Agent Ei’s Planetary Diary

by Andrew Smith

The Venus Diaries on the 17th July as Venus squares Neptune

Ah the vicissitudes of love… your poor youthful heart. There may only be love in the end, but it can feel ever elusive when it comes from a place of expectation, hope and longing. Seeing through illusion, opening up in trust and loving without the expectation of return, loving in honesty is a noble aspiration but in the reality of union and connection, whether in friendship or in bed, is much harder to realise, let alone to continue in passionate fervour over time. Yet love is all we have.

Or is it?

You are, and have been, being challenged not to descend into bewilderment, abandonment and disappointment and to remain consciously connected to a higher version of lOve, a lOve that knows no bounds and conditions, a lOve that is ever constant and unwavering and a lOve that lifts your soul to dance with the clouds. This lOve is not love. This lOve is not ordinary. This lOve is extraordinary and is all you truly have.

Let lOve, not love, rule your heart.

Andrew Smith ©2017

The Orange Diary on the 16th July as Mercury quincunxes Pluto

Getting that balance between over thinking and simply being has not been easy of late, as an intense week of processing has engulfed you and a wee battle internally raged as you attempted to claim YOUR own consciousness from the subtle influences of those who claim they walk a similar path to you. The Word within you has been shifting steadily through this past year, but what has emerged of late is the stark reality of where you are on your path and where others in your immediate intimate circle are. It is ever so apparent that what holds your soul is no longer the same. Needing the time to find confidence in this “new” voice; needing time to deepen and gestate before you bring it to the world; needing time to sit in a quiet that is not permitted, so that you can ‘hear’ clearly, needing time in retreat; and needing your flexibility and patience as your WORD tries to reveal itself through the questioning that is coming at you from those around you.

The simple truth is that this WORD already has its own frequency. You’ve just been too stuck cling to vestiges of your egoic dreams to hear it clearly. All you need do is to hear with your heart and gut and not with your head.

Andrew Smith ©2017

Art by by christian schloe – Balance

The Gold Diary on the 9th July as the Sun opposes Pluto

Does get more intense than a Full Moon and the Sun beaming its full light onto Pluto, or is it Pluto illuminating the Sun? Whatever it maybe, it has been a time of stark realisation and confrontation; of illumination and insight; of intense emotions rising to the surface, sometimes bubbling up with surprising intensity; of intense embodied exhaustion as the full implication of three months processing culminates and flowers. And now, facing the unavoidable truth of your Light’s health; facing the reality of your physical well-being; staring down the unmistakable expression of your masculine-Self, you can either breathe a sigh of relief as you receive confirmation of your Yang’s health or you have more processing to go!! If it is the latter, you are not alone, after all life feels (at the moment) but one big onion – pealing back layer upon layer, tear upon tear. But even onions have a centre where there are no more layers, and some day, if you don’t feel it is today, you too will reach it. If you haven’t, that massive HOWL you released last night, will have helped. Intense days. Intense days…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Artist unknown

The Gold Diary on the 8th July as the Capricorn Moon fills with Full Light
Emotions heightened, your body ever so sensitive, reacting to any and all toxic behaviours/ attitudes/ implications and in actions, tonight is an evening to truly feel how much your body has put up with over the past six and a half months, since the since the prayer you made on the 29th December 2016 as you planted a seed to generate a specific structure within your reality, the health of which is staring you FULL in the face, under this intensely luminous flowering this evening. It is impossible to ignore what you now need to let go over, as you feel the need to purge your emotional and physical body of scripts/ patterns and people who you have given permission to diminish your inner Lights. So open your lungs and out will flow a ROAR, on which those scripts will depart.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – unknown

The Gold Diary on the 5th July as the Sun squares Jupiter and trines Neptune

Overstretched? Too much on? Too many people pulling out of you? Conflicted by the paradox of the intense desire to put your head down and ‘lawn mower’ into your mountain of commitments whilst at the same time feeling the urge to fight for your freedom from those limitations? You want to feic it all but know you can’t as you would let yourself down and those you’ve committed your time and energy to. Yes, it feels overwhelming… it may even feel as if you cannot truly be true to who you are… it may also feel that you are being tested by those who you thought were on a similar path… you may even feel ‘what is the point’.

