Agent Ei’s Planetary Diary

by Andrew Smith

The Gold Diary on the 20th March 2018 as the Sun Ingresses into Cardinal Fire on the Equinox

The wheel turns and our consciousness shifts bringing the focus of our egoic light into a different realm. It has been a deeply emotional time, a time that has required patience as you have engaged with those still chained to ‘that which is familiar’, those whose path is still entwined despite the imbalances generated by differing, and diverging, world views. In time you will be surrounded by those whose inner and outer worlds are truly aligned; who have owned their Shadow but have not become consumed by processing; who take responsibility for all their actions at all levels of consciousness; and who knows that magic exists without the need for a wand, a cloak or a spell. For now, however, you must walk between two worlds, releasing both the personal and ancestral weave that binds you to those who are not prepared to become conscious, longing to thrive but are too damn scared to free themselves from their membership of the Cult of the Exterior.

Remember that within you there remains an enchanted place where the colours are more luminous and the air more fragrant than ever; a place where marvels never cease; miracles and magic abound; and where fascination and enthusiasm breed creation. Remember that regardless of the interpersonal challenges you have faced head on, the processing, healing, cleansing and purifying of your soul you have done, there is a place within your soul that remains untarnished by the opinions, perspectives and projections of the world. This place is called Aries, a place that for some marks the start of a new zodiacal year.

The wheel turns and the next month concerns your confidence to express, without hindrance, doubt or self-consciousness, you!

Welcome to Aries

Andrew Smith, ©2018

Image Credit – Komoeditsa – The Vernal Equinox

The Purple Diary on the 19th March as waning Jupiter octiles with Saturn
Unable to be contained, the private Deep within powerfully surges under this sustained low pressure system, creating disturbances in places ill prepared to deal with your raw, honest and emotionally charged soul. Not seeking to judge, nor wishing to be unkind, you’ve found it challenging dealing with those who continue to move through such an undergrowth of excess, longing and desire that they cannot sense who they truly are anymore. Frustration has graced your heart as yet more layers of process arising, confronting you to dive deeper into the emotional scripts you continue to carry, themes you thought you had dealt with, as the clearing and detoxifying intensifies in support of your commitment to free the limitless possibility within you before the Cardinal Earth solstice of 2020.
In time you will be surrounded by those whose inner and outer worlds are truly aligned; who have owned their Shadow but have not become consumed by processing; and who take responsibility for all their actions at all levels of consciousness. But for now be patient; be gentle; and be kind to yourself, as you continue the task to let go of your expectations and tap deeper into what’s true for you.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Photo by Alexei Mikhailov 

The Gold Diary on the 18th March as the Mutable Water Sun conjoins Chiron

The medicine has been deep of late, emotional beyond words as Ego resists being dissolved, holding fast to that which is familiar even though you know that familiarity is a form of insanity. Overwhelmed by the unconscious masculine hunger to impose itself on you; no longer interested in ‘becoming’ someone or being defined by ‘being’ someone; not interested in diluting yourself by taking on someone else’s stuff, when they are clearly addicted to their immobility, the past week has been intensely cathartic, as grief may have turned up surprisingly at your door. Disappointed to discover more layers of ‘wounded’ masculine themes arising, something in you knows that the deeper you dive, the more layers you peal back, the more ‘air’ that is brought to the ancestral scripts that reside within your heart, the lighter, less convoluted and more conscious your yangness will be. Those old relationship patterns have arisen merely to show you where you are now compared to where you were; old themes within your relationships have also arisen, challenging you to stay the course and not to regress, reacting in a self-similar manner. Hard as that is, especially when ‘confronted’ with those who don’t appear to have grown, you have walked through this semi-darkened place where the veil has been ever so thin, healing-dreaming, healing-praying, healing-releasing, healing-grieving, healing-en-light-ening, healing-deepening your discernment.

The day after the New, another New occurs – the opportunity to plant a seed about the relationship you have to the masculine light. This is not about ‘men’, being a ‘man’, or being in a relationship with a ‘man’. This is about how you are ‘out’ in the world, away from the sanctuary of your inner safety, away from the lOving support of those who nourish you. This is about your ego-identity and the desire that the world has to label you, something you know that as a multi-dimensional soul, cannot ever adequately come close to accounting for who you truly are. Today is a day for giving up your pursuit of being someone, of defining who you are or colluding with the world to conform to their expectations of who you are. Today is a day step beyond, to trust yourself and to openly express the profoundly emotional you. Today is the start of not trying to ‘be’, but just confidently ‘be’. Today is the day to stop focusing and worrying about the future and to start trusting that you have all that you need at your disposal to create a sustained and supporting life style and relationships, even if that means letting go the addiction to anxiety, conformity and apologising for being you.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Art – Wallpaper Abyss

Quote by Dave Grohl

The Silver Diary on the 16th March during the Dark Piscean Moon

On the beach before you burns brightly a fire, its smoke wafting purposefully into the endless vastness of the ocean. The flickering light, beneath a darkened night sky and the seductive warmth of the flames magnetically pulls you in. The fresh salty taste the sea coupled with the rich oak smell of the thick, hazy smoke hangs in the air, shifting like elementals in the off-shore breeze. An empty pan lies before the rocks that enclose the fire, inside which you discover a note.

“Offer up that which no longer serves you”

So many scenes scroll through your mind’s eye, so many dramas and emotional scripts having arisen in this recent month, many aeons old. It almost feels overwhelming to choose but one. But one you must.

What will it be?

Today is a day of release; today is the day before the re-birth of the Piscean archetype, a level of consciousness that is surmised by the dictum – What you feel, you become. With that in mind, what feeling have you become that no longer serves your higher emergence, that you willingly will release, to allow a new feeling to be planted at 1:11pm on Saturday, a feeling that will support your conscious emotional growth over the coming six and a half months?

Choose well and release deeply.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Painting unknown

The Orange Diary on the 15th March as Mercury reaches its Greatest Elongation East – the formal start of the pre-Retrograde phase

Compassionate heart, enthusiastic mind; free flowing emotion, unapologetic expression; ever seeking meaning, open curiosity; consistently changing mood with opinions that are formed and articulated in reaction to the environment. Recognise it? It is something you have been moving through of late. It can lead to much emotive misunderstanding or it can open up a path of deep empathic understanding. It can break open the soul of those entrenched in ignorance or denial, but it can also create much dissonance through the reactions to the crusading zealot channelling through you. Which path will you choose?

Remember that open and free flowing emotions coupled with a passionate, verbally elite oratory, deftly directed through the consciousness of someone whose intention is to stir the heart of another to constructive, gentle but firm action is manna for the soul. However, through the consciousness of one with a secret agenda, to do harm (intended or otherwise), for personal gain or for power, the consequences can take a long time to unravel.

Over the past days you have been gain a striking insight into the connection between what lies within your heart and how that Word is communicated, I would ask you to question whether you are looking up and seeing the potential in the world, regardless of the complexity of their process, or whether you are looking down, focusing solely on the articulation of your own desires and hungers? Are you freeing yourself but enslaving others, or are you freeing yourself but empowering others?

Conscious thought plus free flowing emotion generate the feeling that creates your reality. What will that reality be?

Extracted from a forth coming article for on Mercury Retrograde by Andrew Smith © 2018

The Gold Diary on the 14th March as the Sun trines Jupiter

It is not always easy to be true to yourself, to stand firm with your conviction and to radiate your true essential being. It is easy to confuse ego with confidence. But they are not the same. Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is so utterly self-contained and comfortable in their own skin, who does not need to impose themselves on their environment and who simply radiates presence and being that they are unmissable? They may not be the loudest person in the room, or the most flamboyant. They are simply themselves – quiet, unassuming and confident. That is the person you can be during this time, as you are graced with the opportunity to show yourself, your true self, your Light-being, your core. It does not mean that you are performing. It does not mean that you have to have your podium. But everything that you are doing is infused with your radiance and essence. And it is unmistakable. In the words of Lao Tzu – When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you. If even only for one day, let out your Light and simply Be true to who you are.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Venus Diaries on the 13th March at Venus squares Saturn

It’s a work in progress after all…

Just because you have done tremendous inner work on your esteem, worth and value; just because you have taken measures to heal the ancestral patterns that you’ve inherited within your heart-consciousness; just because you have affirmed abundance and have tackled head on the external conditioning that puppeteered your attitude around money; just because you have understood the complex issue of independence and intimacy; just because you have grieved deeply and understood what love is, and what lOve means; just because you are truly open to giving and receiving lOve, does not mean that you will be immune to process, nor does it mean that everything will work smoothly without a hitch or further testing or refinement. However, the deeper the work, the more conscious your understanding, the clearer your heart, the more engaged you are in raising your awareness to a higher level, the more agile your response to the projections, assertions, actions and inactions of those whose presence triggers the memory of those keenly felt scripts. Over time, layer upon layer are pealed back, as those inner heart and esteem enemies are faced, embraced and lOved. It is hard. It can be lonely. It is always deeply emotional. But that does not mean that you have not dived deeply enough into the issues. You have. It is merely a check to see how deeply the medicine has been received and whether you continue to look to open the blue window when a grey wall attempts to form around you.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Photo by catirebcn on flickr

The Gold Diary on the 11th and 12th March as the Sun sextiles Pluto

The intense glaring light within this hall of mirrors, eyes wide open, the authentic truth of where you truly are on your path revealed, this past couple of days has been emotionally intense as revelations have confronted you to face the reality of the life you have carefully constructed, offering you an opportunity to realign with your inner truth where necessary. Please remember that you are a multifaceted soul, with so many differing realities co-existing within you, that aligning yourself at all levels with a singular truth takes time and is a constant work in progress. Just because certain arenas are not aligned with your truth, does not mean that you are not truly aligned. But your eyes have been opened and cannot be closed. Whether you accept what has been revealed or whether you continue to ignore what has been shown to you is a choice that is now before you. Healing is a fierce and wondrous place, enabling you to shed the layers of process and opinions that you have taken on, and supporting your path towards a simpler, less convoluted life.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Art by camilo-matiz

The Gold Diary on the 10th March as the Sun quintiles Saturn

In a world awash with those struggling to swim within the waves of their own drama and reactiveness, in the end, all you have to guide you safely to solid land is the lOve you create. As hard as it, when you have to navigate through unkindness, your lOve allows understanding to dawn, from which acceptance and compassion arise. Have confidence in the belief that within you lies the ability to affect your world with your feelings, in the same way that your world has impacted your emotional equanimity. So look deeper into your heart and trust that the ‘work-in-progress’ that engages you concerning your emotional scripts and patterns is working, as you react less and lOve more, even when those in your world are too busy taking everything what they can.

Andrew Smith ©2018

Art by leslie donald poole

The Dawn Diary on the 4th March as the Sun conjoins Neptune, Mercury conjoins Venus and Chiron and Venus conjoins Chiron
As the shackles of illusion dissolve and reality as it truly is, dawns; as the struggle to speak gently, yet firmly, with lOve and no expectation of return, wanes; as the pain carried in the unforgiven past has been spoken forth, subsides; as the heart aches to see true healing take place within the soul of those for whom you care deeply, lessens; as the realisation that the pain you’ve felt in give and take relationships has weakened through the profound healing path you have walked along; as your faith is no longer dependent upon the approval of others, now that you can clearly see with whom your boundaries have been permeable; as your trust in yourself and your path builds as you feel that you have maintained your truth, even when bated to stray off course; you can now feel the ghosts of wishful longing and hope dissolve, as the shell of your past is broken within this field of brightness.
Postpone the dream no longer. It is not necessary. You are your dream. You have the courage and are doing what you came here to do, tough as it may have been. Today’s dawn has arisen because of the work you have done. You are not your past. You are now. Here. Today. So welcome, my friend, to the wonder of this day and the you that you have harvested from the dark of ignorance and collusion. Welcome to the dawn of a healed lOve filled Mind and a clear heart-vision.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Photography by Ben Pipe

The Venus Diaries on the 3rd March  as Venus is reborn the Queen of the Night

And there before her stands the exit from the Vault. The searing heat has been necessary, as within the fire she has cleansed and purified her spirit; fear was met and understood and her shadow was embraced by the blinding light, offering her the opportunity to heal those unkind experiences that started to weigh heavily on her heart and her soul. Within that fire her consciousness awareness of what she lOves and how she lOves arose and the patterns of her heart clearly seen, her sense of lOve rekindled as she found, though an unsettling and deeply emotional time, peace in her heart. No longer wanting to save, sacrifice or crusade, she knows that it is her time to embody, walk and live what she lOves, regardless of whether it is reciprocated or acknowledged. This time in the flames, as she has shown her light through the ego of the masculine, no longer feels relevant, as she feels compelled to leave behind this sacred flame and to re-enter the world of form, armed with a wiser, more tolerant vision of what it means to be true to herself and to love as she means to lOve.

The coolness of the early evening twilight beckons to her as she steps out of the Vault. She knows she will have to be patient with her heart for a while, as she adjusts to a world with eyes less blind and a heart less innocent. She knows that she has to find a balance between staying true to herself yet forging connection to those for which her heart feels. She knows how not to react and has learnt to understand the trigger points that enflame injustice within her. She knows what it feels to have her heart broken and remade. But she also knows that she cannot stop loving, nor does she want to. She just does not know how to love in a cooler climate and that will take time. Time she is prepared to nourish.

