Agent Ei’s Planetary Diary

by Andrew Smith

The Gold Diary on the 14th May as the Fixed Earth Sun trioctiles the Cardinal Earth Saturn

Quite frequently, your attention is drawn into the world at the ways in which the system we live within does not work – its prejudices, biases, nepotism, cronyism, corruption, ageism, greed, sexism, elitism and so on. Every so often the complaining and subsequent eager disapproving shakes of the head from those allies that you let off on, triggers a deep emotional response within your body. Naturally you dismiss your body’s intelligence and plough on with the intense exchange, talking more about the problem as opposed to the root of the issue and what can be done. And yet, the world you/ we live in is merely a mirror of the world within that you/ we live in. Those highly charged sensations in your body are informing of you of deeper archetypal, and often ancestral, scripts that have not been fully acknowledged, embodied and healed, triggering deep memories of emotional/ mental/ physical and spiritual violations against your sOul. Those enemies are those bondages that keep you trapped within a small circle, as opposed to the larger spiral that is there to help you move on. So as issues trigger intense physical reactions over the coming days, listen to what is going on within and talk to that part of your body, or acknowledge that tension and frustration that has arisen. The key to our New Earth lies within you and involves facing and embracing your Shadow. That way, you can stop killing yourself and by extension us and the world that we have created. The conditions are increasingly becoming more and more ripe to house our New Earth, but we can choose to resist or assist. Which will it be?

Andrew Smith © 2018

Art by James Victore

The Silver Diary on the 13th May as the Moon is Balsamic
Are you listening to your body’s intelligence or are you so busy scrolling in your spare time; so busy with the demands of such a fast paced life and the conditioning you’ve been fed since birth to live in the future, so busy with the excuse – I’m just being realistic; so busy with the countless demands that you’ve taken on, that you have forgotten the power of your gut instinct; dismissed as irrelevant that dizzying pressure in your head that is trying to TELL you something; ignoring the profound message of his/ her incompatible body scent …
Ahead of the Immanency Revolution that is starting this week, the day leading up to the New Moon is a time of deep medicine as you enter into a place of deep reflection regarding your relationship to your body and the spirit that exists within every living cell within you. Those cells have a consciousness and respond in a less complex way than our mind, yet they have been not been taken seriously in a world obsessed with the brain. So put down your tablet, relax your pointer finger, breathe in and draw in your awareness to your body, and notice where the tension lies within. Each part of the body has meaning and the tension will inform you what scripts are being ignored. Your body is your temple of your Soul and is teeming with awareness and consciousness. It is time to take it seriously and listen to it. The revolution is just around the corner. Are you getting yourself ready to listen to your body, to talk to your food, to hear the music of the trees, the chatter of the birds… Nature is alive. Gaia is awakening…
Andrew Smith © 2018
Art by Josephine Wall
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The Orange Diary on the 12th May as Cardinal Fire Mercury conjoins Uranus

Shaking, electricity pouring through you within this hyper alive state, your mind no longer interested in the complexity of your multi-dimensional processing as the hunger to simply state truth seizes you – its all you can do, speak your truth; live your truth; be your truth. Nothing else matters. Life is too short to hold back, to let fear control you, to think that money matters when it comes to live true to your Path, to think that you can’t be who you are, to bother worrying about what other’s think. There is no box to think outside of. That is an illusion. Just open, not close; be, not become; express with trust, not over analyse.

Today’s energetics support the birth of a confident expression of your authentic voice. All you have to do is open and speak YOU.

Andrew Smith © 2018

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The Gold Diary on the 11th May as the Sun trines Pluto

The invitation to participate has arisen as your light steadily strengthens. You can feel the urge to get ‘out there’ and be more active in your world, as you notice that the darkened tunnel in which you have walked greys and you can see light at its end. Whether you feel ready and whether you have done the necessary healing work around your Yang-ness (your masculine side) or not, the time has arrived to stand up and be counted; to show yourself who you really are; and to shed the inner debate that has kept you quiet of late.

Today is an opportunity to let go and let be, without holding back and without restriction from the world you reside within. Whether you see the doors that are open to you in an innocent manner or whether you continue to carry suspicion and caution is really up to you. But those opportunities that will gently arise are just that – opportunities.

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Venus Diaries on the 8th May as Mutable Air Venus squares Mutable Water Neptune

Maintaining a steady foot on the path of lOve is never easy when encountering Muggles whose biases, judgements, prejudices and linear thinking makes lOving all the more harder, especially when your tongue is eager to lash out in defence, justification, repartee or disappointment. But what purpose does it serve, other than your ego being nicely satisfied that those binds you’ve worked so hard to free yourself from, tighten, once again, around your ankles, and the Wheel once again turns in delight. So no matter how hard it is to lOve in times of dishonesty, narcissism and drama; no matter how delightful it would be to act out that fantasy in your head, you know the one that would never end well in reality; no matter how fast you could get even, forgive and forgive again. I know that is not easy, especially when you feel caged. Remember that forgiveness does not mean that you have to accept base behaviour. Forgiveness does not mean that you are weak. Quite the contrary. Forgiveness is the gate way to lOve and the key to unlocking those chains that keep you here. lOve not love is the order of the day. Your soul is at stake!!