In truth, however, you are merely being tested to see how deep is your belief in yourself and whether you will remember to stay true to your path. The distractions only serve to show you what you need to leave behind, as your longing for peace, jOy and abundance is further awakened within those raw emotions. Remember that ever radiant quiet light that always shines within, a light that seeks only to illuminates true beauty and possibility, a steady beacon within a world gone mad, guiding you towards living a life only filled with lOve. There is only lOve at the end of the day. There is only lOve. Look down at your chest and see with your One eye that ever radiant Ray. Follow it. Trust it. It won’t let you down.
Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – unknown

The Purple Diary on the 3rd July as Jupiter quincunxes Neptune

Like a filmstrip, this is a time to review the course of your life, especially the decisions you committed yourself to some seven years ago. During this review, notice where you put your faith, whether that is into a relationship, finding a twin flame, a church, into a job, an education, a political party, a country, a place that we live or a culture that you love. In other words, have you put your future into things that are potentially whimsical, material or spiritually insubstantial? It is not that those things are not wrong. It is just that you are guaranteed that one or more than one of those investments will, in time, let you down. Therefore seeking to understand more fully what faith and belief means to you and whether there is a consistent relevancy between your inner faith and conviction and the way that you live on a daily basis, is, but, one of the interpretations of this transit.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image still – Black Mirror, The Entire History of You, Series 1

The Red Diary on the 2nd July as Mars opposes Pluto

Do you take on violence when it is directed towards you? If you witness unkind acts through the manipulative lens of the media, do they haunt your mind and does righteousness enflame your heart? When someone attacks you, do you inwardly attack yourself, allowing such confrontation burrow into you for days or weeks afterwards? Do you use the ammunition that has been discharged to hurt you against yourself or retaliate out of a perverse sense of vindicated justice, further binding you and your mirror in a deeper karmic embrace? Would it not be better to liberate yourself from this potential incarceration by transmuting the hostility with sincere compassion, looking that person in the eye, offering them the gift of a heartfelt smile and inviting them for a cuppa and chat? After all they are enslaved within their pain body and seek to find companionship within their lonely cell. You don’t have to join them in this dark place, but your genuine kindness can offer you both a key to unlock that prison door.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – unknown

The Red Diary on the 26th June 2017 as Mars Trines Neptune

No longer simply focused upon matters of the flesh, desire or ambition for ambitions sake, the movement towards a higher, more compelling goal; to release yourself from the slavery of ego; and to make real your dreams is a quality that pervades your awareness, driving your telos, lifting your spirit up, heightening the sensitivity of your libidinal energy and rendering impossible the ability to maintain a relationship with anger, competition, selfishness or loneliness. As you feel an inclination to actively merge with another, an ideal or a cause, your ability to raise the bar and to engage in activities that are soulfully purposeful, that supports the spread of your talents within your world and to build your confidence and belief in yourself and your capabilities is one of the central features of this liminal time. How you channel your passion, your creative energy in an untiring and profoundly motivated manner is THE question that you have to ask yourself.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Jaz

The Red Diary on the 25th June as Cardinal Water Mars squares Jupiter and trines Neptune

Touchy sensitivity; disproportionate reactions; energy levels swing moodily from high to low; finding it difficult to direct your energy in a level and measured manner? Not too surprising, after all there has been so much emotional processing and growth of late that it may feel impossible to remain calm, collected and composed. Does that, however, give you permission to openly direct your fire onto others, just because you can and you are feeling it? Just because you are learning to assert yourself within your emotional bonds, does not necessarily mean that letting rip is appropriate! Remember that even though it may feel hard to take a step back to ground yourself once that dizzying heat flashes through you, there are consequences that will be felt through time and further binds to ensnare you further to the Wheel. Is that what you want? Is that the best way to direct your passion?

Within that moment with reactions heightened when your world is washed red, the choice between unkindness and kindness is all you are left with. One binds; one releases; one comes from hurt; the other from lOve. Which will it be?

Andrew Smith © 2017

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The Venus Diaries on the 24th June as Venus trines Pluto during the dawn of the Cardinal Water lunation

It’s been a revealing few days as deep revelations concerning the values you truly hold regarding life, love, money, relating, respect, dignity and compassion have arisen. Even though it has felt like a death; even though it has been intense and at times dramatic; even though the emotions invoked have been uncharacteristically direct and open, you can see the deeper purpose behind needing to move through those intimate conflicts. Today, as love further deepens within you, the night of your heart feels more like dawn breaking. Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before there was awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with yourself. As love deepens, it is like a rebirth. Everything is possible.

lOve not love is my hope for you on this dawn.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Silver and Gold diary on the 23rd June just hours before the New Moon

Busy mind, weary heart, take my hand as I journey towards the beckoning call of the babbling river. Bring with you any emotion stored in your body due to expectation, anticipation; any hurt or loneliness; anyone else heart that you have unexpectedly carried; any stubborn emotional burden that has kept you trapped in the past; any memory that irks you; any longing that has bound you; any joy that has kept you from being present; any grief or guilt that has drowned you; or any mental loop that has stopped you listening to what your heart truly sings. The river awaits, so too the opportunity to re-connect to the power and strength of your emotions. Johannes, too, is waiting and in his hands, the water that will renew your heart will flow to awaken the Eye that matters.

It’s time for heart-intentions. Set them well.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Orange Diary on the June Solstice, as Mercury moves from being a morning star to an evening star as it conjoins the Sun, at the start of its Yin phase.