And now she is ready. Ready to start the climb upwards, to put into practise all that she has felt in her heart, all that she knows to be just and true, all she has experienced as she now journeys to become the light in the dark, steady and unwavering, as she dons her new cloak and starts her journey to become the Queen of the Night.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Image Credit – still taken from Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4

The Silver Diary on the 2nd March just hours after the Virgoan Full Moon

Do you recognise what is holy and crave its blessing but fear the change that would be involved? Is there a habit, a belief, a relationship, an aspect of your life that has you in its grip that confines you, that limits the freedom with which you move through this world? Can you envision what being truly free of that bind would feel like? Have you taken the time to confront, at all levels of your consciousness, the issue/ person/ situation and what they truly represent for you, so that you can free yourself of that which keeps you from feeling Whole? After all, this Full illuminates those scripts that have prevented you from experiencing emotional unity with those souls who walk a similar path, or that have stopped you from meeting those who truly walk a similar path.

You could also reframe the ‘balancing’ dance arising within you as a blessing in disguise, as blessings that arise in facing chaos rather than turning away from it makes way for the wholeness you crave as it brings release to what has been bound; it invites and enables and calls you to move with the freedom for which you are made.

So my hope for you, for us, is that you see through the diffuseness that masks an ever changing landscape; that you know in your heart that what binds you is being eroded and dissolved; that you are being called to look in and not out to find freedom and truth; that you stand resolute and firm to those ideals that bring you closer to lOve, even if it is easy to react from a place of fear and anger; and that you know that as you face the chaos, wholeness is eventually created.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Venus and Orange Diaries on the 25th February as Mutable Water Venus squares Mutable Fire Mars and Mercury conjoins Neptune in Mutable Water
Heart enlivened, soul woken up, sight sharpened, eye turned in to look without, a great complexity of emotion rages through you – confusion, fear, sadness, excitement and hope – as you stand at this threshold deciding upon the next path to walk. Now add companions to your path, who stand beside you facing the same frontier, each with their own inner processing, each hearts enlivened, sight sharpened, each experiencing their own inner tumult. Now add your empathy, tuning into the inner reality of an-other, feeling the complexity of their multi-tiered reality. And now return to your inner world and see how it has started to alter to accommodate those around you. So this threshold you now stand before may divide two different rhythms and atmospheres, two different choices, two differing futures, but beside you also stands a threshold, as your decision will impact an-other, as their decision will impact you!
The quality of time that moves through you has brought you to an awareness of the ground that exists between you and those in your world, and the differences of agenda, perspective and scripts that are adding to enrich your life, as well as challenge you to more clearly define your values and to communicate it with clarity, even if it feels uncertain. Take the time to feel all varieties of presence that have accrued at this threshold and listen inwards with complete attention until you once again hear your inner voice calling. Then bless the ground between you and both thresholds with growth, kindness, respect and lOve so that your boundaries remain intact and you can simultaneously respect the boundaries of an-other whilst making a decision that impacts you both.
Andrew Smith ©2018
Photo by Jamila –×8-photo-print 
The Venus Diaries on the 22nd February as Venus continues to climb out of the Vault of Light and prepares for her Ascent into the Evenings Skies towards her Throne
She knew it would take time, lots of courage and a mountain of humility but finally she stands before the door at the western gateway. As she stretches out her hand for the handle that will release her from her time in the Vault thoughts of the past three months flash through her mind’s eye. She entered the Vault a young woman, a little naïve but eager for life, having loved and lost and loved again, all the time trying to figure out the process of being true to herself yet taking into consideration another’s heart. She lit up the room with her youthful exuberance while all the time discovering more and more about her heart’s longings and desires. She surrendered many of her false expectations and fears as she learnt to tentatively walk a path of commitment allied with freedom. She smiles to herself as she see the consequences of her innocence, not realising that she pushed too hard to have her needs met and retreated too much when they weren’t.
She made a decision to cast aside childish notions of adolescent romance and to find the pulse that made her heart tick. That led her to the door of the Eastern Vault, through which she entered and disappeared from view these past three months. Little did she realise how much patience it would take as she processed and cleansed, healed and released, cried and laughed as she sought an answer to her heart’s plea. Pulled inwards into herself, she let so much go and she grieved intensely but she started the alchemical process of transmuting her heart essence, raising her vibration to a higher level and shedding the last vestiges immaturity.
Stripped bear, she was initially aghast at the face that looked back at her through the mirror that was held up to her on the 9th January. Unrecognisable from the girl that she was, an older woman she had become. Yet there was something refreshing about who she saw in that naked light. Yes youth has past but something else has been gained. Dropped from the armour that stopped her gifts from maturing have the coping mechanisms previously developed to protect her heart from getting hurt. Stronger in herself she senses that she is no longer as worried about what others think or feel about her as for the first time in her life she senses that time is less aplenty and there is still much to experience and love. Courage rising having rediscovered her Light, she felt a compulsion over the past month to journey out from her depth, upwards towards the cooler light of the evening twilight.
And her journey has brought her to this corridor, at the end of which is the Door. Beyond is the game that is her life to live, at the foot of the stairs that will lead to her destination, back from the depths where she reconnected to her source, confident and eager to share her experience and put into practise her new values, showing her purpose to those who dance to her tune. A new adventure lies on the other side of the door. All she will need to do is turn the handle and ascend into the night. That time is coming soon. She can feel it in the air as the mood changes. She is impatient, but knows that there is a little more waiting to do before she reaches the Door. Not long now…
Andrew Smith © 2018

The Red Diary on the 19th February as Mars sextiles the South Node, trines the North Node

Scorched from the searing heat, the noxious smell of rubber burning, its thick smoke reducing visibility down to just you and your immediacies, reactions heightened, calmness a distant memory due to the pressure of here, now, yesterday! At such a pace it is hard to step back, especially when you have been taught that it is good to defend yourself, it is good to have an opinion and it is good to let out whatever is within, regardless of whether it is unkind and has a devastating impact on the recipient. You spoke your truth and that is all that matters.

Isn’t it?

Yet, in a world conditioned to hate, out of balance with itself, spiralling into deepening entropy, never has there been more need to allow kindness reach out and hold you in its sure hands and to sup from the chalice of compassion and understanding, even if your world has been painted red. Remember not all that goes on in your head needs to be said; remember that just because you can’t look them in the eyes when you type, does not mean that it should be typed; remember, the inside reflects the outside and the outside mirrors the inside and unkindness has never bred kindness. Amongst the free flowing, righteous opinions, you can stand gentle, but firm and take the silent road, instead of throwing back a stone. That is true strength, not weakness. That is now on offer for you to draw from. There are many who are doing this. And a tipping point is being reached. Now. Step back, breathe, it will offer so much perspective, as you don’t have to react. Reach high, when they bow low.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Image by Archipello

The Red Diary on the 17th February as Mutable Fire Mars reaches a waning square to Neptune and to-be-evening-star-Venus prepares for Rebirth
It can be irritating when things don’t run to plan, even if your vision is perfectly perspicuous and you know in your heart what course of action needs to take place. It may feel that chaos reigns and that your plans are being waylaid and your vision bleaching into the thickening mist. But is it really chaotic? Are you truly being scattered? Or is it your ego getting in the way, trying hard to hold onto what you think should happen? Are you really disillusioned and have lost your way?
The mist is allowing you clarify and upgrade what you ‘think’ you know and to re-evaluate what you ‘believe’; the chaos is merely life itself stating that you need to surrender and trust that your heart knows the way, if only you would trust yourself, your path and stop your addiction to your mind. Clouded moments offer so many insights through the seemingly unpredictable events, serving to expand and deepen your awareness as you are ‘forced’ to lose any illusions that have crept into your mind during the ‘planning’ and ‘controlling’ stage. Remember how you have aligned emotion and thought to create that feeling that has inspired your initial actions? Remember how simple your path felt? That feeling is still in your heart. It is your Pole star, an ever present gentle beacon guiding your way, if only you would look up and see through the distractions that you are still on your path…
So this weekend, if your path reaches a cross roads and your mind fills with a plethora of permeations don’t forget to listen to, and trust, your heart’s deep lOve. Mistakes will be made. That is life. But your heart has been maturing and has learnt to speak its truth, and is quietly building within you, waiting patiently to light the way through all this unconscious material. Trust that heart vision and have the courage to take the step into the ‘unknown’ that beckons you
Andrew Smith © 2018
Image credit – Junk Gypsy

The Gold Diary on the 14th February as the Sun sextiles Uranus ahead of Thursday’s New Moon

Are we ever truly on our own? Even during the brow furrowing, introverted depths of an inner journey, heart and mind in rapt concentration on the scripts and patterns that could veer you off course, support is always at hand. It may come unexpectedly through the words in a book/ song/ poem; the lOve imbued in a piece of art; a conversation overheard on the street; a scene in a film; a random comment or post on social media that turns up on your feed; or the meeting of kindness in the eyes of a stranger. It may arise through a chance meeting with someone in your wider community; through a differing of opinions with someone within your immediate circle; through the offer of tea and a chat; or through a sympathetic message. Help will always be given, as Professor Dumbledore says, to those who ask.

Yet pride, stubbornness, arrogance, lacking trust, not wanting to impose, stoicism and a plethora of other ‘fixed’ attitudes may lead you to ‘go it alone’, after all, you reason, your path is indeed your path and no-one, no matter how intimate you are with them, can walk exactly in your footsteps or understand the multivariate complexity of the issues you are faced with! But despite the need to take responsibility for your decisions; to weigh up the consequences of your choices and the terrain you will subsequently traverse; to ensure that you don’t compromise your authenticity, there are times when you are too deeply immersed within the complexity of a situation to realise a set of external eyes can help you look at your path from a differing perspective.

Gratitude today, therefore, flows forth to those whose support that have offered insight and counsel to break the continuity of an inner soliloquy; to those whose support has come through a simple message, an understanding smile, a listening ear or an invitation to open up; to those whose experiences and unbiased judgement have held a space for personal insight to ignite; and to those who will never know how their mere presence has lit the path in ways they will never know.

Thank you.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Image credit – unknown

The Venus Diaries on the 11th February as soon to be evening star Venus bathes in Pisces
It’s been so heady of late – so many lists to make, so often remade as your mind has flitted from perspective to perspective, whilst all the time trying to keep reminding yourself of what that singular focus has been; so mental has it been, so overloaded with processing, that at times the simple truth has been forgotten; so determined to keep moving, so many people pulling from you, so many doors potentially opening, so many commitments to honour; so resolute and stoic your focus, so persistent has been that thought in your heart that you may have forgotten to feel your heart! Yes, feel your heart.
Your heart has patiently listened to those reasoned debates, those pros and cons, those shoulds/ coulds/ ought tos, but has been left with nothing but a plethora of reasonably options. But something is missing. And that something lies ahead in the guise of a vast, and I mean vast, expanse of water. Take it in, this unblemished view of our life giver, that place from which we emerged aeons ago, that place from which we birthed, that place that holds all memories of what has come and what will come.
Vast is the Ocean from which your heart will spend the next 25 days, so time is with you, as you prepare to emerge, mature, wizened, reflective, confident and heart-focused, so swim freely, swim confidently and let the water penetrate your being to your core, allowing it to cleanse and purify your heart so that the feelings arising from the alchemical fusion of emotion and thought, become a powerfully dynamic feeling from which you create your reality.
The time has come to hear with your heart, to let your emotions drive you, trusting that the time you have focused on fine tuning the guidance system in your mind has developed and matured a powerful, reality-generating, Word.
Swim in your heart’s desire. It is all you can do.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Image from Angela Economakis

The gOld Diary on the 10th February as the Sun – Saturn cycle reaches its waxing octile

Pushed forward into a deeper conscious awareness has been the fact that you alone are the architect of your own reality; that the Word in your Heart alters your perception of reality, attracting people and circumstances towards you to support the manifestation of that Word in your life. Your Word is yours alone and on the 21st December you were ‘called’ upon to align your thoughts and feelings upon that Word, so that you could emote from your Heart and create the vibratory conditions to aide a more conscious expression of your inner world in the outer world.