Andrew Smith © 2018

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The Orange Diary on the 7th May as Mercury squares Pluto

In the roller coaster journey that is conscious awakening, your mind has been grappling with complex and emotionally intense issues so deep that it makes a Sequoia’s vast subterranean root network look infinitesimally small, whilst paradoxically your spirit feels calm and at peace! Surrounded by both ancestral/ familiar and cultural mind-scripts you are being pressurised to hold fast to the commitment you made on since the 24th January this year to decolonise your mind from those vertical, and largely distracting and irrelevant, thoughts. It is not an easy experience to stand firm and resolute, without reaction or repartee, when you have played witness to incredible ignorance, denial and judgement projected onto you. But the quiet path is what you have chosen to walk – quiet but not passive or accepting. As you have worked on listening, you are starting to deeply realise the oft-contradictory and irrational origins of those accuser’s thoughts, as compassion guides you to truly understand that they too are on a journey that needs to be meet with kindness, even if they don’t know or accept it. Tough, mentally challenging, but it is the only way.

Andrew Smith  ©2018

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The Orange Diary on the 7th May as Mercury squares Pluto

In the roller coaster journey that is conscious awakening, your mind has been grappling with complex and emotionally intense issues so deep that it makes a Sequoia’s vast subterranean root network look infinitesimally small, whilst paradoxically your spirit feels calm and at peace! Surrounded by both ancestral/ familiar and cultural mind-scripts you are being pressurised to hold fast to the commitment you made on since the 24th January this year to decolonise your mind from those vertical, and largely distracting and irrelevant, thoughts. It is not an easy experience to stand firm and resolute, without reaction or repartee, when you have played witness to incredible ignorance, denial and judgement projected onto you. But the quiet path is what you have chosen to walk – quiet but not passive or accepting. As you have worked on listening, you are starting to deeply realise the oft-contradictory and irrational origins of those accuser’s thoughts, as compassion guides you to truly understand that they too are on a journey that needs to be meet with kindness, even if they don’t know or accept it. Tough, mentally challenging, but it is the only way.

Andrew Smith  ©2018

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The Gold Diary on the 6th May as the Sun and Neptune Sextile

Occasionally, penetrating the dense fog that clouds your mind, creating the illusion that you are alone, serendipity beckons. Enlivening your senses, your head tilts upwards towards the skies and eyes are opened and drawn towards the horizon in search of answers, focusing on everything and nothing, your third eye is bathed in light and you can feel the tremble of awareness build from within you. Energised, filled with hope and enthusiasm, you can feel heat within your heart and real-confidence start to flow through your veins, as the light within you starts to break free from its encasement and gently radiate from you. Still it continues, those serendipitous prompts and weird, brief meetings, as gifts are offered to you in the form of insights, connections and support. Jolted from your slumber and now fully awake, its presence in your life is a reminder that the world does not operate in a linear manner; that practicality is not the only option; that you are never truly alone; that there is always an answer to the questions you pose; and that everyone and everything in your life has meaning and is there to support and assist you.

Will you listen to the call?

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Venus Diaries on Bealtaine as Venus trioctiles Mars

Patience is required in the presence of those who know how to be in a relationship but their actions belong in an entirely difference universe… You know they know what lies within their heart, yet their stoic adherence to a rampant ego imprisoned by fear and drowning in self pity and loathing has meant that they cannot truly hear their heart or embody the lOve that you can share. The disconnect between the heart and the body, whether through self-perseveration, defensiveness or deep unresolved trauma is so very evident these days, as the battle waged within the body to prevent those powerful emotions from openly expressing vulnerability, jOy and accepting lOve has been epic.  And so frustration can open the door to emotionally charged outbursts as the tension builds in the presence of those whose head is in the way of their heart. The Path of lOve requires you to meet someone where they are at, accepting their Shadow and lOving them nonetheless, even if those scripts that you planted where to attract into your life someone who consciously takes responsibility for their actions and inactions and who wants to grow, who is willing to walk through their Dark and who actively owns their projections and has the humility to apologise and learn from their denial.

