
Upload, the two party system
The lesser of two dangers,
Illusion of choice
Download, their form of fascism
Nothing really ever changes
You never had a voice
Listen to me one time
If you look, you’re sure gonna find
Throughout mankind’s history
A Colonized Mind
The one in power makes law
Under which the colonized fall
Without God, it’s just the blind leading the blind
Upload, a joint venture record deal
It’s just another way another man can still sleep
While he’s sticking you with the bill
Download, a temporary acquisition
Of fleeting fame and fortune
Nothing to leave in your will
Upload, a child with no father
Download, no respect for authority
Upload, a child with no mother
Download, a hard time showing love
Prince Roger Nelson
Image – Antonio Mora


The Venus Diaries on the 17th July 2016 – Venus reborn (12 degree from the Sun)

And there before her stands the exit from the Vault. The searing heat has been necessary, as within the fire she has cleansed and purified her spirit; fear was met and understood and her shadow was embraced by the blinding light, offering her the opportunity to heal those unkind experiences that started to weigh heavily on her heart and her soul. Within that fire her consciousness awareness of what she loves and how she loves arose and the patterns of her heart clearly seen, her sense of love rekindled as she found peace.

But now it is time to leave behind this sacred flame and to re-enter the world of form, armed with a wiser, more tolerant vision of what it means to be true to herself and to love as she means to love. The coolness of the early evening twilight beckons to her as she steps out of the Vault. She knows she will have to be patient with her heart for a while, as she adjusts to a world with eyes less blind and a heart less innocent. She knows that she has to find a balance between staying true to herself yet forging connection to those for which her heart feels. She knows how not to react and has learnt to understand the trigger points that enflame injustice within her. She knows what it feels to have her heart broken and remade. But she also knows that she cannot stop loving, nor does she want to. She just does not know how to love in a cooler climate and that will take time. Time she is prepared to nourish.

And now she is ready. Ready to start the climb upwards, to put into practise all that she has learnt and to be the light in the dark, steady and unwavering – the Queen of the Night.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Image Credit – still taken from Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4


The Cyan Diary on the 15th July 2016 – Uranus squared by the Sun

Do you want to talk about?

Are you free?

Have you really a voice?

Has anything truly changed or are you living within a veiled form of freedom?

The world is good at spouting platitudes and rhetoric encouraging you to be true to yourself and to live openly and freely, yet the System paradoxically baulks at the idea of your running around, living in accordance to your Authentic Being. After all that is a genuine threat to everything that has been created to bleed you of your life-essence.

What has that created?

A world in revolt; a world in pain; a heart in crisis and a colonised mind dulled down by lies and deception.

But the external battle against those in power who make the laws to keep you at bay merely mirrors the intense inner fight as you seek to shed the fears that encourage you to conform to some age old ideal of how it should be and prevent you from listening to your heart; mirrors the loss of soul that your awakening is valiantly reclaiming; mirrors the desire you have to break free from what is expected and discover your truth – to live and relate consciously as an equal couple, co-operatively sharing and co-creating in unity; and mirrors the shattering of the illusion that race, gender and sexuality matter in the twenty first century.

Extraordinary times – such sorrow and joy.

The countdown continues – two days.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Photo by Kat-Joy: A Struggle: Inner conflict breeds Outer Turmoil


The Cyan Diary – Diluted Uranus in quincunx to Mars

Have you felt it – that nervous excitement, that edginess, that tension, that mental stress and a jittery feeling of being wired? Have you seen the volatility surround you, pervading your conscious awareness as you witness the titanic struggle within those who don’t want to conform, but still want a normal life? Of course you may rationalise it as being something to do with Haarp, the seasonal changes or indeed that pervasive WiFi cloud that envelopes you. But no, you are merely awakening further and what you are experiencing is a force, so pure, unconscious and persuasive that you almost feel your life is cackling with energy, with untainted will, with utter abandon as a kundalini-type energy rises chaotically calling for a strong alliance between your Self and your Higher Self.

You are being agitated into waking up and shaking up everything in your life in a manner that can lead to greater independence and personal freedom, living life more on your terms in a more authentic self-expression. If you are the kind of person who enjoys the excitement of change then what a ride you have been on!! If, however, you fear the unknown or untried life or if you would do everything possible to maintain an existing situation even if you are unhappy with it, then what a descent into a darkened state you have been on, as your attempts to control what is happening fail.