Yet, over the past couple of days, even though you have conviction in that Word, there have been challenges, internal and external, as doubt, fear, and your past surface to draw you away from that December commitment as those ancient enemies of your soul have surfaced. But know, my friend, that you have come a long way over the past forty five days if you look and truly ‘see’ how far you have travelled as you create a deeper and more meaningful world, using a specific skill that you have committed to during the Capricorn Ingress, which will better serves humanity by re-igniting the spark of lOve within you and, by extension, within each of us. Have faith. Stay the path. It is yours.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Venus Diaries on the 8th February as Venus prepares to re-birth as the Evening Star
Impatiently she waits, yet knows the futility of pushing before her time as she tries to remain in the Now, bringing her being into alignment with all that she has learnt and the knowledge that she has gained. Embodying, as opposed to knowing, is not easy, as the many distractions her mind conjures up, distract and confuse her. The path slightly blurred, the light not yet clear, this liminal place is a no-place with no definition, no defined lines and nothing solid. She sense that she is accompanied and surrounded but indistinctly and without substance. She is alone, yet not. She feels withheld but free.
Patience and faith are words she hears gently whispered inside her head. Easy to ‘get’, not easy to implement, after all she has spent such a long time reacting to what life ‘appears’ to have brought her. But she knows that this place is not one that is guided by youthful ideals. It is not as simple as visualising and acting. That has not yielded what she thought she wanted.
And so, this wan light surrounds her, blurring boundaries and making everything indistinct, the perfect opportunity to loosen her vision, widening it and opening her up to a deeper, more experiential knowingness that she has to not concern herself with details, yet implicitly trust that her deeper Heart has not lost sight of her Path. Step by step she moves, not knowing whether it is forward, up or down, nor whether she is progressing or advancing. With no signs or pointers, she gleams that what is being slowly transfigured is her faith and belief in herself and has nothing to rely upon but herself. She closes her eyes and opens the One up into heart. Letting go, she ‘sees’ the false ground fall away, feels the freedom from all that she has outgrown and senses the dawn light pending.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Photo by unknown

The Venus and Red Diaries on the 3rd February as Venus in waxing octile to Saturn and Mars in waning octile to Pluto

Even when you are aligned with what you lOve, there are times when frustration graces your heart, casting doubt or fear over your ability to act, permitting those devilish twins, self-worth and self-belief to stomp all over your immaculately prepared plans. The light lessening, the dark rising, your soul cools and doubt heats your mind, casting shadows on your heart and its soulful intentions of living a sustained and conscious life.

Rather than fight, you decide to surrender, after all there has to be a purpose within this raven dark. Guided by honesty and a pair of night vision goggles, you search for that troublesome imp, whose pulsating aura animates this inner turmoil. What is this feeling that holds you back? Is it fear or looking stupid? Is it a fear of not making it work? Is it fear of stepping out and openly expressing your inner truth?

Yes. But what drives it. Deeper you dive. And deeper again, until there, hidden within the deepest alcoves of your heart, naked beneath countless layers of protection, is that imp – Rejection. All your power and effort has been, of late, invested into conforming to external unrealistic expectations so that you measure up to someone else’s opinion of what you should do. You’ve known that not to be true or you, and yet the fear of isolation that arises from stepping out and away from all that is familiar and the subsequent fear of being a disappointment, to yourself and others, has been puppeteering all your recent suffering and turmoil.

Now understood, strings broken, a new confidence arises to urge you to higher ground, as you realise that despite the difficult decisions to step up and out that may result in leave taking from some that you love, if their love is lOve, they will stand firm, despite their opinions; but if love is only love, then that is not something you need to nourish the flame of your heart’s truth.

Trust that all will be provided for you when you walk along the path of authenticity. Trust. You can do this.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The gOld and Silver Diary on the 31st January as Luna’s perigee Fulls and eclipses in Fixed Fire
Reaping the intentions set during the Leonine eclipse of the 21st August 2017, the ‘Super Blue Blood Full Moon’ draws to the forefront of your consciousness the commitments you made to consciously connect and realign with your inner flame and authentic passions. Energetically impacting more keenly than a normal lunation, that August eclipse offered you the chance to show who it is that you truly are more clearly to the world, an issue that lay at the root of many of the decisions you have been called to make over the past half year. You have not been able to hide who you truly are and that fact has been puppeteer, guiding and informing your soul as you have felt the ‘push’ to express yourself clearly, openly and more confidently.
No longer able to hide, the raw emotion of your Inner Light, is now openly expressed, freely flowing in your pain and jOy, your lOve and frustration, your serenity and discomfort. The ‘work’ that you continue to do, privately, away from the glaring light, is now evident, as the health of your Inner Flame is illuminated within the dark of your ancestral, familiar and collective inheritance. Remember that everything you ARE carries within it a strong imprint of your Light, leaving a strong mark, enabling you to express yourself without hindrance, guilt or embarrassment. You are being offered, nudged and made aware of multiple opening doors, each permitting you to express yourself more spontaneously and creatively. What has previously felt like risk, won’t. What has felt that judgement, won’t. What felt impossible, won’t. When you are true to your inner being; when you walk YOUR path – you create the space for others to do the same.
Imagine what that would mean if we all just accepted each other and created a space for all those in your life to just be – to express their hearts openly and freely; to express their inner beauty; and to express their true essence?
My prayer of intention for you is to invoke and spread beauty through living truthfully, after all, when you realise truth fully, you see its beauty; when you see goodness in action, you see beauty, since beauty is found where material, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions are aligned.
Breathe in, HOWL out…
Andrew Smith © 2018
Image – unknown

The Orange Diary on the 30th January as Cardinal Earth Mercury octiles Mutable Water Neptune


On any path, no matter how consciously you live, no matter how clear your vision is, no matter how much ‘work’ you have done, your eyes will occasionally wander, distracted by a shadow in your peripheral vision or clouded by the emergence of a fog. It is in these times confusion can descend, eclipsing the path and shaking your confidence. ‘Have I got it right?’ ‘Have I misread the signs?’ ‘I thought it was going to be easy, especially since I’ve created from a pure place’… And yet, it is all part of the path.  It is during these times that you view with your heart and see with the One. After all, what is being transfigured here is your mind and those distracting thoughts whose sole purpose serves to keep you chained to the old ways. So whilst it this more conscious path is more fulfilling, it can and will be difficult and slow, in times, to become new, yet the more faithfully you can endure, the more refined your heart will become and the more defined the path seems when the Veil is lifted.

 Andrew Smith©2018

Art by Niebo –

The Venus Diaries on the 29th January as Venus conjoins the South Node in Fixed Air
The medicine is deep, reaching back through time, bringing forth echoes of familiarity that reverberate through your heart like ripples on the surface of a wind kissed lake. You’ve looked out from this place before, or so it feels. And yet, something is different. Maybe it is experience, as you can feel the countless hours of processing and reflecting flash before you as you gaze at the rhythmic pulse spreading out before you. Maybe it has been the maturing embrace of Age herself, that has offered you the gift of hindsight and perspective. Maybe it is just that you have realised the illusion that you make lOve from within and that you need no-one to co-create it with and for you. Maybe it is because you no longer feel the reactive charge of your ego trying to control everything around you. Maybe it is all or none of these things. But one thing is for certain. Despite the echoes; despite the familiarity; despite the ripples, something feels different about this time. It is as if your heart has started to listen to your Word, ignoring the insane pleas from your ego and has become more confident, more defined, more clear about what you lOve and how you need to live to align all areas of your life with that lOve. It is as if you can see through the distractions and pain and truly know what you need to speak the Word of lOve that has never dies, it merely lay beneath countless layers of ‘stuff’. Enjoy this moment, as we move through this Kali Yuga time, as your heart is the Light that will guide you through this intense time.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Artist unknown

The Gold Diary on the 14th January as the Cardinal Earth Sun squares Cardinal Fire Uranus

So you are leaving behind the familiar and the comfortable! Maybe it’s a job you’ve had for too long and you have now decided to conscious pursue your vocation; perhaps it is a relationship  that has suffocated you and you have finally decided to walk alone; it could even be the land that once called you that no longer feels sustaining. It is entirely possible that what is arising for you is more subtle, as you no longer feel it apt to continue with the same patterns and scripts that keep you bound to the ever turning Wheel and something in your soul has reached that point that you tire being Einstein’s definition of insanity.

The tempest that raged within your mind as the deafening pleas of uncertainty and the familiar have attempted to drown out what your soul KNOWS, you’ve managed to listen to what has been quietly forming deep within and kindle this growing awareness to step into the unknown, as you can feel spent within the ‘sameness’. Though your destination is not truly clear, you can trust the promise of this opening and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the grace of this fresh path, as you know that your soul knows the way home.

This is not the time for distraction. This is the time to awaken to your spirit of adventure.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Photo by Lisa Holloway

The Venus Diaries on the 13th January as to be evening star Cardinal Earth Venus squares Arian Uranus

The balance between autonomy and intimacy is a tricky one to find, yet now necessary as you can feel an overwhelming anxiety build within as you are compelled to explore this acquainted tension. Awareness of this dichotomy has seized your heart, shaking you at your core to wake up and to ‘see’ the reality of your patterns and scripts, you know that the karios is ripe to fundamentally change, despite the every alluring seductive beckoning of the familiar. Knowing that you can no longer sustain those accustomed routines, you can no longer dance within oblivion, ignoring what your heart requires. Seeking to incisively change the direction that you have expressed your heart-centred reality, be it within your relationships, your creativity or your experience of earning, is what you feel necessary during this time of truthful heart-centred awakening.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Orange Diaries on the 12th January as Mercury applies into Saturn, as the Sun remains within the ‘beams’ of Venus

Paradox abounds within this heart-time as you feel the eagerness of spring in the air yet can still feel the warmth of winter’s fires beckon you to stay a while longer. Feeling time’s insatiable march pressurises you to ‘get on with it’ and make it happen now, uncertainty grips as you cast your eye over the burgeoning and unfamiliar landscape stretching out before you. Maybe now is not the time; maybe now is the time to continue to sit and reflect; maybe now is the time to return to the comfort of familiarity; maybe now is the time to linger a little longer at the fire… Quietly, some ancient voice whispers calming words of comfort – it will all be okay if you take the time to listen to the secrets revealed in the silence between envisioning and remembering… Eyes wide open, the landscape ahead no longer feels as uncertain…

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Gold Diary on the 10th January as the Sun separates from Pluto
Hey Lazarus!
How does it feel to be given a second chance? What would you do differently this time around that you didn’t do during your first life? Would you take more risks? Would you love more openly and freely? Would you be more present? Would you explore more frequently and adventure further? Would you go for your dreams and ignore the Darkened Voice in your head? Would you ignore the security of finances and live your life passionately and more carefree? Or would you do it all the same way? Just remember that deadened feeling that slowly grew as you doubled over under the mounting mundane but practical responsibilities; that rising coldness as death’s icy grip slowly crept through your veins; that numbed, depressing sensation that resulted in your seeing life through a thick, sound proofed window. Just remember the frustration of being invisible and not radiating who it is that you are and remember the compromises and concessions that you ceded, just because …
Is that what you want to recreate? Is that why you are been given a second chance? Is that why your Spirit soars through your veins, returning heat, vitality and innocence to your heart and body? Is that why you feel the preciousness of every moment you breathe and live? Is that why being with who, and doing what, you love is the most important focus of your entire life?
Well Lazarus, this is your chance. This is your second chance. This is your opportunity to rise up, away from the complex layers that have hidden your Essence beneath a thick veil. This is your time. You are the phoenix and the butterfly. Live and love. Love and live.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Image by Christian Vizl

The Venus Diaries on the 9th January as Cardinal Earth Venus beams her light through the Sun

Paradox abounds within this strange alchemical place. To the outside world it would appear that she has not changed. She still looks the same, if not a little older, preferring to savour the fellowship of her friends as she sits sipping wine late into the evening as opposed to dance until dawn every night. Yet, within her, she feels weary, as if she has lived several lifetimes within the past several weeks. Having descended into the darkness of her inner world, insight has arisen at such speed that her understanding of her world has altered several million times within each day! Experience has enabled her to hide the brooding undercurrent that is transforming the air that she breathes. Yet she has felt frustrated at the lack of visible change in the world surrounding her.

But something has shifted. She knows it. She can sense it. Closing her eyes she finds a massive orb of light rise majestically and powerfully in the East. In a flash that orb now reigns high above her before weakening and descending in the West. And it dawns on her – she cannot live as she has done. What was good for her in the morning of her life will no longer work in the evening. Opening her eyes, she finds that she is standing between two worlds, bathed in the vibrancy of the midday light. To her left is her path of youthful experimentation, to her right, maturity and wisdom. Breathing in, she feels the meeting of these two worlds transform like the contact of two chemicals. Teeming with a burgeoning feeling of hope a renewed vitality courses through her veins. Her research has been done; it is time for a new stage of her life to begin.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Venus Diaries on the 8th January– Cardinal Earth Venus prepares to Transmute, beaming her Light through the Sun
Her choices, clouded by scattered thoughts; confused by too many possibilities; and overwhelmed and splintered by a demanding world, she lies alone in her bed, staring into the darkness, waiting for sleep to take her, having finally surrendering to the weariness that has been patiently building, forcing her to retire to her horizontal escape. Thoughts coursing through her fractured mind, peaceful sleep is yet again denied. Resigned, she stares out her window into the inky blue sky, her eyes darting amongst heaven’s candles.
Within that hazy space between the silent room and loud thoughts, the shards of twinkling light reminded her of the various beliefs she held about herself, the differing people she had been as she journeyed towards herself. As she struggled to collate the dispersed light into something that resembled a solid form, a quiet voice gently whispered to her, beckoning her to open up to all the possibilities that lay before her.
“Rest easy, my child and do not fret. You are neither broken nor scattered. You are a wild flower, cast adrift, forging your way in this world. Not many know of your struggle to establish yourself, but all will know of your colour and light. Those paths you have walked, the experiences you have had, the joys that you pine for, the regrets that you hide from have been merely educating you all along. You know so much more than you think. There is so much more to come. You now have a lot of experience. Now you need to transmute that experience into wisdom. Surrender into the weariness you feel as it is preventing you from hearing your inner voice. Listen to your heart and you will find your word. Your note lies waiting for you. You are not finished. You are merely ready- ready to blossom; ready to flower; ready to show your true potential and your true colour”
As sleep finally clasped her hands, she watched those wandering lights come together like a mosaic above her, order finally emerging from the seeming chaos. Breathing easy she slept peacefully.
Andrew Smith © 2018
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The Venus Diaries on the 7th January 2018 as Cardinal Earth Venus prepares to replenish the Sun

May your heart awaken confidently to the full power of the feminine that exists within you;

May you integrate the beauty of stillness, calmness, instinct, imagination and intuition that lies deep within;

May you trust yourself fully and completely, responding only as necessary and seldom in reaction;

May you feel the difference between judgement and discernment;

May you acknowledge your embodied emotions and realise the strength and depth that they bring you;

May you trust that what you have processed and healed, has been processed and healed and does not need to be carried in the way that you have previously carried;

May you live what you lOve and love what you live;

Beyond all else, may you realise that lOve is not out there, but exists within, since you are the lOve you are seeking.