But today is Bealtaine, a sacred day that honours the growth of the seeds already planted. Today is a day of honouring the body and the lOve that exists within. Today is a day to ask for protection for those relationship scripts and patterns that are newly maturing and developing. Today you can follow in the footsteps of our ancestors by lighting a fire and offering into the hungry flames those existing relationship scripts and patterns that need purification and cleansing, those frustrations caused by a fear of truly listening and embodying, so that a space can open up with your relationships to enable the lOve in your heart to penetrate the body of those who are frightened to be lOved.  Today is a day of transmutation, as you start to see the incremental growth of the seed planted back on the 21st December proliferate. Today frustration yields to acceptance.

Andrew Smith © 2018

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The Silver Diary on the 30th April as the Moon Fulls in Fixed Water

Breathe in and draw your awareness to your body and your heart. Feel in, as you draw deeply on the air you take for granted and close your eyes, following your breath inwards and around your body. Notice how your body feels, where the tension lies, where feels relaxed and calm. Draw your awareness to where feels tight and breathe into it. Your body does not lie, even if you have learnt to hide from the world your truth. But it cannot hold on anymore. Your body’s sensitivity has increased, not just to food and booze, drugs and meds, but also to people who are toxic, lost within their own lies and deception, their narcissism and judgement, their reluctance to accept responsibility for their actions and inactions and their incapability to be honest in owning their dysfuncationality. Perhaps you have good reason to hold back – not wanting to impact those around you; not wanting to show ‘vulnerability’; not wanting to show how much it means to you; not wanting to face the raw and naked honesty of how deeply and passionately you feel, but that has changed and your commitment to your Emotional Body on the 18th November was created, the fruits of which you are now eating. You bleed. You hurt. You suffer. But you also love and lOve. You also feel jOy, hOpe and elation. Powerful emotions that reminds you that you are human; that you are here and now and that you are vulnerable AND strong at the same time. Feelings held, hurt you. Feeling openly expressed, if even in private, heal.

So as Your Deep is illuminated, mirrored by the soft and gentle luminosity of FULL MOON nestled serenely in the inky blue carpet, awareness is brought to the depth and power of your feelings and how they have had an impact on your body. So as you breathe out the tension and pain held in your body by bottling up those feelings, howl deeply and loudly and feel how good it is to let out freely the power of your emotions. Free your Soul tonight. Howl true. Howl deeply. Just HOWL.

Andrew Smith  © 2018

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The Venus Diaries on the 29th April as Mutable Air Venus trioctiles Pluto just before the Fixed Water Full Moon

It is never easy to find the right language to convey the depth of feeling that exists within, especially within the midst of a highly charged situation. Yet find a way for your heart to breathe freely you must. Speaking from a place of lOve is not the same as speaking from a place of reaction, from a place to score points, from a place reactive or pent-up anger, or from a place of unresolved woundedness. All of those places exist within each of us, even if yours is the path of lOve. Emotional violence can only truly be healed by compassion and a resolute commitment to lOve, even if it feels absent in that dizzying heated moment.

Remember that the path of lOve will always find a way to be open, honest, firm and resolute in the face of injustice, ignorance, fear, projection, prejudice, lust and greed, without a deeper intention to have the last word, to cause hurt or pain in another, or to put the other in their place (even if the Banshee’s wails deafens your inner sanctum). So tread softly but confidently over this sore ground knowing that as you free yourself from your heart wounds and draw deeply from your own dignity and honour, the words that emerge from your heart will serve to empower you as you release yourself from the vice grip of repetition and entanglement.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Art work by phatpuppy

The Silver Diary on the 28th April as the Moon prepares to Full in Fixed Water on the 30th April

Can you feel the invitation to dive head long into your own emotional depths and heal, release and let go any emotional attachments that are no longer serving a constructive part of your life’s journey? Can you feel the desire to release your Light from your physical suffering (created by the illusion of separation)? Can you remember the intention you set on the 18th November last, when you created a Bridge that enabled you to dance freely between intimacy and independence? Can you recall the power of your emotions and the rich depth of imagery emerged, without censorship and without judgement, at that time?

As the Moon prepares to Full in Fixed Water, the extent of how you embodied those deep feelings is revealed and healing can take place by the open expression of your inner world within the world around you. If you look around you, that Bridge has brought forth necessary support and during this time of considerably increased sensitivity and openness to subtle and spiritual realities and spiritual guidance. Feeling more emotionally and spiritually connected to all creation, the true meaning of forgiveness and understanding in personal relationships can be understood. All is required is to take the time to let out what your body has held onto and to take the hand of those who have walked across that Bridge to help you. You did ask for support; you wanted to release your physical pain; you no longer wanted to travel alone; the evidence of that 18th November commitment now surrounds you.