How to guide and channel this awakening state through you, without reacting volatilely or without uncontrollably releasing floods of tears is what you have been challenged to do. If you have surrendered and allowed this current to take you, have you felt the exhilaration and aliveness that this release is giving you and the satisfaction of being straight and clear without descending into a Hollywood fist fight ending? If not, what have you got to lose? After all the old ways are not working and in three days’ time you will get to see the evidence of how integrated the commitment you made on the 6th June is within your heart-centred consciousness. Three days and counting…

Go on.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Image Credit –

Walk from chaos

The Venus Diaries trying to be heard through the Red Diary on the 13th July as Venus prepares to becoming re-born within the midst of free flowing Mars quincunx to an over active Uranus

Are you doing okay? After all it has been a wild ride these past days and couple of weeks. On one hand your heart has been steadily growing and maturing, as your awareness of what you truly need and what nourishes you has becoming more defined. Yet on the other hand your ego has been affronted and frustrated as clarity concerning how to react to those whose values seem mismatched or who are not prepared to do the heart centred work has resulted in drama and disappointment, isolation and chaos. Bet you thought it would be different, bet you didn’t consider how emotional, how reactive and how highly charged this passage would be. It is so difficult to channel that passion into a way that serves your higher good and to keep your head held high, rising above the egomaniacal attempts to trap and ensnare you whilst those within your world appear eager to descend into the mire and wallow within a thickening red mist.

Yet, remember that heart centred ideal you planted back on the 6th June? Yes, five weeks may feel like an eternity ago, but remember that you sought to animate your heart with a new ideal – an ideal that would lift your heart and a word that you promised to live by and share with those around you? You’ve been challenged to keep true to that ideal amidst the chaos and distraction as your past scripts desperate attempts to maul you back into the way that you’ve always been. But the way you were didn’t work. That is why you sought to change. So even though the empty room beckons to be filled, just make sure who and what you fill it with resonates with those new ideals. After all you will get a chance to wear them on your sleeve in four days time.

Andrew Smith © 2016

Image Credit – still from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)


The Orange Diary on the 11th July 2016 as Mercury trioctiles Saturn

Drifting, momentarily, through the Grey, saddened by the way of the world and the games that are robotically played out with a predictable outcome, it is easy to feel that the immense work you have been doing has lost its soul, your love echoing hollowly against the shallow walls. Feeling that you veered from your path as nothing makes sense, searching for answers to the many reasons why you feel that you don’t belong in a world where many are drained of colour, locked in an endless cycle of wake, eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep… You’ve felt a richer world, you’ve glimpsed the colour that exists when you have stopped the anaesthetic. Turning your back from the monochrome, standing on the threshold, the Grey fading, do you have the courage to take the step into the unknown that beckons you? Will you stop being controlled by your mind which is controlled in turn by their mind? Do you want to remain confined with the pale frame that bleaches your energy and creativity or continue to find your way back home, even if that means going it alone?

Andrew Smith © 2016

Image Credit –

Thomas Andrew

The Yellow Diary on the 7th July as the Sun opposes Pluto

Building over the past couple of days, slowly and imperceptibly, has been an anarchic tension, frustrated at the lack of true Soul freedom and so terribly conscious of the enslavement of your time, your creativity and your energy by a world hell bent in ensuring that you are kept at bay. You see, in the world around you, confirmation that it is not just you – a world in crisis, your world in crisis, something has to give. But what? After all you have been awakening and you are conscious that all is not well. It is not that you are unhappy. Far from it. There are many changes that you have made to ensure your Soul can be liberated from your karmic conditions. But it has simply felt not enough. And so the tension has built confounded by the ease to which the Darkness has spread its claws over the Earth.
Turning inwards, once again, you can feel the heat, rising erratically from the base of your spine, flowing through every pore in your body, steadily upwards, agitating your heart, consuming your mind and ever seeking a release. But what do you need to release? Again?!!
Within this maelstrom a voice whispers gently to you – “Rest easy, my friend. This smoke and mirrors is hiding from you your truth. You are powerful beyond measure. You are beautiful and you already ARE. You do not need to change. You merely need to cast off the weights that keep you in check. Open your wings and fly freely. You are ready to emerge. Ignore the attempts to keep you at bay. Trust. Believe. Let go.”
Will you?
Andrew Smith ©2016
Image Credit – Andrew Thomas


The Orange Diary on the 6th July as Mercury conjoins the Sun and Sirius
Fifty eight days ago inspiration and productivity blend within the union of the Cosmic Mind and One Light, enhancing your ability to tap into a non-reasoned source and to honour your own inner wisdom and develop your talents and inner resources. If you consciously activated that Union the force of creativity and spirit flowed through you as you opened those sluice gates, releasing a pure healing as confidence warmed your mind, confirming your hunches, validating your instincts and guiding you in magical ways that read more like a fantastical novel than ‘real’ life.
As the Light of the Sky and the Messenger once again align, this time with that most reversed and sacred portal, Sirius, on the 7th July, you have an opportunity to find spiritual solutions in everyday, mundane matters and to add strength and confidence to the River of Emotions that flows forth from Source through you and into your physical Being. If your body is weary, suffering from unkindness or ill, this invitation is a chance to better understand the reason why illness has graced you and to look beyond the suffering to find an answer to the deeper reason why you have walked this path. As your Emotional Intelligence is lifted up, peace, forgiveness and compassion are activated and can flood through you, bathing you in a healing light.
It is a beautiful time to make a commitment to a single feeling that you want to share with your world, a feeling that can lift the hearts of those with whom you resonate and can remind you of your spiritual roots.
Andrew Smith © 2016
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