This is my prayer for you as your heart consciousness transitions over the coming week.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Red diary on the 6th January as Mars and Jupiter align in Fixed Water

This is all about the movement of your will and the increased fertility of your actions. While it has its obvious physical and material manifestations, remember that will is ultimately the directive and regulatory function in your life; it balances and constructively utilises all your energies. On a deeper level, it is related to the life principle, bringing life to your being. It is synonymous with the clarifying, purifying energy, needed to destroy old forms before new forms can be built and is anchored in two places in your body. The lower will is anchored in what’s called your root chakra, at the base of your spine, where it expresses as your will to live or survive. The higher will is anchored in your crown chakra, at the top of your head, where it expresses as the spiritual will.
The aspects of will are dynamic energy, persistence, determination, and one-pointedness. To be effective, your will has to be skillful, not just powerful and when correctly channelled, it is expressed with love and understanding and is dedicated to the purposes of Light, vaporising all that hinders the free flow of your Spirit. Developing a relationship to your spiritual will, a synthesis of the will of your humanity and your personal or self-will, you can be endowed with a new power; a power to set clear intention, determination and purpose to realise your Divine plan and to experience a greater sense of effective focus and service to you and those in your life. This is, effectively, a time wherein you can awaken to the will of your soul and to recognise your place in the wider scheme of life, expanding your awareness to identify with a larger purpose that extends beyond your loins, your pockets and the podium.

As you prepare to receive the intent of this celestial union I would like to invite you to invoke the spirit of these Crusading Pair by affirming

“I am and always will be the optimist, inspired by the tiny flicker of hope that dwells within each person and driven by the faith that with clear intent and a truly open heart, dreams, no matter how improbable, will manifest.”

Breathe in and feel hope flow through your veins.

Now is the moment

Andrew Smith © 2018

 Art by ivan Grozdanovski; words on the art by Sharon Jayne

The Venus Diary on the 2nd January as Cardinal Earth Venus prepares to infuse her radiance to the Sun

Its all about lOve.

Nothing else.

For your heart-consciousness, 2017 was about love and learning how to navigate the various egoic pulls as desire, longing and expectation battled disappointment, disillusionment and heart ache. Yet, somewhere deep you always knew that you had to experience the depth to open yourself to the sky and the infinity that lOve ultimately brings. But it was not time to experience lOve. It was time to reacquaint yourself with love, Eros and Psyche.

And now at Thanatos’ door, I can see the light of dawn before me and feel the presence of lOve. I hope you will join me in placing on the altar of Light, those thoughts where I shelter and hide from the vastness of the dawn that is rising, and the hope that I am open to receiving lOve in a conscious manner. I hope you will open yourself to the nascent geography that invites you into uncharted territory as love yields to lOve and to have to the courage to savour every moment as your last, appreciating all that you have, all with whom you have connected and all that you have experienced. As you feel the clay hunger for the flame, eagerly wanting to concretise itself into a solid form, you have in your hands the outline of your dream. You do not have to postpone it any longer. 2018 is all about creating your heart-centred reality from a place of lOve, not love. And you have the strength, having lived through 2017 to create it, no matter what obstacles lie in your wake. Be here. Be now. Waste not on fear and regret. Create and lOve.

This is my prayer for you…

Andrew © 2018

Art by Jen Norton

The Venus Diaries on the 28th December as Yang phase Cardinal Earth Venus remains Out of Bounds within the Beams of the Sun

Moving through this pre-dawn heart phase, it feels as if you are yet again making space available within your heart, as older scripts and patterns, concerning how you live and lOve arise. Your heart-senses are ever so sharp as you observe on the silver screen before you, how a single disturbed thought created thousands of distractions. But something feels a little different this time. It is as if you can truly ‘feel’ how far you have genuinely come, how much you have learnt and how you have stayed stedfast to that which you value, despite those heart- distractions, the heart-disappointments and the ego-fuelled heart-ache.

Sensing you are moving through a time of integration and completion and that another heart-choice will be on offer, this precious time offers you much in terms of healing and insight to the extent that you have permitted your ego to dictate and guide your heart-choices of the past year. For now, it is time to observe what has unfolded within your heart-choices throughout 2017 and to seek a deeper understanding as to why any heart-drama has been necessary – what you have truly gained, what you have learnt and whether you have truly learnt… A maturing heart awaits, but that quality of that heart is based on what you have experienced, learnt and integrated, so keep in mind that your heart will guide your way in the world through calendar year, 2018, and the quality of the emotional-thought that resides in your heart will inform the path, your perception and your experiences. What that emotional-thought will be, is yours to choose and to set as a foundation stone on the 9th January.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Venus Diaries on the 27th December as Immersed Cardinal Earth Venus separates from Saturn
Nothing hidden, your heart laid bare, your values read like an open book, your processing illuminated like a clear sun rising, the end draws near. There is nothing better than the brush with mortality to sharpen your senses and to bring you to a deeper realisation of what you have to offer, how you offer it, the underlying scripts that complex your heart-life and the rawness of how you feel. Though eclipsed by those who celebrate the re-birth of the Light in the North, and those who rejoice at the sight of the Fall of the Light in the South, your heart-lOve is on a massive inward journey this week and over the weeks to come. Omens of letting go old and out worn heart-scripts abound; memories of lOve past arise; clarification conversations to better define what YOU lOve envelop you, as your heart-centre prepares to enter a more mature stage of Her journey on the 9th January, when she beams through your Outer Light, enabling you to express more openly and sagely those values that you hold dear. For now, however, your heart has to prepare, journeying inwards, ever contemplating the foundation of your heart-creation, ever reflecting on the power of your creative energy, and ever focusing on the lOve that exists within the creative imagination that directs your ability to create freely from your heart.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image – Prayer Stones at Manasarovar
The Venus Diaries on the 24th December as Immersed Venus prepares to leave Mutable Fire and conjoin Saturn in Cardinal Earth
The magic is in the simple things, like kindness. But do not mistake simple for simplicity! Kindness can be a mark of deep wisdom, a sign that a lot of personal-work has been done and that a level of understanding, compassion and wisdom has been reached. Kindness does not need to be right every time. Kindness does not need acknowledgement or recognition. It is a loving whisper, a gentle look, a heartfelt hello, a considerate note, a timely text, a gracious thanks, an absence of judgement or an act of empathy. Over the coming threshold days, as you prepare to let go some things and people, remember that it is the simple things that matter and that the lOve you create makes your world. My prayer for you is that you let kindness lead the way.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image courtesy of Madison City Schools
The Purple Diary on the 23rd December as Jupiter octiles Saturn
How much we take for granted as we forge ahead, trying to become, desiring to achieve, hoping to find fulfilment, longing to live more consciously, hungering for something more meaningful, when we are surrounded, in this moment, with all that we need. Our time here is not long so don’t seek to collect stones when you are surrounded by diamonds. Everyone and everything that is in your life has meaning, all that you have and all that you are is meaningful, the short time that you have and how you use it is precious, the gift of friendship and lOve that you offer is more powerful that any physical gift that you can purchase. Many of our concerns and worries are ultimately irrelevant and distract us from what is important – to be present, to lOve regardless of whether you feel it is returned and to be true to who you are. If you celebrate the re-birth of the Light on the 25th, what more beautiful gift can you offer than your full, undivided attention; a kind and compassionate comment, offered freely and lovingly; a thoughtful note of appreciation; or to offer support and help to someone in your life that is in pain? Waste not this gift of time you have been granted. Beauty surrounds you, if you take the time to see it.
As you move through this profound and poignant time, architecting your reality, my wish for you is deftly summarised by the late Irish poet, John O’Donohue – “May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder”
Andrew Smith ©2017

The Earth Diary on the 19th December as Saturn prepares to leave Mutable Fire for Cardinal Earth

Why not?

Within you resides a set of specific archetypal pathways, whose way of actualising is guided by your awareness, that in turn influences your choices, which ultimately directs your perception, and in the end what you manifest. Yes, there may be many perceived obstacles that ‘prevents’ you from raising your bar and being who you have chosen to be, but have you truly asked yourself the question – why not? Over the past two and a half years, your awareness has been, on a consistent basis, drawn towards those deficits in your perception that have obscured your sight, drawn you into un-necessary egoic battles and dramas, convinced you that you don’t have the aptitude/ resources/ time/ support and have ultimately distracted you from focusing on what truly matters – living in jOy and lOve. Your time here is not long. So what have you got to lose? Can you not sense the Kairos is ripe for architecting your reality? Can you not feel the mood change? Can you not ‘see’ evidence that your/ our reality is in your hands and heart? Can you not perceive with the eye that ‘sees’ your life fully actualised, full of gratitude for all that you have and for the lOve that doing what you lOve and being with those you lOve?

As you move through this time of deep reflection, exploring those beliefs that puppeteer your perception, can I ask you why not? What have you got to lose by being truly you and using that which exists within you in a more conscious manner? So let go that which binds you from truly believing in yourself. Let go your burdens and the boulders that you carry.

The architect awaits for the instructions that come from your heart.

Let go and fly high.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Venus Diaries on the 9th December as Venus is drawn into the beams of the Sun, nearing the end of her Yang-Light phase

It has been a remarkable time for your heart-consciousness since its renewal and rebirth on the 25th March past. It has felt, at times, as if you have been re-learning how to lOve; how to be in a relationship – both to yourself and to those closest to you; how to assert your heart-values; how to differentiate between love and lOve; how to make active time for yourself without being selfish; and how to build confidence in yourself so that you can fill your life more actively with that which jOy-fills your heart. And there has been pain within heart-ego battles, as the teenager in you has stood ground, firmly and unreasonably, demanding recognition, whilst the wisdom-heart has tried to gently whisper calming words within the maelstrom. But this youthful heart has not truly listened, and rightly so, since this has been a time to break ground with the new values you have birthed. This has meant that you’ve crashed through old relationship scripts and have been devastated and profoundly moved at the same time; you have challenged the way that those who have been in your life have valued you, as you no longer accept being treated in that way; you have confronted inequality, injustice and inequity; you have changed the way that you look; you have actively sought to establish a different way to make a living, but have not reaped the tangible benefits of it as yet; you have sought to establish a new way of expressing your art, your heart and your creativity, and it has felt uncertain and naïve. And it has felt raw. It is just like being a teenager again, but a teenager with access wisdom that you could tap into. Have you? Unlikely!! Why? It has been necessary to break ground and you cannot do that in a passive way, when your heart is moving through an action orientated time.

But that is about to change in a month’s time.

So now is a time to reflect on what you have truly learnt; how you have truly been within this new heart-consciousness; how you have loved; how you have stopped those old scripts; how you have explored; how you have developed; how you have strengthened; and how you have grown. Your heart will re-new its vows on the 9th January and a new, deeper, more-socially conscious paradigm will emerge, less conflict orientated, less pro-active, but firmer, more confident and wiser. For now, you can let burn in the flames of your soul those scripts that didn’t truly serve you; those relationships that have ached you; those artful experiments that need not be carried forward, as your heart moves inwards and prepares for another renewal and rebirth.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Rassouli

The Orange Diary on the 26th November as Mercury approaches Saturn in Mutable Fire

As your mind prepares to let go those deeply grooved thought-forms that craftily guide and inform how you view your world, often veering you away from what you know is your truth, another question burns through your consciousness, a timeless question that may feel elusive to find words to and has preoccupied the minds of many over the centuries. It is ironic that the answer to your question is often lost within the realms of justifications, mundane chores and practical or ‘reasonable’ excuses. Yet once you truly allow the answer become conscious and let it consume every ounce of your being, it guides and informs YOUR consciousness to live YOUR truth and not someone else’s.

That question?

What do you believe?