Andrew Smith © 2018
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The Venus Diary on the 24th April as evening star Venus ascends into Mutable Air sextile Chiron
Can you truly listen to the heart of another, yet maintain the integrity of your own heart? Can you speak freely from your heart without expectation, entitlement or judgement? Can you openly hear the heart of another and hold it in reverence and humility without jumping ahead in time to trouble shoot, problem solve or to be the therapist? The next twenty five days is the perfect opportunity to find an answer to those questions.
Breathe out from your heart so I can breathe you in, breathe into your heart so you can breathe me in – this is your mantra for the forth coming three weeks.
Andrew Smith © 2018
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the Venus Diaries on the 19th April as Venus trioctiles Saturn
The path of the heart undulates throughout the landscape of your life. There are moments when you feel called to commit, clearly defining what you believe is of worth and value. With confidence you walk a while, at one with that purposeful intention. Imperceptibly, though, the path will always incline, requiring more effort to maintain your momentum. It is during these moments that the depth of your belief becomes the focus as your ego takes over, incredulous that it wasn’t meant to be like this, after all the processing, all the reflection, all the healing and the rightness of the new script that you felt called to create – surely if it is right, surely if you were called by spirit to create, surely if you have done the work, surely if you have created from lOve that you wouldn’t attract this challenge!
And yet, the path of the heart is all about defining and refining, refining and re-defining, as you deepen and heal, heal and deepen, all the time freeing yourself from the multi-dimensional scripts that extend through space and time, through your lineage, your gender, your culture. The work that you do on your heart, matters. You may not get the ‘outcome’ your ego wants, but you certainly always gain what your soul truly needs. So tread consciously over the coming days as the path inclines and the tests of your commitment to what you value and what you believe is of worth to you – in love, in family, in business, in friendship, in economics and in spirit. Remember your commitment to this new path made on December 25th and the deep processing of the past month. Sometimes the world presents you with the opportunity to hold steadfast to your commitment as opposed to confronting you to change… Sometimes…
EI© 2018
Photo by Brene Brown

The Gold Diary on the 18th April as the Sun conjoins Uranus in Cardinal Fire

The dawn that rises within you holds the potential to enable you to truly and freely express the core essence of your light in an unabashed, undiluted and pure manner. It is as if the true you cannot hide and your masculine light shines forth in all its glory. It is something you have felt for the past two years and the processing that has taken place concerning who you are, the exhaustion that has washed through you as your physical body as ached during the necessary detoxification and cleansing period and the frustration at the lack of true freedom and autonomy all feel as if they are being banished. As the qualities of your ‘solar’ complex are released from their slumber, imbued within this time is the opportunity to show up and step out, as the shekels that bind and fetter you fall away, leaving you naked and raw to be honest and true to your heart.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Photo credit unsourced and unknown. Found on multiple pages on Pinterest

Agent EI’s Venus Diary on the 17th April as Fixed Earth Venus trines Cardinal Earth Pluto
As love further awakens within you, the night of your heart feels more like dawn breaking. Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before there was awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with yourself. As love awakens, it is like a rebirth. Everything is possible.
EI © 2018
Photography by Christian Hopkins

The Orange and Silver Diary on the 15th April as Mercury stations in Cardinal Fire ahead of the New Moon

As the silent path becomes less so, the sound of the world once again starts to penetrate your awareness, marking the end of your sojourn within. This past three weeks may not have been inwardly still, quite the contrary in fact, but the revelations have been profoundly revealing nonetheless, as you have observed the disconnect between the truth within your heart and that to which your ego reacts. But you have taken the time to walk in silence, even if every cell in your body has screamed to let it out and let them know exactly what you think, and that silence has offered much wisdom. Silence does not mean that you don’t care, that you are indifferent, that you don’t have an opinion, that you agree, that you consent, that you are not engaged. No, this is a different silence. This is a confident silence. A silence wherein words are not needed as you embody and act from truth; wherein your actions are aligned and consistent with the ‘word’ in your heart; wherein your silence draws out the truth in another, after all silence can be deafening to those who hold un-truths in their hearts.

But that silent path has come to its end and your voice has grown in strength from all that you have faced down. You have wanted to let it all out, to unburden yourself, but you’ve noticed the consequences to those who have prematurely broken that silence. Time has been needed to generate perspective. Time has been needed to listen to the ‘truth’ of others. Time has granted you the wisdom to understand just how many souls in your life are truly living honestly, openly and simply. And patience has yielded deep insight.

As the path leaves behind this land of silence, it has left within you a lasting impression – it is not always necessary to speak up and speak out if you are living honestly, without judgement and without justification. Truth will always show itself in the innocent face of honesty.

“So hold nothing back, as your soul renews its commitment to living openly, honestly and simply. Learn to find ease in risk, after all it is not a true risk to express the full capacity of your soul’s potential when happiness, joy and abundance await for those who embrace themselves.”