Okay, this might require a little reflection, but can you recall the commitment you made to your Higher Self back on the 20th April, when you planted a seed of a Word that would guide your daily physical life? Can you think back that far, given how much you have gone through since then and how quickly time has flown? If so, how has that process been over the past two months? Have you allowed the world encroach upon this path or have you stayed true to your breath, allowing only that Word to puppeteer your conscious life? It may not have been easy, but today, not only is it the turning of the seasons – a profound threshold in the cycle your relationship to our collective Light-bearer – but today marks the blossoming of that Word, as it is now fully established in your consciousness. Over the next two months, you are offered the chance to share the insights you have had, so as to excite and inspire others to think carefully about the intention that lies beneath the way that they communicate and what they want to subliminally weave into the dynamic they have with their world. After all you are a living embodiment of manifesting what you most focus upon!

Fret not, however, if you don’t feel that you have successfully embodied this Word. A new process will occur on in two months’ time on the 26th August. It may not have a Taurean flavour to it and therefore will not be about bringing spirit into your body, but it will offer you a chance to ground and disseminate your ideals in a practical manner, thereby helping you consciously mould and shape your physical incarnate reality.

Of course, you could just focus on the emotional insights canoeing around your emotional-body as you gentle wade into the Holy River on Saturday…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Artist – unknown

The Gold Diary on the 21st June as the Sun dives into Cancer on the Solstice

It’s the turning of the seasons and a time when the light is either at its peak or trough, depending on whether you live in the North or South. Either way, today marks a profound threshold as we gather our thoughts on how emotionally intelligent our Light is ahead of the baptismal waters of the 24th, the question that is being poised is what emotional script to you want to live and breathe by? You have the chance to put that pray to the sacred river on Friday evening/ Saturday morning, so hold a space in your heart for the emotion that you want to actively live by, before offering it out to the world when the Kairos is more apt during the forthcoming Cardinal Water lunation.

Happy solstice to each and every one of you and to those in your world that you lOve.

Andrew Smith © 2017
Art – unknown

The Venus Diaries on the 5th June 2017 as Morning Star Venus octiles Neptune

It’s been some time, eh? As if the trials and tribulations of your ego’s will being tested this past couple of weeks, as you have been called upon to look irritation and frustration full in the face; despite the quandary of deciding whether you have been confronted or illuminated; through the uphill challenge of aligning yourself with your path, despite the distractions and emotional vicissitudes – on one hand it is so right, on the other, oh boy, some more work and processing is required; and though the inner battle to cleanse yourself of the dear of death, after all the more you hold on, the darker the demons tear your life away (but are they really demons or merely angels freeing you from yourself?) your new heart consciousness (yes, remember that) has been trying to see through the illusion of longing, to remain fiercely independent yet deeply connected and to transmute love into lOve, yet still permitting love to just be.

(Still following?)

As that fire burns inside, the fire of frustrated desire and longing, remember that those things that burn within you are those enemies of your soul that bind you – your memories, expectations, attachments and longings. And it is those things that keep you separate, keep you in anticipation and living in the future, and keeps you from truly surrendering from this illusion. It has been time to empty yourself of all those you love, after all, those who come from true lOve will remain, whether in physical or ethereal presence. Let love become lOve and trust that love can be lOve.

Talk openly; lOve openly – there is no time for games; there is no time for poker; there is only now. There is only lOve.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Orange Diaries on the 14th May as Mercury octiles Neptune

Feeling like an unpredictable penetration of a creative, yet tiring and chaotic, impetus in your life, a plethora of distracting, humbling and frustrating experiences have recently arisen as your try to balance your everyday life with a state of awareness that is more commonly found nestled with the comfortable, supporting environs of an Southern Indian ashram. This may mean that level to which you normally focus loosens as interest in everyday, mundane matters tires, making it is harder to concentrate on simple practical tasks. This is not due to the premature onset of dementia, memory loss or woolly thinking, despite the slippages of time. It is merely that your rational mind has been infiltrated by a more soulful and creative process as you are encouraged to raise the level of your awareness to matters that are more ideological, broader and spiritual in orientation.

As you are being internally challenged to continue to raise your awareness up to a higher, more creative level, you are also being asked to shed control and rational analysis from your thought process, to let go and trust and to show up without an agenda. Will you?

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Purple Diary on the 12th May as Jupiter quincunxes Neptune and trines Mars, within the new mental-inspiration and youthful heart-consciousness vibe.

Weary soul, look up and see all that you have done and far along the path you have walked; all that you have achieved, alone and without the support your ego longed for; the ideas that you were/ are chastised for believing and the doubts that continue to try to bring you down; look at how far you’ve come on this pilgrim path. You have been growing, despite the mental tension and anxiety; you continue to be motivated by this young beating heart and a naïve but infectious belief that you can be what you lOve and live what you lOve. So take a moment to look up and see all that you have done and continue to do. Look up. Look up.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – the Paranormal Sheep

The Silver Diary on the 10th May as the Moon is FULLY illuminated within the Deep

Cast back your mind, gentle spirits to the eve of the 30th October to that quiet light that shone within the Deep, illuminating highly charged emotions, reminding you of your humanity and awakening your heart to seek the infinite possibility of lOve. Within that subtle quickening, your days were filled and your longing satisfied, as planted a seed that is now flourishing. Over the past six and a half months, did you lose your heart or has it strengthened? Did you remain firm to the belief that you could live what you lOve or have you succumbed to the illusion that money matters? Did you alter your consciousness or remain fixed within the realm of the banal and mundane?