Not what you have learnt to believe or told is right; nor in some higher deity or ideal or supposed ‘truth’. Those facades serve to imprison you within someone else’s opinion.

Look inwards.

Be honest with yourself.

What lies in your heart that cannot hide, that appeases your soul during time of forlorn sadness; that awakens your eternal beauty and light of your soul? What never fails to raise your spirit, spreading the warmth of joy through you, lighting the homing beacon that beams your flame through your eyes?

For me – it is lOve.

What is it for you?

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Orange Diary on the 25th November as Mercury approaches Saturn in Mutable Fire

The next six weeks holds within it the potential to free your mind from the mental chains that bind you to a repetitious and endless script, as you are being prompted to explore, until the 13th December, the ancestral weave that has colonised your mind and puppeteered your perception. A time of reflection lies ahead, of serious contemplation as you ask yourself, do you share what you truly believe, or are you merely a facsimile of someone else’s world view?

So to start that ball rolling, I’d like to ask you – Who are you? The You behind the façade of your personality; behind your words; behind your beliefs; behind the role you have assumed? Who are you in the darkened hours, when you rudely awaken from your slumber without the comforting rays of the morning twilight to rescue you from the labyrinth of your night?

Until tomorrow’s question…

Andrew Smith  © 2017

Photo by Danny Richardson

The gOld Diary on the 22nd November as the Sun launches into tropical Sagittarius

Once your soul awakens, the quest truly begins and you can never go back. Inflamed with a hunger that makes it impossible to linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfilment, this conscious connection to the Eternal energises you. Loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfilment, passion fuels you and your Light brightens. Light knows no boundaries and each step you walk, your Light is exchanged with all with whom you connect. So over the coming Solar month, your quest is to openly share your Light with others and to willingly receive their Light. Will you take up this quest?

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Red Diary on the day after the Fixed Water New Moon on the 19th November as Mars squares Pluto

The day after the dawn and you can feel a subtle, yet compelling, internal pressure burning through you, agitating your soul to act, unreasonably revving things up and enveloping you in an almost breathless embrace. You can feel something shift within you, you can sense that you are on the threshold of something utterly immense, and you can feel an overpowering sense that something has to give, that something is about to happen, that something huge is on the horizon.

Frightening? Yep! Exciting? Unquestionably!! What lies ahead is not only phenomenal, it also feels overpowering. And the heat… what heat! Blinding, pulsing, effervescent, consuming, draining, exhausting and liberating all at once.  The rage and frustration of the unspoken life yet to be actualised, psychically held back by you because have feared rejection and being abandoned by those who feel you are too strong and too capable; the primal alpha masculine reaction, struggling to overcome its wanton fighting spirit, so that you can channel it towards the actualisation of your soul’s intent; the insatiable desire and hunger that has arisen from the depths of within; the raw maniacal look that gives you an almost insane look and terrifying eyes; and the indomitable determination… how can you cope with such intensity raging within you, like a tornado ripping its way through a smouldering volcanic landscape. Now that you have immersed yourself within YOUR lake, you can feel the raw power surge through your veins like the waters damned up for too long that have breached and are pouring through the cracks, soon to become gaping crevices.

How to harness it? How to fight it? How to embrace it? How to deal with it? Can you deal with it? That is what you will discover over the coming days…

Good luck and gOd help those around you!!!!!!!

Andrew Smith © 2017

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The Turquoise Diary on the 17th November as Uranus is quincunxed by Sol ahead of the New Moon in Fixed Water
Without remaining true to your authentic spirit, enlightenment is not possible, since authenticity is the state of being committed to truth, YOUR truth. Truth is simple and no matter how simply a truth can be stated, it is something revealed when you walk the path of understanding and evolution on your own. This path is the one least travelled since it requires a clarity of being in which there is no self-deceit, a difficult task to undertake given the prevalence of distractions, whose sole purpose is to keep you at bay, rendering your light insignificant and dulling you down. As you live in alignment with your truth, when you step back from your teachers, and when you shed from your mind, body and soul the seductive sedatives, you start to live freely and therefore your light can openly and unlimitedly express itself through you.
As this sacred dimension of your life further awakens, so too the necessity to listen to what your gut is saying arises more powerfully so that you ‘feed’ yourself only with that which nourishes and sustains, reconnecting with the effervescent nocturnal world and honouring your sacred connection to life, realising its wholeness and recognising the interconnections that form the web of life. Everything, every act, even every thought, affects the whole and during this time you can feel life to speak through you as it communicates the secrets of creation so that you can participate in the wonder that is being born. It is time to return home, to claim what belongs to you, this sacred life of which you are a part. This is what is waiting for you and its signs are ever present, pervading your consciousness at all levels. Agitating your soul through discontent, magic can begin to appear, like the wing beats of angels you cannot see but can feel as you are being reminded of who you truly are and of the divine presence that is lies within.
Andrew Smith ©2017 (The last paragraph is extracted from The Bridge – The New Moon in Fixed Water on the 18th November)

The Venus Diaries on the 16th November as Fixed Water Venus octiles Mutable Fire Saturn

How have you been navigating the turbulent waters of the visceral pain body these stormy days? Have you succumbed to seductive whispers of the jailer, enticing you back into your cell where you can sup in safety from a diet of fear and vitriolic indignation? Has apathy won without a fight as you shrug your shoulders and turn your back? Have you fallen foul of those enemies of your soul that rejoice in your shutting up and accepting your fate, since you are only one person and cannot possibly change? Or have you embraced these tests to your values, stood firm against the agents of the anaesthetic, rejected the sweet temptation of the blue pill and dared to believe that your compassion, your unconditional love, your heart based reality and your living your truth can make a difference? You have within you the power to change your world. All you need do is to make the areas of your life where compassion and love struggle to grow, your true work.

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The Angelic Diary on the 12th November 2017 as Venus and Jupiter unite in Fixed Water

Over the next day, our consciousness experiences the embrace of archangels Ani-el (the joy of gOd) and Tzadki-el (the prayer of gOd).

Aniel’s presence enables you to develop and maintain a harmonious relationship with God and those souls that you come into contact with; to heal emotionally from stress and sorrow; to discover creative inspiration for artistic projects as well as to increase their productivity; and to help you find hope. Tzadkiel’s presence radiates comfort to you when you are afraid, wounded or grieving; kindles a desire for spiritual development in your heart; affords you forgiveness, gentleness and benevolence.

If you are seeking to heal your heart-body; to reconnect to what joy means; to seek comfort if you are feeling insecure; to open your heart in complete trust of life, of love and of spirit, tonight is the night to hold a space for grace to fill you; joy to flow through your heart and for pure radiant abundance and love to emanate from your spirit. May this moment be the ground from which all your further actions and intentions find manifestation.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Venus Diaries on the 7th November as Venus ingresses into Fixed Water and conjoins the Ceres/Pluto midpoint

Her slumber over, Her awakening inevitable, silver-white becomes red as the matrix in which She is held morphs, as she firmly, but quietly whispers – “I carry within me the force of men and women”. Heat spirals up and down, opening, cleansing, purifying, compelling, fuelling her soul to action, uniting the coolness of reason with the flame of being, giving her emotions a solid ground from which she can penetrate and experience the mysteries of her Inner world, her dark, her home, her womb…

Willing to dissolve, eager to embrace nothingness, the earth shakes and the fire rises towards the light, so that the light can finally see inside – earth unites with heaven and all that is contained between is given form and life, as the snake becomes the dragon and the dragon becomes the phoenix.

Profound medicine is afoot for those who venture in to reach without; profound healing is moving through you as the pillar within ignites and connects the above with the below and the within with the without.

Take yourself into, or envision in your minds eye, an area of nature that holds special healing energy for you, holding the intention of igniting the inner serpent, or pillar. Envision its energy move in a spiral manner along this pillar from your root star to your seventh heaven, spiralling up and down, connecting and uniting, deepening and heightening. Breathe through the heat and light; breathe through heaven; breathe through earth; feeling the strength of the land flow through you; feeling the wisdom of the stars reach your crown. Taking note of what vision you are given, give thanks and gratitude for the power of Her through you, as you release the metal in your bones and feel the earth shake beneath you.

Welcome the serpent, the dragon and the phoenix back to your heart.

Andrew Smith © 2017

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The Earth and Turquoise Diaries on the 6th November as Saturn trines Uranus

Vision without either substance or commitment will remain lingering within your mind’s eye, taunting and jeering you, always just out of reach, ever hopeful and never real. It is the recipe for disappointment and disillusionment, bitterness and resentment as you live in the future, as opposed to the present and dream of what could be as opposed to what will be.

Fortunately reliable and honest builders have been found, their tools ready and a good project manager is at hand to oversee the emerging structure to house your innovations. As you prepare to ground and earth the musings of your inner eye, your new ideals are tempered by sensibility and common sense, offering them a matrix within which they can manifest as progress meets healthy caution and reform is toned-down by moderation. Incredibly productive, your creative genius is being offered the opportunity to find a solid place in your life through patient perseverance and accommodating structures that can give form and solidity to what would normally be flights of fancy. Over the coming weeks, opportunities will present themselves to progress along a Path wherein your authentic being can feel liberated, refreshed and re-invigorated. Yes, a risk will be required; yes, it will feel at the time like a leap of faith; and yes, it will feel mad to leave behind you that which is familiar… but, and this is a constructive ‘but’, your vision is neither sentimental or naïve but bright because it is creative, subversive, autonomous and a true representation of your authentic being. Your vision is central to your being and your creativity and something to be honoured and worked through you, as opposed to left wilting for the ‘perfect’ conditions to come together. They are here and now.

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Photography by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

The Deep Brown Diary on the 5th November as Saturn squares Chiron

Quietly, in deep contemplation, you have been observing those perimeters that contain and house you, many of which you are starting to truly realise serve the purpose of merely keeping your unbridled creativity in. Complex feelings have arisen at this boundary – excitement within this uncertainty; fear but a compelling ‘push’ to break out; sadness as the thought of leaving the familiar; jOy at the thought of re-defining your life on your terms; frustration, that it has taken this long to realise that many of those strictures are not truly yours; hope, as you cease to play the game and unleash the power that is you.

No longer willing to accept being contained, a power is awakening within you; no longer eager to be puppeteered by your ancestral history; no longer eager to be drained of your creativity by living within someone else’s time line; no longer believing that you are damaged goods, unable to be whole and self-sustainable; no longer willing to play the game, a new creativity awakens in you, as the mystery of your inner landscape is revealed by the cracks in the walls widen. It is your time to walk through. It is your time to cross this threshold.