Andrew Smith © 2018

Last paragraph is extracted from Awaken and Unfurl – The New Moon in Cardinal Fire and can be read or listened to at

Photo by Denis Ponteira

The Gold and Cyan Diary on the 14th April in preparation for the Cardinal Fire New Moon conjoined Uranus

Stepping and showing up have been two themes that have been ever present in your life over the past seven years, as you’ve felt such a powerful urge not to hide yourself from your world and to openly and freely express your truth, your authenticity and the power of who you truly are. There have also been three previous re-ignitions that have added fuel to your unwillingness to maintain the status quo and to openly rebel against the tutelage of your ancestry, your role in your relationships and the expectations that others have projected onto you. Those dates have been the 22nd March 2012, the 30th March 2014 and the 7th April 2016. And on the 16th April 2018, you will experience the last such re-ignition until 2096, as your soul’s focus turns its attention to freeing itself from its bondage to ‘stuff’/ matter/ food/ sex and the physical world.

As you feel into this last re-birthing of your openly free and unique spirit, it may be poignant to hold a space to reflect on how openly you have given permission for you to be you. If there has been anyone or anything that has held you back, now is the time to offer those people and the scripts that bind you up. The cleansing fire of innocence; the purifying fire of truth and honesty awaits you. A last opportunity to birth YOU lies before you, but will you finally break free from the seduction of safety and sweetly whispered words of sameness? Will you be you?

That is what is on offer…

Andrew Smith © 2018

To read my offering on this unique Lunation please click on the following link (you can also listen to my narration of the article) –

The Red Diary on the 13th April as Cardinal Earth Mars sextiles Mutable Water Neptune
Alleviated from your false hunger, a desire to insatiably consume anything to fill you – the money to give you the freedom to do what you truly want; the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ relationship; information to distract your mind from what truly matters; coffee to keep you asleep; alcohol and drugs to numb and dumb your soul; screens to disengage you – within this healing space you have the opportunity to let go of any unnecessary and outlived desires of your egoic Will that no longer serve you, that no longer open you to lOve. “Passion uplifted”, lust, greed and aggression have no place within this sacred space, as your body and soul becomes super sensitive towards acts of crassness, lies, deceptions and addictive dependencies.
But are you truly prepared to embrace what you are moving through? Are you prepared to give up those distractions, should they still frequent, as your soul recognises that they are merely preventing you be you? Detoxifying from drama and diversion, your soul senses that it can no longer remain embraced and seduced by any person or object that requires your attention as they are something that are preventing you maintain your path towards enlightenment. But are you open to giving up on that which hinders your capacity to raise the vibrational tone of your ability to actualise, even if it means saying goodbye within this softening, deepening and purifying time.
Andrew Smith © 2018
Photography by Misha Gordin
The Venus Diaries on the 12th April as Fixed Earth Venus sextile Mutable Water Neptune
When you are in lOve with life, your creativity is enhanced, as you want to enhance beauty, bring in more music, feel and move to the rhythm that lies deep within creation and can see the infinite possibilities that are on offer. When you permit lOve to flow through you, trust and surrendering are easy to engage as the wild in you enlivens and sharpens your reality, opening you up to a more colourful and enriched life, daring you to walk boldly along a path that the conservative voices within chastise you for. Life was meant to be experienced without limits and without fear, as it is for living, for passion, for enchantment and enormously fecund with opportunity.
Within this space, opportunity invites you to embrace a more open expression of your heart centred reality, regardless of whether you ‘see’ yourself as possessing an intrinsic sense of creativity, in the classical sense of the term, or not. Insight abounds, opening your awareness to a more full and complete expression of your heart-mind, enhancing your ability to discern between choices led by your ego and those led by your soul.
Will you let go control, attachment to outcome and reason and lead with your heart or will you remain small within the thick walls that you have created to keep you safe?
Andrew Smith © 2018
Art by Dennis Potokar

The Orange Diary on the 8th April as retrograde Cardinal Fire Mercury trioctiles Jupiter and trines Ceres

How revealing it is to observe what truly dominates the heart of your mind when, in those moments of unscripted conversation, you take note of the themes that naturally arise when your guard is down and you talk openly, freely and without preparation. Look beyond the initial salutation or mandatory weather observations to the subject that, regardless of the topic (current affairs, the search for mutual connection, what you do productively etc.), keeps arising, as that tells you a lot about what concerns you, where your mind is truly at and what nourishes your mind. Does that surprise you and are you at peace with those perpetually looping scripts that are being brought to light as you near the motionless Cardinal Fire mind?