Tonight is the night that that seed will flower. Breathe it in and savour its beauty, your beauty, as it is as beautiful as you are.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image from crystalbastrology

The Orange Diary on the 8th May as Mercury conjoins Uranus

Hyper stimulated; mind working overtime; speedily processing too much information yet hungrily wanting more and more; insights abounding, but unable to find the diplomatic language to articulate it all in a manner that truly reflects what you see; misinterpretations are bound to happen in this unsteady but exciting time. But that will all shift shortly, as your mind is trying to release the nervous tension that has had you waking up at ungodly hours, processing so much and having you believe that another mammoth Full is playing tricks with your inner wolf. So shut down doubt, minimise exposure to the un-necessary distractions and open your mind to channel pure knowledge and pure insight over the coming day or so.

Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – Charlie Bowater

The gOld Diary on the 3rd May as the Sun and Neptune Sextile

Have you noticed a gentle and gradual increase of confidence rising from within you, coupled with a feeling of being nudged to be more active out in the world? Will you take the necessary steps to move with this nudge? Are you prepared to step out and to allow your Truth radiate out into your world? Are you comfortable with the prospect of being seen, truly seen? After all, does title, status, material wealth or stock piling so you can retire really matter to your soul? In the end, being true to your inner essence, living what you lOve and lOving what you live is what life is about. So as you are urged towards a higher ground, where your imagination comes alive within this new confidence, realisation that you can lOve and you can live becomes clearer and clearer.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image credit unknown

The Gold Diary on the 1st May as Sol trioctiles Saturn

It is too easy to complain and to see omens of doom and despair; it is too easy to focus on the stupidity of a system hell bent on returning to social and economic poverty, as the same people in the same institutions re-create the ignorant greed that wreaked havoc only a short few years ago; it is too easy to descend to the level of chains and double talk; it is too easy to limit yourself by not believing you CAN; it is too easy to blame and focus on the without, after all that seed of your Light sown in your consciousness may not have taken root or come to fruition yet.

Yet, it is in those times that you are called to raise your Light, to focus beyond the pain that is so real and so much part of being here. Pain can be a great teacher as it slows and focuses inwards the soul to consider what has been ignored and to consider the purpose of being here, since it is within those scant moments free of suffering that deepens the appreciation for all that flourishes here.

As your heart has refreshed and as your mind stalls, you are called upon to engage in that ancient ritual – converting base metal into gOld, as you are challenged to receive Light transmissions and awaken to your own inner light. The distractions and busyness maybe great; so too the pain and loss, the egoic challenges and trappings of self-esteem and self-judgement. But it is all you have, is to look through these enemies that seek to trap and colonise you, and to free yourself from the descent deeper and deeper into the world and further and further from your freedom.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image found uncredited on Pinterest

The Venus Diaries on the 30th April 2017 as Venus stomps on the Mars-Uranus midpoint in quintile to Pluto

Can you feel it?

Rising passionately through the molten cacao beans on Aphrodites Rock; heating up the blood of every Latino cell in your body; echoing through the clarion cry of your inner Valkyrie; shaking off the emotional exhaustion of the therapist; and enlivening the feet of even the most conservative civil servant, can you feel it?

Blinding you to the monotonous rhythm of over produced, market lead creative projects; opening you to the lOve that resides within your heart, can you feel it?

You were not born to be bled of the life force that is YOU. You are everlasting lOve. You are jOy. You are born of creativity and you are creativity incarnate. Why listen to the world that is terrified of what you can do? Why try to make a living from what you lOve? Why try to impress the world with your creativity? You are creativity. Open up your heart and let your rhythm out.

Can you FEEL it?

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Venus Diaries on the 23rd April as Morning Star Venus separates from her square to Saturn

Revealed, over the past days, has been the size of the gap between what you say you are your Heart-consciousness values and how you truly live as the reality of the level to which your value system operates (your way of treating stranger and friend alike/ your attitude towards financial distress and misadventure/ the way you take responsibility for unintended mishaps/ the justifications that are made concerning the support of certain social/ political values). Your Heart-Consciousness has been given the chance to renew and revitalise itself, yet it can be hard to truly get to the bottom of whether your values are truly moulded and shaped by the real YOU or whether you continue to be puppeteered by those invisible chords wrapped around you by your family/ culture/ environment. Have you truly started to walk along this new Heart-Path, living openly and in utter trust and believe of what you lOve, even if the new path feels unfamiliar or have you merely adorned new clothes? Mind the gap (I hope it is a small one, after all you have been working hard at redefining and letting go so many ‘add-ons’ to that which you have been taught to love, on this journey towards lOve!)