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The gOld and Silver Diary as the Moon Fulls in Tropical Fixed Earth
It’s been a frenetic past few weeks – heart deep in reflection; mind stalled amidst a swirling tornado of busyness; emotions vacillating; spirit at times both weary and alive with insight; energy levels feel as if all you can do is push through; sleep, well who needs a full night of it anymore?; eating, again, why oh why can’t you eat anything anymore!; and the speed to which time has moved… And that is before you contemplating the scale of processing that has gone on! Old heart-scripts standing resolute in the face of a new heart-dawn; persistent thought-forms that cast the shadow of doubt over those fledgling promises you have made to engage in relationships that feel comfortable but not familiar; copious distractions in the form of tedious legislative and administrative speedbumps, minor as they are, lengthy to sort out; and the on-going battle to keep you in a constant state of fear and anxiety as the double-speak volume has been turned up on the various media outlets.
And it is all testing the commitment you made six and a half months ago when you – promised yourself that you would listen to your body; not to permit anyone or anything that is toxic to ‘penetrate’ you energetically/ physically/ emotionally and spiritually; to honour the spirit that reside within you, as well as the spirit that exists within all things, living and ‘inanimate’; to make time to hone and care for your talents and skills so that you can make a sustainable living from what you lOve as opposed to do what needs to be done for someone else; and to slow down your life, listening to what your body is truly saying and honouring your gut’s intelligence (and not your mind or pocket) when it comes to decision making.
So under the full illumination of this Fixed Earth lunation that 26th April commitment cannot be ignored. Have you listened? Have you slowed? Have you honoured the spirit that reside within your temple? Have you respected the spirit within another, even if you have felt aggrieved? Have you given permission to truly release the tension that has built within you, as it builds so that you allow those feelings and thoughts pass through you as opposed to permitting them to build their community within you? If not, breathe in with me, focusing on the tension wherever it is in your body and exhale loudly – HOOOOOWLLLLLLL…
Enjoy the moment… it has already gone…
Andrew Smith © 2017
The Hypnogogic Diary on the 3rd November as Chiron quincunxes Venus and squares Saturn
The horizon blurred, boundaries constantly shifting, nothing feels solid as the sky becomes the land and the land dissolves beneath your feet with every step you take. Your body no longer copes with ingesting what it has become accustomed to; your mind no longer accepts Pavlov’s leash; your emotions freely flowing, yet ebbing back and forth like a sea in a storm; your spirit, flattened in exasperation at how deep fear has turned to concrete the souls of those you lOve. It feels as if everything is breaking apart as the earth heaves its heavy heart in sadness at how the turn the dream has taken. It feels as if there is no refuge to flee from this insanity.
Yet, within this semi-dream like state, the rules no longer apply and boundaries do not exist. It feels like chaos. It feels, at time, overwhelming. It feels destabilising. But this is good!
Yes, it is good! Have you thought that perhaps the horizon is blurred and the boundaries are shifting so that those scripts and patterns whose chains have kept you at bay are loosened within this malleable state? Have you thought that the perhaps the reason why your relationships are no longer working is because you can finally ‘see’ the puppets guiding strings and you no longer feel like colluding with the game? Have you thought that within this translucent space, perhaps the reason those enemies of your soul roam more freely than before is so you can ‘see’ through their terrifyingly ugly façade to the isolated and terrified figure whose hands feverishly work the levers behind the safety of the green curtain?
Your relationships are not broken; your career has not stalled; your family has not fallen apart; you are merely no longer willing to confirm to the insanity of avoiding the naked Emperor; you are no longer eager to give of your unlimited creativity and energy to feed someone or something that takes and takes in a one way relationship; you are no longer bound by those external fears and control mechanisms, whose purpose merely serves to enslave you and keep you small; and you are no longer hungry to remain emotionally invested to those who are not prepared to do the necessary, and honest, soul work or to connect to those who cling to the illusion of how things ‘should’ be.
The rules have changed; the world is not solid; the chains are breaking; the Eye has opened…
Will you roll with it or try to cling on to that which is familiar?
Andrew Smith © 2017
Art by Americanpsycho 2010
The Hypnogogic Diary on the 2nd November as Chiron trines Mercury, squares Saturn and octiles the Sun
Doesn’t it feel altogether surreal out there in ‘everyday’ land? Eerily surrounded by ground hogs rearing their heads to peer out at you, the frustrating feeling of walking the same ground, time and time again surrounds your heart, as you wonder what you can truly do to break out of this dream-like landscape.
You are doing your work; you are facing down your inner enemies; you are healing from the arrogance and disconnect of the masculine ego; you are diving deeper into the rabbit hole to better understand the ancestral roots of the issues that puppeteer you path IN the world; you are exploring the deeper patterns and scripts that lie beneath the way in which you perceive your world; and you are seeking to understand why pain feels like a necessary part of being human, and yet it all feels so cyclical, as you realise that you have done this all before, time and time again…
But is it truly the same? Are you not getting faster within your process? Are you not spotting the dysfunctionality of the masculine light quicker; are you not finding new angles to deal with those who speak a ‘good game’; are you not noticing that on each loop, you are seeing a different path out? Healing takes time, as it reveals layer upon layer of process, and its spiral nature means that you get to experience an echo of the original wound, which gradually fades as you consciously face its multifaceted being within the physical, mental, emotional and eventually spiritual level.
What feels intense about this time is that you are walking between worlds at the moment! All memories from all wounded experiences with men/ the patriarchy/ the obsession with becoming/ and your masculine light across all space and all time, have surfaced and you cannot avoid dealing with the isolation, the frustration, the disappointment that arises from expectation and entitlement and the sadness that the masculine is so damaged… All you can do is acknowledge this part of Self and decide whether you choose to feed the wound, or heal it. Sometime healing it means not feeding into those who flourish in ignorance; sometimes healing means speaking up; sometime healing means not colluding with those who attempt to ‘bring you down’; sometimes healing means walking away, even from those you lOve. But healing is all you can do and in time, yes, in time, your outer world will reflect the health of your inner world. For now, however, you need to decide, were you born to resist or be abused? Were you born to spread light and remain authentic or to merge into the grey monochrome conditions of the flatlands?
It is your light, your life, your chains, your choice. There is profound healing taking place. Profound. And you can banish the ground hogs. Now. Today.
Will you?
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – unknown

The gOld and Black diary on the 1st November as the Sun octiled Saturn

Ah the defences of the masculine ego… So much to deal with, yet it is so hard to admit that you feel vulnerable. So you let busyness, pushing and achieving in the world distract you to the point that so much is missed and the gap builds between what is truly needed and what you think you should do.

You know that what is needed is to take some time yet that push to do, shelving that well intended meaning to go inwards. Even tiredness has visited you, a fatigue with no concrete origin, in an attempt to slow you down and force you inwards, inwards so that you can face that more intimate side of your soul; so that you can release those fears that keep you from experiencing true intimacy; so that you can truly embrace your femininity and in turn, those who live through their femininity.

So do you want to keep pushing those who want to embrace you away? Do you want to live in union but never truly experience the meaning of union? Do you want to live in a flat, monochrome world, happy with what you have achieved and striven for, yet unfulfilled and emotionally bereft? Hell no, I hear you say. So what is stopping you turning inwards and truly tuning into your emotional intelligence, listening to her voice and overcoming your pride and egoic defences that serve only to isolate you? You’ve felt the pull in recent days. So down you go, if even only for half an hour…

Andrew Smith © 2017

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The Gold Diary on the 23rd October as the Sun dives into The Lake
Heightened emotions; deep processing of ancient emotional patterns and scripts involuntarily invoked; sharpened senses and a body no longer to take any form of toxicity, at any level, your world has been awash with a vast range of emotions that has prompted you to speak up and speak out. But understanding the roots of ‘why’ may not have come as yet, making the entire process intensely emotional, as the rawness of your body and soul’s experiences have needed to be unleashed, so that you can feel how truly in touch you are with your inner world and how comfortable are you with the open and unadulterated expression of your feeling nature; how healthy and healed are the patterns shaped by your family; and how willing are you to give into the power and depth of your emotional-body?
Today, as the Masculine Light dons his swimming trunks, stands over The Lake and eagerly eyes the Depth beneath him, you are being invited to consciously dive head long into your own emotional depths and heal, release and let go any emotional attachments that are no longer serving a constructive part of your life’s journey, so that you can release your Light from your suffering (created by the illusion of separation) and, in time, become truly whole. The power of your emotions that can now emerge without censorship and without judgement is one of the features of this next four weeks as the extent of your true feeling nature revealed, thereby facilitating a deep healing within the very open expression of your inner world within the world around you.
As you have to enter The Lake, the question remains – will you freely dive in or will you need to a push???
Andrew Smith © 2017
Photograph credit – unknown

The Red Diary on the 13th October as Mars has squared Saturn

Increasingly conscious of your libindal energies, you have been challenged to find ways to conserve and focus your energy levels, as opposed to eagerly and willingly dissipating them through busyness and diversity. “Less is more” is an ideal mantra to chant through this wading through treacle time, as your natural passion and enthusiasm is tested through a more restrictive or conservative matrix. Taking many forms – be it an authoritative archetype manifesting as someone or something forcing you to slow down, a muscle or bone injury or an over packed schedule that gets too much – this test ends in the same way: you are being ‘encouraged’ to slow down. There is no point pushing or engaging your “ego driven warrior”. Now is not a time to prove yourself. It is merely a time to review the quality of the activities into which you expend your vital life force and to find differing structures to house your soul within.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by unknown

The Venus Diaries on the 9th October as Venus squares Saturn

Has your heart been worn down and in danger of solidifying into stone or have you been able to consistently radiate lOve regardless of life’s vicissitudes? Have you been able to keep your heart held high when the easy path is to descend in the darker alley, mirroring those who have mistreated or judged you?  Have you continued to live what you lOve or is living within two worlds more appealing – the life you live and the life that comes to you, late at night, when you unplug from the intentionally designed busy modern life and relax; get drunk or high; when you daydream, imagine, reflect and long? The heart war has waged strongly these past days and continues to wage so that you can clearly define what you lOve and to test how strong your convictions are to stick to this path, when it is all so easy to return to the path well-trodden. Which path are you choosing?

Andrew Smith ©2017

Art credit – unknown

The Silver Diary on the 5th October as the Moon Fulls in tropical Aries

It feels like an eternity ago when you planted a seed on the 28th March to reignite the flame of wonder within you and now, six and a half months later, you can feel how strong that flame burns. Tonight you stand witness to the raw, naked, unhindered expression of beingness of your soul; a quality of being; the ‘You’ as expressed directly from the source; tonight you are offered the opportunity to experience an opening to the inexplicable vastness, the weirdness, the overwhelming profundity, the utter miracle and magic of life, of yourself, and of all that is. Tonight you can pay homage to the path you have been on; to the challenges you have faced down from those who have attempted to veer you off this Innocent Path; to the distractions that have attempted to anchor you to a state of being that dishonours your essential self; to the confidence that courses through your veins, as you reflect on how much you have grown in strength as you have stood firm, kept true and continue to see the world without jaded cynicism. Tonight you can display that spirit of oneness which will allow you to create absolute miracles in what you achieve; allow yourself to play; to take risks and to embrace any fears and doubts that you may have.

Let rip; let roar; let rave.


Andrew Smith © 2017

The Venus Diary on the 4th October as Venus and Mars couple in Virgo the early morning skies

LOve is neither out there nor something lost that you have to seek; lOve is not something that you have to fight for or that comes with promises broken; lOve neither judges nor bargains; lOve does not expect; lOve is not skin deep; lOve is not merely about the spell of someone’s beautiful words; lOve is not just about the physical, or the mental, or the emotional or the spiritual, but about all; lOve is not just about the jOy and happiness, but shows itself in those darker moments when hope is lost and pain has gripped you; lOve is kind; lOve is honest; lOve does not lie. Love can experience those conditions but not lOve, and for many it has been hard to lOve; it has been hard to feel it; it has been hard to show compassion when the masculine ego is waging so much destruction, engaged in so many lies, and is hell bent on worshiping getting on and getting ahead.

For weeks anxiety has reigned; for weeks, judgement has overtaken discernment; for weeks, lOve has felt like a distant memory; for weeks, libidinal energies have felt lost or misused; for weeks, fractioning and splintering has spoiled the view of the bigger picture, a picture where lOve has lingered in the background and quiet, unseen acts of kindness, compassion and altruism have been ever so active.

In the coming hours, ‘heart’ and ‘will’ align, affording an invitation to refresh and renew your receptivity to channel lOve towards yourself and in turn towards all those who orbit your soul. As lOve and desire are united, you are offered the opportunity to direct lOve into your world, with a renewed sense of vigour and passion, a passion that does not have expectation of return, or a desire to be noticed.

Remember that lOve is the gentle path; lOve does not parade itself or call itself the Greatest; lOve heals that which prevents you from returning to a whole or virginal state. And that sort of lOve is what you are and what you are capable of. Tonight you are consciously embodying lOve. Tonight you are radiant lOve. Tonight is the start of ‘seeing’ that lOve has always been and always will be, regardless of the distractions and pain of the masculine ego.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Indigo Diary on the 1st October as Jupiter opposes Uranus, trioctiles Neptune and Uranus and Neptune continue to octile.

In the end, true freedom arises by living your truth and living healthily with whom and what you lOve and living without attachment to what goes on around you. Freedom does not come from without – from striving to materially advance yourself at the expense of your relationships, your body and your mind; or from justifying your actions in the pursuit of getting ahead, when you know you have just created a karmic bind from which you will inevitably return; or from toppling and replacing one regime with another. Freedom from within arises as you walk the path of liberation, an initially painful and lonely experience as you face down those promises broken to those in your life or those compromises and justifications made for the common good and you overcome the attachment to making money at the expense of your soul. Freedom from within arises as you de-colonise from the conditions set by those who set laws or who tell you what to think or believe in. Freedom arises from within when you realise that you have wings and you don’t have to crawl. Freedom arises when you live your truth, a truth that does not negatively impinge on another, a truth that lives in consort with all of humanity and nature. This time is all about staying true to your inner convictions and raising your head when all those around you lower theirs; this time is about seeing through the distractions, the lies and the hollow promises from those you know and don’t know; this time is about turning inwards; this time is utterly profound and utterly chaotic. To gain freedom without, you have to seek it within.

Andrew Smith © 2017

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The Hope Diary on the 28th September as the Gas Giants wail in 8th harmony – Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune

Blown wide open, the matrix cleaved, the puppeteers exposed and yet they continue to pull on the strings in the broad daylight, cockily confident that the drugs they’ve been pumping into the water and air, along with the barrage of fear, greed and taxes has numbed you to the point that apathy has won without a fight. Even though their lying truths and truthful lies have been exposed; even though you know that freedom is but an illusion beneath the cranes on an ever heightening skyline; even though it is all moving at light speed and you feel that you cannot express what’s on your mind and in your heart; and even though you can see the filament threads ensorcelling the hearts and minds of those devouring the blue pill, they continue to laugh as you continue to prove Einstein’s theory of insanity.

But, and there is a but, have you ever thought that perhaps one of the reasons why your senses are so heightened, so enlivened, so reactive is to help you see through the spin? Have you thought that perhaps the reason why you are reducing your alcohol, coffee and sugar intake, moving towards live and raw food is not simply to rid yourself of your softened body and mind, but so that you can feel, hear and see more clearly? Have you thought that perhaps why you no longer jump to your feed or read the papers is because you no longer want to be part of the lie and so you can think for yourself and realise that you are not broken and your dream cannot be stolen?