Andrew Smith
Conceptual Photograph found on Me&Edward

The Venus Diaries on the 7th April as Fixed Earth Venus trines Cardinal Earth Saturn

Within you lies a depth of heart wisdom, deep feelings from which you create all that you experience and all that you perceive. It is a heart that beats in jOy and in pain. It is a heart that loves and lOves. It is a place within which your innocence, your hopes and your longings lie.

And yet, it can be hard to keep your heart open in a world that takes and takes; it is not easy to lOve and lOve again without expectation of return, without ego interfering and without feeling invisible; it can be a challenge to take the silent, quiet path, when you are surrounded by “private” performers documenting and uploading their ‘altruistic’ activities to share with the world; it can be tiring to give and give again. But it is all you can do. If you are living the path of lOve, you have no other option but to keep lOving.

Is lOve what you speak, but fear has built walls around you, keeping you safe and protected? Is lOve what you believe in, but the scripts and patterns of your past still prevent you from truly trusting? Is lOve what you say that lies within, yet judgement, righteousness and unkindness puppeteers your actions? Tread tenderly this weekend, as the truth of what lies within your heart is revealed.

It may be a deeply healing weekend. It may be a supporting and affirming weekend. It may be both. But should lOve not be central to your path, please take this opportunity to know lOve whenever it presents itself. Open yourself and let it penetrate you to your core. What is there to lose? Just imagine what could emerge around you when you openly express your heart, and I mean, truly express your heart from a place of lOve…

Andrew Smith © 2018

Art – unknown and unsourced. Found on multiple sites on Pinterest.

The Purple Diary on the 6th April as Jupiter sextiles Pluto

Hope does not necessarily concern living in the future. It is a state of perpetual positivity that would like to see constructive actions undertaken in the lives of those onto which you place your focus. It is a belief in abundance but also the realisation that others may not share that belief and therefore chose to grow through less comfortable times. It is about seeing the light that exists within all living things, opting to see it as opposed to the dark. It is about knowing that more exists to life than just the hum drum of everyday planning and commitments. It is about seeing the true soul essence of another and wanting to see them having the confidence and belief in themselves to honour that essence and self-actualise. It is your internal beacon that always shines on prosperity. And it is yours to cultivate and consciously access during this emotionally raw, deeply contradictory time.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Meme Credit source and origins unknown

The Orange Diary on the 5th April as Mercury squares Saturn

The past two weeks has really been about how you communicate your spirit – that immutable and eternal essence of you that never dies, though dwindles from time to time through disappointment, hurt, confusion, fear, anxiety, judgement, assumption and conflict. The emotion you hold in your heart is what you truly communicate from and you have been offered a chance to reflect on whether you hold fast to that emotion as pressure increases, or whether it is merely an ideal that you aspire towards but have not fully committed to. Hard to face, those ghosts that you vanquished have subtly surfaced, goading you back into fear in the hope that your heart hardens, and in time numb you to your jOy and your lOve. Today is a day to stand firm to your convictions and walk your talk, despite the practical implications and the anxieties that are blinding you to the bigger picture.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Image credit unknown and unsourced

The Orange-Red Diary on the 4th April as Retrograde Cardinal Fire Mercury squares Cardinal Earth Mars and Saturn

For years you were not heard unless your pitch deepened or sharped or the volume increased above the level of the white noise. Aeons have past as you have worked on speaking up and speaking out, whilst internally working on your boundaries so as you no longer shook like a leaf in a violent wind or berated yourself in case you went too far. Then technology shielded you from eye to eye contact and from the safety of your keyboard you found it easier to speak forth.  The keyboard morphed into a touch screen and reading beyond a couple of minutes faded, as the contents of your inner world became suddenly projected out into the world, filterless and divorced from the impact your emotionless text reads. The art of reflection dying, the Cult of Reaction growing daily, Silence and Stillness prepare their last will and testimony.

There is a difference between the silence of confidence and the silence of fear. There are times when the Path of Silence is the only way, even if everything in your soul screams for the injustice, after all responding in heat only generates more heat. There are times when silence offers perspective and a more insight response. There are times when silence has more impact on those who profess too much. Today is one of those times.

Silence of confidence is not the silence of fear.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Meme source unknown

The Red Diary on the 3rd April as Mars still conjoins Saturn but is now Waxing

There’s something about the space that you are moving through that feels different. Yes there is a belaboured feel to this time and yes, there is a sense that you are driving with your foot hovering over the brakes. But you can also sense purpose. It is as if you can sense a shift in awareness building silently within, building imperceptibly to the world around you, but building nonetheless. There have been copious omens of death surrounding you of late – endings of relationships that have been based on unkind words and actions; endings of activities that no longer serve you; endings of ambitions and desires; changes in your libido; changes in your sense of how you assert yourself. Those old methods just don’t seem to work anymore. There exists within a silent, but resolute desire to focus and to restructure the way in which you expend your energy, along with a feeling that you don’t want to waste time with people and activities that are no longer aligned with this emerging sense of purpose. And the lack of guilt or judgement in this feeling is liberating, as you reflect on the notion – ‘Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors, but it takes passion to open them. If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there’. This is something you are starting to feel again, building slowly within, as you release your past and focus on creating in the now.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Photo – Dawn at Viikki Marsh by Olli Malmivaara