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Stock Images

The Venus Diaries on the 21st April as Venus squares Saturn

If you have been in any doubt concerning the nature of what/ who and how you value, look around you. Look at the people you have in your life. Look closely at the true reason that motivates why you work where and how you work. Look at the friendships you have forged and the values that brought you together in the first place. Look at those who have graced your life with insights – both kind and unkind. Look at those patterns that reoccur within you that bring you down. Look at the time you genuinely spend engaged with people and activities you love. Look at the way that you judge or the assumptions you make about people or circumstance and ask yourself what do you seek to gain from those egoic conditions? Do they come from a place of peace and love or from a darkened, frightened and lonely place?

Over the past few days your life has been drawn into a deeper awareness of the actuality of the values in your life, not in an abstract and theoretical manner, but in a real, raw and physically tangible manner. If you have asked for nothing, while giving thanks and gratitude to all and what has graced their life, blessed have you been. If you have expected and felt entitled, an active process of transformation and inner confrontation has waged as this new world beckons. Does it feel far away? Have you integrated what you have experienced? Are you bounding along upon this new path, fuelled by the Word you have set, across the Bridge that now exists? Insight abounds and help will always come to those who ask…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image from Stock Images

The Venus Diaries on the 20th April as Venus squares Saturn

A sound carries on it a resonance, which in time is refined, taking a more solid shape and becomes increasingly more defined and alive. A word is a totem by which your soul vibrates and if taken to your Heart, becomes infused with emotional meaning, further assisting its power to manifest.

An infant is fed with nothing but lOve. But that changes with age and lOve becomes love, conditioned by deeper ancestral, cultural and personal scripts. Over the past few weeks, the notion of what, how and who you love has been the central focus of your Heart-Consciousness’ reality, as several Words have been revealed to you in darker moments, creating an inner crisis or turning point. You have known for a long time that you are worthy and can make a life from what you lOve. And yet there has been a disconnect – how you have to live and how your heart wants to live have needed to be bridged. And now, that process climaxes. The Bridge is complete. Whether it is a Bridge made from gOld or whether you have done an ‘Arthur Daly’ on it, time will tell, as the quality of your inner processing, looking beyond the desires of ego and to engage in deep Shadow work, has guided this architectural process.

Yesterday, you were offered the opportunity to plant a Word in your Mind, a word that will guide and inform your Mental Reality. That Word will freely travel across that Bridge to your Heart, and together will support you on this new dawn. So process well, if you need an 11th hour therapy session, or take a step back and reflect with quiet content on what you have put in place, for today is one of those days that you can clearly see the way in which you have defined the reality of your Heart.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Freydoon Rassouli

The Venus Diaries on the 19th April as Venus octiles the Saturn/Chiron midpoint on the day Mercury conjoins Sol

Old heart-scripts, new ways of looking at them… As the heart-dawn strengthens, you are called upon to truly walk this new path, free from that which burdens your weary mind. And weary has been a key word I have heard spoken by many of late. Nocturnal wakings, not bathroom induced, as dreams abound within this deeply unconscious space. Many messages have been given but have they been integrated? And those heart-felt burdens you have continued to carry – they are not you, but merely scripts that you have come here to work through. Help has always been there, especially during those highly charged emotional experiences when your reactions are so acute that you are virtually guaranteed to chain yourself further to this plane of consciousness!! But it is a Heart-Dawn, and today is a Mind-Dawn. So as the flame of Light burns through your Mind-Consciousness, today is a day of offering, as you are called to release mental thought-patterns that no longer serve you, and in its place a vacuous space is left, eagerly awaiting a new –Word that needs to align with your rejuvenated Heart-Consciousness, a Word that will infuse through your Being and world. What will that Word be?

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Freydoon Rassouli

The Venus Diaries on the 17th April 2017 as Venus squares Saturn and moves away from her Chironic embrace

Refining yet defining; tightening yet loosening; covering old ground, yet with new eyes and a refreshed heart; old patterns, new levels; old scripts, yet consciously navigated; familiar ground, yet somewhat unfamiliar – are just a few of the heart-centred paradoxes encountered in the early days of this new heart-path. No-one said newness would be easy. No-one said that the processing would stop. But what is guaranteed is that you cannot continue to orbit those old scripts and expect a different outcome. That is what this Venusian Retrogradation has been about – freeing your heart-spirit so that you can openly and freely express your heart-truth without expectation of entitlement or return. Any person that distracts you from your path is not your true path. You may have companions. You will have companions. But they are only companions. They are not the path. You are the path. You are the destination. In this new dawn, love and the wisdom of lOve can carry you further in, as you remember how to be innocent and wise.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image credit – Fredeffe 2014