It is all so transparent now. So transparent. And you know what – you don’t have to accept it. You have the ability to not feed the greed or play their game. You have your principles and ethics and you can make a difference. Will you sit in similar consort, rejoicing in apathy’s walk over? Or will you focus on the filaments that continue to bind you to this world, freeing yourself fully and showing the way for others to join you?

Which will you choose?

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Indigo Diary on the 26th September as Jupiter opposes Uranus

Awareness of what you truly believe, the underlying scripts that puppeteer your perception and an insight into whether you are genuinely living within a set of core doctrines that support your sense of freedom and growth as an individual is central to this uneasy time. Arising through circumstances beyond your control and immediate awareness, you are either being confronted by, or receiving confirmation of, how you believe, what growth means to you and whether you are truly free to expand in whatever way you choose. The more colonised and indoctrinated you are, the more likely the external world will present to you a series of ‘opportunities’ to explore any residual prejudices and erroneous assumptions, that have spawned your world view. The more open you genuinely are, the greater the growth, the greater the insight and the more free (truly free) you will feel you are. Just remember that the term confrontation really means to face someone or something and ironically it is a perfect way to make peace with some sort of issue!

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image by 13insane37

The Venus and Dark Moon Diary on the 19th September as Venus continues to reign high as the Morning Star

During a time when time has slipped; chaos feels normal; broken sleep has made it the world feel dreamlike; doubletalk is acceptable; and exasperation is commonplace, it is easy to forget that the Heart lights the way.

Rising high above the light of the masculine ego, the blue-white light of love shines brightly each and every dawn, reminding you that from love, you are born; from love, you can overcome the blinding luminosity of the ego; from love, you can bridge between anyone and anything.

So my hope for you, for us during this time of the Dark Moon, is that you look with the One eye to see what the Two cannot; that you see through the diffuseness that masks an ever changing landscape; that you know in your heart that what binds you is being eroded and dissolved; that you are being called to look in and not out to find freedom and truth; that you stand resolute and firm to those ideals that bring you closer to lOve, even if it is easy to react from a place of fear and anger; and that you know that as you face the chaos, wholeness is eventually created. An opening into the stillness that lies beneath the chaos is there for you to embrace in the days leading up to the New Moon, wherein you can find a peace you may not think is possible and within which you can see what shimmers within this emotional storm and how that has become a legacy within your body. You are being given the opportunity to let what distracts and divides you cease as you can walk into this opening into the quiet that lies beneath this chaos where peace and wholeness co-exist and where you can truly bring into being your souls deeper wisdom.

Andrew Smith © 2017, Extracted from Wholeness and Unity – the New Moon in Mutable Earth, available to read on

Art by Lilia D

The Dark Moon Diary on the 17th September as the Moon moves into her Balsamic Phase                                          

A New Moon is an invitation in consciousness to re-fresh and re-new your relationship to one facet of your overall consciousness and this coming September it is the turn of the Mutable Earth or Virgoan consciousness, an aspect of your being that seeks to return to a virginal, or whole, state so that you can actively and compassionately participate in contributing to the Whole.

In the days leading up to this renewal, can I ask you to reflect on whether there exists some part of you that has become bound and therefore has splintered you from feeling both Whole (Virgo) and Unified (Pisces)? Do you recognise what is holy and crave its blessing but fear the change that would be involved? Is there a habit, a belief, a relationship, an aspect of your life that has you in its grip that confines you, that limits the freedom with which you move through this world? Can you envision what being truly free of that bind would feel like? Have you taken the time to confront, at all levels of your consciousness, the issue/ person/ situation and what they truly represent for you, so that you can free yourself of that which keeps you from feeling Whole?

Today is a time to release;  today is a time to hold a space as you prepare to receive; today is a time to enter the Dark and to emotionally pause as you prepare to offer up that which binds you.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Extracts from Wholeness and Unity – the New Moon in Mutable Earth

Photo is Earthshine in August by Pikes Peak Photo

The Turquoise and Neon Diary on the 15th September as Uranus and Neptune octile

“the underlying unity in our collective, the Path has felt increasingly decompartmentalised, fragmented, isolated and splintered, so far removed from the seed that was planted some twenty four years ago when a gap in consciousness to eliminate the divide between waking and sleeping consciousness opened up, accelerating, for many, their feel of time; encouraging a ’conscious’ thinning of the division within the various layers of consciousness; opening up a deeper understanding of ‘spiritual’ technology as humanity have projected their ‘pyramidal’ anthropomorphic structures into those ethereal realms; enabling imagination-technology to flow more freely, which in turn has transformed humanities use of physical technology as the gap between innovation and manifestation shortens; the increased dissatisfaction and disenfranchisement at the way in which the systems designed for another humanity remain has ‘consciously’ intensified over the past several months as a specific planetary archetypal coupling has reached a ‘sensitive’ turning point in its one hundred and seventy one year synodical cycle.”

Extract from Wholeness and Unity – the New Moon in Mutable Earth by Andrew Smith © 2017, available via newsletter and

Art by Alkven

The Orange Diary on the 12th September as Mercury trioctiles Pluto

In a world full of opinions concerning what to believe it, what is truth, what is appropriate, what is real, how you should live, think and be, it can be hard to hear your own voice and to understand who is truly creating your reality. After all, the closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating. So as your mind descends into a deeper place, which for some will be dark and for others profoundly still; as your mind dives into the deepest waters of your consciousness, swimming within your Deep and amidst the dark, cool waters of your minds eyes, the projections of your mental body onto this dimmed canvas can offer you the opportunity to understand how your mind really works and to discover who is really in charge of your consciousness – you or someone or something else?

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Clare Aime

The Neon and Turquoise Diary on the 10th September as Uranus octiles Neptune

Senses enlivened, through the spin you see clearly the distractions that bind souls to a way of being that is designed to prevent your awakening; to stop you purely connecting to a deeper meaning; to keep you chained to this reality, closing you off from the holographic multiverse that you/ we live within. Insights abound as the scale of society’s comatosed behaviour is revealed and you can see the filament threads ensorcelling the hearts and minds of those devouring the blue pill. Painful to witness and disheartening, your focus is jarred by the transparency of those insights and the sickly feeling of seeing the life force and creative spirit being sucked from humanity. What can you do? After all you are but one person. Will you sit in similar consort, rejoicing in apathy’s walk over? Or will you focus on the filaments that continue to bind you to this world, freeing yourself fully and showing the way for others to join you? That is the choice that befalls you as your soul awaits this psychonautic journey to your inner landscapes.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Mark Henson

The Red Diary on the 8th September as Mars trioctiles Pluto

A raw, unblemished, terrifying power whose unwavering strength is so powerful that you can literally move mountains with your indomitable will drives through the ether, whose conviction is so complete that you have access to a spirit to keep going, to endure beyond reason, beyond logic; whose quiet determination is so frightening and resolute that no-one could ever question your resolve; and whose passion is so elemental that when unleashed can consume and engulf you to a point that you no longer exist. There is no rule book to guide you as to how to direct it. There is no teacher that can help you understand it. There is only you and your awareness.

How do you want to channel this life give/ life destroying energy is entirely up to you! But remember, with great power comes massive responsibility, a responsibility that transcends beyond morality and ethics, a responsibility that has nothing to do with the smallness of your egoic Self, but a responsibility to your humanity and to gOd consciousness to honour and respect your pre-life choice to become a custodian of the most powerful, most dangerous and more fertile life force imaginable. Yet you may not fully recognise it within yourself, which is why the world is now conspiring around you to force you to connect with this primal, reptilian survival being within you during moments of peak and heightened emotional tension. It is within those moments can you glimpse that towering strength, like a patient volcano waiting to erupt, giving and taking life in its smouldering heat. It is there for you to access and use, to bring through you the elementalness of your spirit and to enable your dreams to find manifestation, even if the world around you ‘appears’ to thwart you.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Californian artist Hines

The Turquoise and Neon Diary on the 7th September as Neptune octiles Uranus
Within these Orwellian times where nothing is certain, ‘war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength’, it may feel as if those pillars of certainty – honour and honesty are no longer stalwarts. The goalposts constantly changing within a world that is no longer solid, chaos reigning within this personal and public fog, it feels to me that within this challenging change, where even the best laid plans and commitments maybe waylaid, all you have is your personal code of integrity. Even if your heart feels lost, angry or despair at the empty promises made by the wolf in sheep’s clothing; even if you feel despondent that hope has left you; even if you feel overwhelmed by the barrage of pain, fear and loss that consumes the newstalk; even if you feel that what is not lOve thrives within this unclear land, your heart is all you can stand by.
Through this uncertain space, your heart continues to dream of a state of wholeness, a place where everything comes together, where loss will be made good, where blindness will transform into vision and where damage will be made whole. This is my prayer for you, for us, that you look with the One eye to see what the Two cannot; that you see through the diffuseness that masks an ever changing landscape; that you know in your heart that what binds you is being eroded and dissolved; that you are being called to look in and not out to find freedom and truth; that you stand resolute and firm to those ideals that bring you closer to lOve, even if it is easy to react from a place of fear and anger; and that you know that as you face the chaos, wholeness is eventually created.
This may mean diving deeper into the chaos as you may be called to acknowledge, challenge and grapple with forces that insidiously thrive within chaos, forces that often work in ways that are exceedingly subtle and cloaked, or embodied within a ‘noble’ soul who in the clear light of day is a wolf in sheep’s wool. Facing further into those empty promises and standing resolute in the belief that lOve will prevail, whilst at the same time compassionately calling out those whose empty words overlie a perfidious reality may not feel lOving
For today, let there be an opening into the stillness that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace you did not think possible and see what shimmers within the storm.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Extract from Embodiment of chaos, The New Moon in Mutable Earth on the 20th Sept, to be published shortly
Image from the cover of “Happy in a Hostile World” by Dr. Carl Patrasso. Photographed by unknown
The Silver Diary on the 6th September as the Moon Fulls in Pisces
Six and a half months on from the seed you planted to no longer become a wave in the ocean, but become THE ocean, you are now ‘feeling’ the full force of your emotional body in all levels of your world. Deeply emotional, ebbing to and fro within this free flowing fluid exchange of emotional charged light between you and everyone and everything within your world, the question of how you have truly embodied your feeling nature; whether you have listened to your emotional intelligence; and how puppeteered you are by your emotions is now viscerally transparent for you and the world to experience. In the same way that the Dark has been fighting hard to survive against the increasing numbers of those that are remembering they are Light, that external battle has been mirrored within you, as those darkened emotions that bind and enslave you have been roaming freely, trying desperately to find safe ground to make their home.
Quietly beside you, as you swim along this e-moting and e-nlightening path, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion have been your allies, ever shielding you from those whose blindness has emotionally done you harm. Within these warming waters, your Light is spreading and your gOdness prevailing, even though the waters you’ve swum through have been at times treacherous. The double talk echoing from those within your world has been ignored as you have learnt to look past those beautifully crafted words to the deeper intent of a small and damaged ego that has tried to impose itself on an already faltering ego-driven world, holding steadfast to your commitment to Being as opposed to doing. It may be a quiet, non-invasive path, as opposed to a world filled with selfie-vlogging, but as you have sought to reclaim those deeper emotional weaves lingering from your ancestral lines, the health of your inner world is now gently spilling over the inky-blue carpet.
A wave is not IN the ocean. A wave is THE ocean.
You are THAT ocean.
Whatever you feel within your web, you create for everyone else. Your heart, your imagination, your inspiration and your emotions create reality for each and every-one. The healing you have done, in turn heal your world. The forgiveness you feel, washes over us all. As you release your pain, you help us release our pain.
Thank you for what you have released. Thank you for the deep processing you have done. Thank you for your healing medicine and the clearing out you have done. Thank you.
As the Moon fulls, there is only one thing to do – feel in and feel out. Feel in and feel out.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Photographer unknown

The Gold Diary on the 5th September as the Sun opposes Neptune and trioctiles Uranus and Mercury turns Direct

The past three weeks have been about taking the time to draw on your listening-imagination so that you can truly hear your gentle voice within the heart of your life, a voice that is clearer, deeper and more relevant than that critical voice of anxiety, judgement and disappointment. Surrounded by emotional distractions, deceit and empty promises of union or of a ‘brighter’ future, your ego has been through the wringer, toss and tumbled like a feather in a storm.