The Red Diary on the 2nd April as Mars and Saturn conjoin in Cardinal Earth

Since the 5th January 2018, the quality of your energy levels; how you direct your will; the clarity and conviction to act and use initiative; the way you handle angry feelings; and the manner in which you deal with unkind, unconscious, less conscious and narcissistic, self-serving bullies, has become issues that have arisen, challenging you to explore what is it within that needs to journey with those scripts. That process has intensified over the past month, as your inner world have simmered with vengeful thoughts, hard-to-contain emotional outbursts, self-directed anger and deep frustration as you feel as if you have been driving with the brakes on. And yet all the time, kindness has reached out, beyond the hurt and insidious processing and analysing, to hold you firm within this maelstrom, offering you insight into how to channel those heated emotions into something constructive. No longer wishing anger to sear the ground beneath you, conscious that you no longer want to walk within this echoless wasteland, bleeding your life force of its valuable energy as you argue with yourself and those within your world, you have become increasingly aware of the necessity of reframing how you react; how you respond; how you direct your will; how you use your libidinal energies and how you assert yourself, you have listened to kindness and understood the power of reframing.

Reframing does not mean denial or suppression. It is merely you becoming conscious of your feelings and your subsequent choices based on your reactions, truly seeing their impact on your life and in your world and deciding to respond in a less blind, less orchestrated and less familiar manner.

Today’s energetics offers you a chance to reframe your reactions to unkindness/ rudeness/ the abuse of power/ to the perpetual inner critic/ to those who use manipulative tactic to play with your heart and head and to anger – justified or not. Today is the chance to consciously acknowledge your reactions, your frustrations, your anger and rather than denying that they exist, finding an alternative way to channel them, a more conscious way.

Are you up for the challenge to rise above those feelings and people that seek to keep you chained to the perpetual turning wheel?

Andrew Smith © 2018

The Dawn Diary on the 1st April as Cardinal Fire Mercury and the Sun conjoin and as Cardinal Earth Mars and Saturn conjoin

Like a needle stuck in an endless loop at the end of a 33 or 45, too long have you travelled with those old scripts, those patterns that agitate your mind, fire up your heart and generate countless scenarios, none of which will be acted upon or indeed will manifest. What purpose do they serve other than to disrupt your equanimity and to create unkind thoughts and emotions that only bind you deeper and deeper to people who have neither care nor idea of your dis-ease? The purpose that they truly serve has been the subject of the past couple of weeks, as within you have sojourned, for answers to discover and now the time has come to lay aside the past, as the dawn rises, offering a fresh perspective on all that has fallen before you, lightening a path through what was previously invisible, inviting you to new frontiers, new companions and new experiences.

I wish you courage that to waste no more on that which has been and to move out from that place which has controlled your mind and altered your actions; I wish you strength to walk free from all that ails you, as you start afresh, a new Word in your Mind and Intent to fuel your actions; I wish you gentleness when around you is strife; I wish for you that you stay your path, even if those around you try to reel you in; and I wish your eyes fall on beauty, hope and honesty.

Andrew Smith © 2018

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The Gold Diary on the 28th March as the Sun trioctiles Jupiter and squares Saturn
Busy and noisy, the world around you is becoming; distracting and fearful is the news; assumptions and judgement reign supreme in a world that has forgotten this great mystery you are living through; silence and stillness are the enemies that allow you to breathe, reflect and see through the illusion. And yet, remaining still and calm within the maelstrom; and yet, selectively discerning where to place your attention within the rush, is ever so important if you are to prevent being stretched too thin, allowing commitment fulfilment anxiety wash over you and remembering the great mystery that you are involved in. Simplicity can be a great gift, especially at times when the fear of being still and silent is pushed out of your life by an addiction to keeping going – mentally, physically and emotionally. Silence speaks. Silence calms. Silence educates. Silence empowers. Ahead of the planting of a ‘Word’ that will, on the 1st April, compel and impel your Light-Mind, taking time to simplify through delegation and prioritisation so that you can truly listen the that Word within is a gift you have offer yourself. Will you though?
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The Orange Diary on the 25th March as Mercury conjoins the Sun-Uranus midpoint