The Venus Diaries on the 16th April – the first day after her Station in Pisces, conjoined Chiron and square Saturn
The processing never ends!
It is a normal function of life. In the time before a new dawn, walking in the desert with the enemies of your soul is what everyone does no matter how en-light-ened they maybe. No one is immune from this inner dance!
But it is the quality of the time spent within your heart scripts; the depth to which you allow those raw and vulnerable patterns emerge; the willingness to embrace the heart-Shadow, to acknowledge the lust, desire, hunger, guilt, shame, and paradoxical feelings that coarse through you emotional body, that will in time free you from the ancestral/ gender based/ karmic and personal bonds that have enslaved you within a never-ending heart-based groundhog day.
The energy that you invest in that dialogue, as you seek to free yourself from those puppeteers, is merely preparation ahead of the practical test that arises on the early footfalls of a new path. Those tests abound these on these ginger days as you seek to re-define the wounds to your heart, based on where you are NOW, today, not where you have been and how you have loved. And that is not an easy process as those tendril weaves attempt to keep you in love but not lOve.
You can feel that the deep space held in reflection is passing and it is time to move on. You can feel something new and it is frightening. After all there is nothing previously written in your heart to guide you forward. It feels unfamiliar. And that is good. Familiarity is merely repetitious. Unfamiliar covers new ground. That is necessary if you are to move beyond your past and move into conscious relationship with yourself, with your lOved ones and with your world. So in these days of new, remember your heart is not an echo of your past and that lOve is all you have to offer, even if there are those who cannot feel it.
Welcome to the new heart-dawn.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit Freydoon Rassouli
The Venus Diaries on the 15th April as Venus ends her Retrogradation holding hands with Chiron and keeping Saturn in her peripheral vision
In out of the way places of the heart
Where your thoughts never think to wander
This beginning has been quietly forming
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.
For a long time it has watched your desire
Feeling the emptiness grow inside you
Noticing how you willed yourself on
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.
It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the grey promises that sameness whispered
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent
Wondered would you always live like this.
Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream
A path of plenitude opening before you.
Though your destination is not clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is one with your life’s desire.
Awaken your spirit to adventure
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.
Words by John O’Donohue
Image found on Reddit
The Venus Diaries on the 14th April as Venus starts to station and turn Direct conjoined Chiron and square Saturn
Ever constant, clearly visible, her lucid white, blue light reigning down on the Earth in the early morning skies, Venus momentarily pauses and reflects back over her 40-odd day meditation. What a process it has been. It has been intensely emotional, especially within this heart-stillness, a space that has no permitted you to do anything but to observe whether you are truly living in accord with those lofty ideals that inspire you. The outer world has acutely mirrored your heart-consciousness of late and you have been challenged to redefine your heart in sync with who you are NOW and from not the ghost of your past. And that has been a fun journey as your rejuvenated heart has tried not to be eclipsed by your ego. You may have felt called to surrender and let go all egoic attachments to your desire nature and that has left a vacuous longing, a hunger for union and completion and yet, and yet, and yet … It is just there, but still out of reach. Why? Because there exists some layers of Shadow within your heart, willowy filaments left over from your past, not fully healed and integrated.
And that is what these next couple of days is all about.
Empty your heart and truly let go. This is not your past. You are not your past. What you have been, you have been. What you are now, you are now. What you imbue now, will you become.
You heart HAS been touched by light. Your heart has died, and with it all those scripts that have puppeteered your relationships. You do not have to go back there as your heart has been reborn and with it your experiences have yielded to wisdom. On this heart-stillness day, fill your cup with lOve and make a commitment to leave behind what needs to be left behind.
Andrew Smith© 2017
Image Credit – from Tiny Buddha

The Venus Diaries on the 12th April as Piscean Morning Star Venus conjoins Chiron and Squares Saturn

How have you been navigating the turbulent waters of the visceral pain body these stormy days? Have you succumbed to seductive whispers of the jailer, enticing you back into your cell where you can sup in safety from a diet of fear and vitriolic indignation? Has apathy won without a fight as you shrug your shoulders and turn your back? Have you fallen foul of those enemies of your soul that rejoice in your shutting up and accepting your fate, since you are only one person and cannot possibly change? Or have you embraced these tests to your values, stood firm against the agents of the anaesthetic, rejected the sweet temptation of the blue pill and dared to believe that your compassion, your unconditional lOve, your heart based reality and your living your truth can make a difference? You have within you the power to change your world. All you need do is to make the areas of your life where compassion and lOve struggle to grow your true work.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art credit – Nicole Helbig

The Venus Diaries on the 11th April, as Mercury retrogrades in Taurus and Venus conjoins Chiron and squares Saturn

Do you live what you lOve and lOve what you live? Do you honour the path that all those in your life are on, even if unkind thoughts and actions are exchanged? Do you try to honour your soulful commitments in all that you do, holding steadfast to both honour and integrity? Do you live according to all the higher ideals that inspire you, even in tough times when it is easy to default into a less honourable code? Do you take the time to lOve, even when it is not reciprocated and when it is returned conditionally to you?