Yet as you have truly listened and planted a new seed ten days ago, the enchanting veils of illusion that have become the standard bearer have been pierced. Reality as it was, is no longer. Squandering yourself on foods, people and situations that deplete your essence no longer feels apt, relevant or even meaningful as the hooks that bind you to those unkind situations are released. Sadness may grace your path as you step off this treadmill and quit the soap opera, but today as you stand and face illusion; today, as clarity of your heart abounds; today, as your mind is filled with insight to move forward; today, as you can see what you have always known in your heart to be true; today, you can ‘feel’ past the pain of regret, you are landing with steady feet on the earth, a safe haven within this mental and heartfelt tumult. Be gentle, my friend, for there were no mistakes, just deep learning; be compassionate towards all that you have experienced, they were just that, experiences; be kind, because those agents are on their own path and may not realise what they have done; be thankful, as the emotional bonds that trap you are released; be jOyfilled as a new energy and passion awakens within you; and just be, as your mind turns out from in.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Photo of Magician Dynamo

The Orange Diary on the 4th September as Mercury trines Uranus

Faster than a speeding bullet, the ideas burst through you, exploding into your consciousness, instantaneously inspirational and deeply insightful, opening your mind further, exciting and enlivening you and then… gone as quickly as they arrived. Perhaps it is not necessary for everything to land and settle; perhaps the Muse is only meant cross the Veil for a second, reminding that the world is not horizontal and a lot more colourful than your greying education has painted; but come on… so not fair, after all you have just had such clarity, conviction and surety move through you, as if the caul has lifted from your eyes and you are seeing everything afresh and renewed, almost as if you had been lifted from your own life and were seeing through an alien’s perspective. All ten senses awakened, your mind joined with your heart, knowledge rapidly transmitted, your perception altered irrevocably, as your body experiences and knows, even if the mind cannot retain. Utterly invigorating and totally genius, your life will not be the same again.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Artist Marcel Caram

The Orange Diary on the 4th September as Mercury trines Uranus

Faster than a speeding bullet, the ideas burst through you, exploding into your consciousness, instantaneously inspirational and deeply insightful, opening your mind further, exciting and enlivening you and then… gone as quickly as they arrived. Perhaps it is not necessary for everything to land and settle; perhaps the Muse is only meant cross the Veil for a second, reminding that the world is not horizontal and a lot more colourful than your greying education has painted; but come on… so not fair, after all you have just had such clarity, conviction and surety move through you, as if the caul has lifted from your eyes and you are seeing everything afresh and renewed, almost as if you had been lifted from your own life and were seeing through an alien’s perspective. All ten senses awakened, your mind joined with your heart, knowledge rapidly transmitted, your perception altered irrevocably, as your body experiences and knows, even if the mind cannot retain. Utterly invigorating and totally genius, your life will not be the same again.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Artist Marcel Caram

The Blood red-Orange Diary on the 3rd September as Mercury and Mars align in Leo

On this day that births clarity and conviction, may you have the equanimity and composure not to personalise what is said of you, but to receive it with an open heart, confidence in your own essence and steady of your own light to see where another is on their journey. May you have the grace to act in kindness and the humility to know that even when you are right, you do not need to impose yourself on your world. May you have speak truth in an open and honest manner, without an agenda and without intending to ‘get one up’ on another, respecting their opinion, even if you don’t agree. May you receive the clarity of truth, speak with burning passion, yet carry lOve in your heart so that arrogance does not grip you. May your mind continue to lOve frontiers so that your childlike enthusiasm can invoke in your world all that is good, bright and life affirming. And may you carry this seed of clear thought and deft action with you in all that you do and with all whom you share your light.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Joseph Parker Dawn of the Aquarian Age (1968)

The Neon and Turquoise Diary on the 2nd September as Uranus and Neptune continue to octile

Ah the tumult… Sweeping through consciousness at every level, a raging, swirling tempest, unsettling those institutions by which we live; dissolving what has felt like reality in its wake; and thinning the barrier that has kept us safe from that which could free us. And so it has been feeling tenuous. Why? Maybe it has something to do with our obsessive drive to become the living embodiment of Einstein’s definition of stupidity as ‘we’ attempt to deal with cope with uncertainty by re-creating in the way that ‘we’ have always done and, with our fingers crossed, hope that the outcome will be somewhat different.

But it is not working.

It cannot work.

Why? Nothing, literally nothing is working the way that it should. But, my friend, there is no point struggling with any preconceived structures that have been designed to keep you comfortable – no, let’s rephrase that, that keeps those in control comfortable. The rules are not changing – they’ve already changed; the mechanisms within all systems have already dissipated and dissolved; time feels different; relationships have been irrevocably altered; duality has morphed and multiple realities co-exist; what was solid, is no longer… All you can do is to less your need to ‘clutch’ onto what appears to be real; all you can do is enter the myst and allow the Veil consume you; all you can do is surrender and let go; all you have to do is embrace the chaos and coax into being this new wave; all you can do is look with One eye and trust what you cannot see with the two.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by jee young lee

The Orange Diary on the 27th August as the Sun and Mercury start off the new Mind-Light cycle in Virgo   

And so it begins… though you may have a lot going on at other levels of your consciousness; though your heart maybe processing some delicate scripts; though your beliefs maybe in question; though your physicality maybe learning humility and your emotional body lies beneath a weight of intense emotions, may you feel the relief of a clear mind rinse through your soul, calling your eyes to see with clarity, your heart to feel with conviction and confidence, your desire to feel free to express through you with reverence and respect, and your actions align with your deeper intentions. Awakening from its slumber, may your mind stay clear and open to the possibility that you are and that those in your life are, recognising the world that lies beneath pretence and ego-posturing. It is a new mind-day, it is a new mind-dawn so leave behind those scripts that you’ve been called to release since the 13th. Awaken, breathe, ground and create…

Andrew Smith  © 2017

Art by Mary Southard ‘Earth I am’

The Venus Diaries on the 24th August as Venus trioctiles Neptune

Heart-consciousness disillusionment can arise in all forms, varying in severity but is merely one form of dis-integration, splitting off and compartmentalisation, can leave you feeling let down beyond comprehension feeling shocked, alienated and isolated and perhaps even lacking confidence regarding how you lOve, what you lOve and who you lOve. But does disillusionment really only serve to destroy? Is it not also a builder, as you alchemically create a differing reality after a period of existential crisis? You can neither ‘spiritually bypass’ nor ‘spiritualise’ a very real situation by side-stepping or repressing the uncomfortable emotions that arise, but if you let the emotions flow so that they become a tributary to the soul, all the necessary lessons are harboured there. As your heart opens up to a higher value, the illusion that your ego-heart desires is often just that – an illusion, a potent one that further binds you, preventing you from truly reaching home – that state of complete unconditional acceptance of who you are, where you are and how you are. Perhaps you could ‘blame’ the eclipses; perhaps you could blame the ‘object’ of the disappointment; perhaps you could blame yourself for your stupidity; or perhaps you could see the ‘gifts’ that are being offered as another layer of distraction is shed as you move towards a greater conscious awareness of your wholeness.

Andrew Smith © 2017
Art by Andreea Cernestean

The Red Diary on the 23rd August as Mars trines Saturn

In the same way that the Moon needs time before she becomes full, any seeds that are planted take time before they are ready to show their fledgling shoots. In a fast paced world, the savouring insights that patience gifts has been forgotten, and yet it is those insights that help to refine, strengthen and sharpen your focus on your path. Patience is not about sitting and waiting. Patience is not about learning to deal with frustration. It is about looking at the night but seeing the day; it is about reinforcing the initial vision and refining it as further information comes to light to help you gain a deeper understanding of the path that needs to be walked. That eclipse seed planted on Monday will emerge. Soon. But for now, trust, let it go and watch it grow.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Inspired by Rumi; Art by OLEG LIPCHENKO

The Gold and Silver Diary on the 21st August – The Eclipse/ New Moon in Fixed Fire

The deepest soul growth takes place within the Dark, a place wherein you cannot hide from the narrative of your Mind, projected onto a canopy that has no boundaries; that is utterly enveloping; that penetrates you to your core and offers you the opportunity to ‘see’ the truth of the health of your interiority. Without the distractions of the external world to encourage you to ignore; within the profound quietness that amplifies your inner narrative; the Dark eclipses your front and exposes who you are.

Smoothing your soul, softening your jagged edges, quietening that insufferable inner narrative, breathe in the enveloping silence of the fake night as the harsh, dazzling yet vibrant light gradually dims and diffuses like a watercolour landscape, fading eventually to grey and then painted black, as Nature pauses in quiet awe and the heat of busyness is cooled by full but gentle embrace of the Inner heart being made fully visible.

As the spark of your Inner Flame is once again re-ignited you can offer up that which tampers with your life, purrs fear in its web and has frozen your heart. Today offers you the chance to stand in the presence of your Inner World and to ‘experience’ the reality the health of your Inner Spirit and how still your Soul is. It is a wonderful occasion to observe what distractions arise within this Dark to keep you bound to ancient scripts that do not serve jOy, peace and lOve.

Offer it up, my friend, offer it up.

Andrew Smith ©2017

Here is a link to my offering on – a narrative and article on the New Moon:…/

The Turquoise Diary on the 20th August as Neptune octiles Uranus

It felt so right to swallow the red pill, after all you sought truth, you wanted to know and now that you have opened the eye that matters and have pulled back the curtain, exposing the manipulating puppeteer, you don’t know what to do! It is hard to face the disconnect between vision and truth and the reality of how that truth and vision are applied, since it means admitting the lie and re-wiring those deeply grooved conditional scripts so that you can start to live completely in line with what you truly believe. It is too easy to pick out obvious ideological disconnects, like a meat eating, Bible quoting born again Christian carrying a gun in the glove compartment for self-defence purposes not realising the irony that “thou shalt not kill” means thou shalt not kill, but now the Veil has been pierced, you cannot but not ‘see’ how deep and subtle the disconnect runs.

During this chaotically revolutionary time, you can gain a deeper insight into ANY disconnect between vision and truth, as your surrounding world prompts you into an existential questioning of the socio-spiritual values that you have grown within and whether you are living in true alignment with those core values at EVERY level of your being – physically, economically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Those outrageous dramas that you have been experiencing are merely ‘designed’ to better understand the difference between “power over” versus “taking on your own power”, bringing into your awareness the issues of living in accord with your truth and convictions.

The blue pill can be taken and you can go back to sleep. But can you forget what your One Eye has seen? No. Even if you numb yourself with busyness, screens, worry and fear, mood altering drugs and alcohol, it isn’t really working and nightmares have been disturbing your sleep as your spirit seeks to continue to liberate itself from that which binds it fast. So you may as well continue to walk through this Veil and try to find a bridge to connect what you believe to be true with the way that you are currently living…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Screen shot from The Wizard of Oz, MGM 1939

The Neon Diary on the 19th August as Uranus octiles Neptune

It’s been ever so confusing on planet Earth of late, not knowing what to believe; what is true; what is false; what is solid; what is fantasy; what you are being told; what you are not being told; is the Earth flat or spherical; why is it that you are told that things are improving yet it feels as if the world is living in a perpetual ground hog day, as the same patterns and stories repeat, time and time again (albeit with an ever increasing technological backdrop). It feels that all news is fake and nothing Big Brother is telling you is true, as they protect their own self-serving interests under the pretence of that ever so dangerous statement “for the greater good”. Security tightens, colonisation increases, pressure rises.

But you know what is true. You know what is appropriate. You know what the right thing to do is. You know that YOU cannot compromise on your ideals, as you know that will further bind you to the Wheel, a wheel that you are trying so hard to free yourself from. And as the veil has been pierced and Light lifts through the mist, you can ‘see’ what you have known and felt. Even though your ego might be upset; even though your gut might drop; even though your heart might momentarily miss a beat, you know that you cannot compromise your inner truth – a truth your mind has been searching for as you have turned inwards towards YOUR light. That Light, the one that is eternal and can never dwindle (because of the existence of the Leonine archetype within you (that archetype about to be renewed for the second time inside of a month)), is your saving grace – from the lies of the world; from the pretence of those trying to be OF the world; from the games that are played to stock pile for some distant time in the future; from the fear that walks before the dying Darkness, whose desperate fight for survival tightens the screw of those at the top of the pyramid. Your light, your truth is all that you have, and within this clear light, the blurred boundaries are revealed and so too the actions you need to make to enable your Light to continue to burn brightly.

Don’t be disappointed with what you are now seeing. It is the insight you have needed to free your Light.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Olafur Eliasson – Beauty

The Red Diary on the 16th August as Mars quincunxes Pluto

There is a natural rhythm to the active and receptive energies within. At times your energy is strong and outgoing better enabling you to pursue your goals, to take risks and to get things accomplished. At other times, that libidinal energy is quiet and sensitive and encourages you to take the time to nurture yourself, to relax and just ‘be’ for a while. In those less vibrant moments there is no point pushing through it; there is no point trying to prove how stoic and resolute you are; there is no point getting frustrated and angry. In the same way that spring always follows winter, so too will your libido rise. If you can trust and follow this rhythm, you will attract and create everything that your soul truly needs, even if your ego disagrees.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Jaison Cianelli

The Orange Diary on the 13th August as Mercury retrogrades

Tired mind, look and see all that you have done and all that you have perceived. The world is of your making, unlimited as it is; so why hide your light from shining, when your truth will set you free. Turn inwards towards your light, staying true to your road; distancing yourself from the distractions who attempt to claim your heart during this oft maligned and misunderstood time. Your keys will be found; your contracts will be fine; your calendar will not corrupt; your data will be retrieved; and your communication will not be misunderstood as the world will not grind to a halt. Energy follows attention; attention arises from awareness; awareness stems from knowing and knowing comes from stillness. My prayer for you today is for stillness of mind and the beauty in listening to the magic that exists in your life. Look in to look out.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image by Android Jones