It can be challenging to stand firm, in silence and let your presence, what you stand for, how you live and who you are speak up and speak out, when the world is full of noise, as people clamber to fill the silence in fearful reaction to what it has to say to us about ourselves. It can be challenging to hold steadfast to your word when frustration rises and your ego beckons you to defend yourself or to forcefully put your point across. It can be challenging to remember the simple truth in a distracting, fast paced world, hell bent on limiting intimacy and normalising conformity. It can be challenging to keep calm within a maelstrom of blame and judgement, assumptions and opinions. And yet, you can stand firm, in silence and let your presence, what you stand for, how you live and who you are speak up and speak out. It is something ‘speaking’ through you this weekend, as speak your truth through being is what you have done and as you have done that, you have planted a seed, a seed that will gradually blossom into a fruit that will yield more seeds and more fruit, altering other’s perceptions of reality as they have seen your steadfast, honest, quiet conviction, your non-acceptance of injustice even though you have felt so raw, so emotional, so deeply challenged and so wronged and have had to muster every once of strength not to react. Somehow you have stood firm and allowed your deeper, authentic Light shine forth through merely standing unwaveringly for what you believe.

Andrew Smith

Image by Hoang Hiep Nguyen – Girl standing firm in the storm

The Red Diary on the 22nd March as Mars is squared by the Sun

It’s been building for some time, as the emotional tension of the last month has increased your heart’s energy, its beat doubled and racing like a rock drummer on a roll. Impossible to stay calm, despite the cleansing and purification that has occurred within your, throbbing solar plexus, you want to react, you want to stand up and say enough, you no longer want to accept compromising, you no longer care whether you are being demanding or seen as being difficult. But you are also conscious that lashing out serves no deeper purpose than to bind you further to those who are so lost within their ego-obsession. And what purpose does it serve to react to those unable to see, numbed they are by busyness, distracted by newsfeeds and defensive due to their impoverished worth.

No, reaction won’t suffice, after all you no longer wanting to be enslaved by disappointment, conscious as you are that this emotion is closely tied to blame and sitting within that self-pitying energy you realise that you will remain stuck and will be unable to create from a reality housed with those whose inner and outer realities are truly aligned. And so you ground that energy through you, by focusing this building fire on energising your commitment to being true to yourself, of living a vitalising and life giving authentic path, of being firm in your convictions and unyielding in the face of those who prefer to cast judgement and assume that they know what is best for you. In a world gone mad with reaction and opinions, you close your eyes and breathe deeply into your core and with your out-breathe this fire rises from your base chakra, up through you, cleansing all the emotional tension and upset and freeing you from those fettered bonds. Now free, you can be.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Image by Susan Seddon Boulet


The Gold/ Red Diary on the 21st March as the Cardinal Fire Sun squares the Cardinal Earth Mars!



In this purifying fire, your senses are sharpened, your reactions heightened, your passion is once again stirred and your soul is called to action. In this fire, your shadow can be dispersed as your consciousness is cleansed and your fear of not being able to manifest your heart’s wishes is met and understood. In this fire, may courage kindle to live your truth and to walk your lOve. In this fire, may discernment champion over judgement and the path of firm conviction be your light. In this fire, may  you take further responsibility for your reactions, you are freed to live in the present instead of feeling like you need to correct, convince, control, or try to change others into a mould that you believe to be right be your right way. In this fire, may it light your soul to BE.

Andrew Smith © 2018

Image by AuroraCelestial


The Gold Diary on the 20th March 2018 as the Sun Ingresses into Cardinal Fire on the Equinox

The wheel turns and our consciousness shifts bringing the focus of our egoic light into a different realm. It has been a deeply emotional time, a time that has required patience as you have engaged with those still chained to ‘that which is familiar’, those whose path is still entwined despite the imbalances generated by differing, and diverging, world views. In time you will be surrounded by those whose inner and outer worlds are truly aligned; who have owned their Shadow but have not become consumed by processing; who take responsibility for all their actions at all levels of consciousness; and who knows that magic exists without the need for a wand, a cloak or a spell. For now, however, you must walk between two worlds, releasing both the personal and ancestral weave that binds you to those who are not prepared to become conscious, longing to thrive but are too damn scared to free themselves from their membership of the Cult of the Exterior.

Remember that within you there remains an enchanted place where the colours are more luminous and the air more fragrant than ever; a place where marvels never cease; miracles and magic abound; and where fascination and enthusiasm breed creation. Remember that regardless of the interpersonal challenges you have faced head on, the processing, healing, cleansing and purifying of your soul you have done, there is a place within your soul that remains untarnished by the opinions, perspectives and projections of the world. This place is called Aries, a place that for some marks the start of a new zodiacal year.

The wheel turns and the next month concerns your confidence to express, without hindrance, doubt or self-consciousness, you!

Welcome to Aries

Andrew Smith, ©2018

Image Credit – Komoeditsa – The Vernal Equinox