Remember that the only lOve there is the lOve you create, regardless of whether it is shared or given, as you are tested to grow in self-lOve and self-appreciation, without expectation of return over the coming two weeks.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Chrisdade

The Orange Diary on the 10th April as Mercury stations in tropical Taurus and Venus continues to square Saturn

What a time to turn inwards as your senses have been working overtime. There is so much to consider as your heart find a new way to be in relationship to yourself, your lOved ones, your wallet, your creativity and your belief that you can make a living from what you lOve. And everything has been feeling so acute with your emotions heightened within this new heart space, almost as if you are learning afresh and finding your way along the path of honesty; your sense of smell razor sharp enabling you detect minute changes in the air; your sense of sight keenly watching the tells in the world surrounding you; your sense of touch to responsive and your ear so tuned into the nuances in tone and to the gap between words, that liminal space wherein the truth of another perspective lies. And it is tiring and draining you. Too much noise; too much clutter; too much busyness – it is time to dive within and embrace the silence. Remember to communicate to those you lOve, why you are removing yourself, lest it opens the door to misunderstanding. This time is a sacred one, as Mercury is virtually unaspected, offering you a quiet space to reflect on calming your heightened senses.

Andrew Smith © 2017
Image from XTC, Sense working overtime;

The Venus Diaries on the 4th April as youthful Venus continues to approach opinionated Saturn and guilty Chiron
What a time for your heart consciousness, as you get to redefine the patterns that have kept your heart at bay. Those old heart scripts will arise, remember that those emotional distractions serve only one purpose – to keep you from being true to you. So stand firm, walk confidently and let what is you, guide you. Let every time you step onto the Earth have meaning because you are leaving your mark, even if you feel that you are cloaked in darkened cloth. Your heart is ever lasting. Your jOy, eternal. Your lOve, immutable. This is a new dawn. This is a new path. This is a new yOu.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – stock images

The Venus Diaries on the 3rd April as Youthful Venus retraces Mature Venus’ steps back into Pisces, squaring Saturn and looking to reunite with Chiron

It’s a different kind of reflection, as new love retraces the memory of old lOve. Deep in consideration of what value you really hold for your heart, old heart-scripts resurface for you to view with new eyes and old worth-patterns are re-invoked enabling you to dig deeper into the colonised layering that has encased your heart. Issues abound around self-belief; self-worth; body-health and well-being; and whether you truly have confidence to let free the full power of your heart, living what you lOve and loving what you live. It will be painful at times, as anguish and anxiety flow freely, so that those heart-enemies are embodied, so that you can truly realise the extent to which you have held yourself back. This is not the time to hold back. This is not the time to be 90% you. This is the MORNING heart; the passionate, charismatic, innocent and enthusiastic heart; a heart that remembers the wisdom that her former self learnt; an old soul heart; a truly en-LIGHT-ened heart. And it is your heart. How will you direct this new love/ lOve?

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Destiny Blue

The Venus Diaries on the 2nd April as youthful and eager Venus starts to square Saturn

There is no doubt that we have reached a crisis in our collective consciousness concerning what way love is defined between two consenting souls. “Marriage” has changed over the centuries and in the early post-modern epoch it is no longer about estate, title or security; finance; romantic love; to rear children within; or to build a life with your soul mate. The seeking of a Twin Flame, one who will mirror your path; will walk, fully awake with you; who is dedicated to self-care; you is committed to helping you get through anything; who is utterly trustworthy; who is fully intentional and does not take the relationship for granted; who observes the structures of consciousness inside themselves, as well as inside you; who will gracefully adapt to the changes that age and time will bring; who will embrace conflict, as eagerly as joy and peace; and who will engage consciously, with care and gentleness, are but some of the criteria that many souls I’ve counselled are searching for.

As youthful Venus approaches Saturn, an honest review what it means to be in a “conscious” relationship; what it means to take full responsibility for your Shadow in a relationship; what compassion truly means within a relationship; what it means to know that there is no such thing as compatibility, as awareness is the key to relating, along with a reciprocal mirroring; and what it means to openly and truthfully bear your heart-soul without the expectation of return, are questions to reflect on this coming week, after all this is a time of defining what you love and how you lOve.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – unknown

The Venus Diaries on the 1st April as Venus rises above the Sun in the early MORNING skies, as Jupiter and Pluto square each other.
Against the backdrop of Venus’ fledgling reappearance in our early morning skies, there continues to beat a steady rhythm. If you can mute your own processing for a moment and listen carefully, you hear the metronome’s monotonous pulse, hypnotically entrancing you, keeping you dulled down, locking you within your pain body, binding you with fear and feelings of unworthiness, keeping you from feeling the enormous possibility of your heart.
The Venus Cycle takes place at a perfect time amidst what has been a time wherein the old system has been fighting for its own survival. You have been prompted to surrender and release those values that no longer serve your heart based path. Many of those values beat to the metronome’s pulse and have nothing to do with you (per ce!). Many of those values have been designed purposefully to strip you bare; drain you of your time, creativity and joy; bled you dry by worry of the future and financial anxiety; disenchant you through exhaustion, thereby preventing you to feel the magic of living and loving; and keep you in a state of busyness, anger and frustration, thereby thwarting you from real physical contact with another soul.
Venus never fully immersed herself in the Vault of Light during this birth and therefore contains the memory of what she learnt during the past nineteen months. Therefore love and lOve co-exist as the template of this new Heart-Consciousness cycle. She has been reborn in Aries, reminding you that you have renewed your faith in what you love and as she slips back into Pisces, you are called upon to love innocently, to focus on letting go all fantasies and illusions; all past experiences; all disappointments; all hurt; all frustrations and all egoic desires and to allow the innocence of love and the wisdom of lOve to guide you, as you can experience the power of YOUR heartfelt values and embody what you love and lOve.
For some it may not be an easy process, especially if you have spent many years invested in doubt and self-criticism. Embracing a new start takes time. It unfolds in stages and penetrates each layering of your own processing bit by bit. Yet, there is a new rhythm; a new beat to dance to; a new pulse to surrender and be enveloped by. Zealously clinging to the vestiges of the dying patriarchal system is the old way; living from an open heart, as love and lOve co-exist with each other is the only way. Shedding the vestiges of those deeply ingrained limiting thought forms is precisely what the energetic conditions of spring to early summer 2017 are all about.
So breathe in the fecund possibilities that this renewal of your heart offers and know that despite the heaviness that wants to consume you, you are limitless and that you possess the power to truly create afresh.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – Beat of my Drum by Jill Louise Campbell
The Venus Diaries on the 31st March as Venus is re-born as the Morning Star
And so your Heart Consciousness begins again!
Refreshed, renewed, restored and re-spirited, teeming with unadulterated possibility, Her soul reanimated, Venus emerges from the Vault of Light. Vivaciously alert, she regally scans her environment; piercing eyes alit with a pure and innocent spirit; her heart wide open; her laughter angelic; her light, blinding. She is not of this world, yet fully here. Her memory washed clean; Her soul imbued with the essence of utter potentiality; she is creativity personified, love afresh. She is contagiously magnetic. She is jOy unbound. She is lOve unbridled.
Rising majestically just ahead of the Sun, her appearance as the Morning Star serves as a reminder that your heart is not broken; that your joy is infectious; that your creativity is fresh, alive and magnetic; that you have successfully birthed a new way of loving – innocent in your vulnerability; strong with your conviction; pure of heart; open and untainted. There is no room for doubt – only exploration. There is no need to carry your past – that was a former you. There is no need to hide away – your light is ever so bright.
Today the lOve of your light has been born
Today you are lOve personified
Today you are uninhibited creativity
Today your pure HEART is seen
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – unknown 

The Venus Diaries on the 30th March in anticipation ahead of Venus’ birth as the Morning Star

Senses amplified

Excitement building

Drawing on the palpable air,

Willing the heavens to quench the spiralling chaos


The willowy plumes of doubt,  engulfed by the warm draft of confidence

As anticipation carries hope

Thoughts never ending

Possibilities endless

So very soon

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Jason Lu

The Venus Diaries on the 27th March as Venus gestates

Conceived in lOve,

Within you the faint embryonic fluttering of hope and joy silently grows.

Unbound and free from the constraints of the past,

Anxiety and fear have no ground to root in this place of infinite possibility.

Quivering with anticipation and excitement

A new chapter dawns

A blank canvas beckons

Crying out to be filled with the unconditional creations of your heart

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit –Freydoon Rassouli

The Venus Diaries on the 26th March as Venus is Conceived
Somewhere, floating formlessly within a swirling, spiralling, holographic sea of endless and boundless possibility, reaching across immeasurable space and countless time lines, the singular note momentarily quivers producing a faint, almost inaudible murmur. Imbued with the quality of its essence, this nascent countermelody is the same, but different. Hinting of harmony, yet offering another perspective, new pathways are opened up by this conjunct motion. Promising support, yet offering a new dimension to the melody, there are endless directions in which it can move.
As Venus starts to move across the Sun, out from their recent intimate embrace, a new ideal, a new way of loving, a possibility of a differing quality of peace has been seeded within you. Formless and unbound by anxiety and fear, a dream has just formed as the waves of darkness begin to brighten the shores of dawn.
Will you let this particle of light and jOy remain in harmony with your dream or will it offer you a disjunct alternative? Only you can decide on this day when your Heart Consciousness is being re-seeded with an ideal that will guide and inform your heart’s reality over the forth coming 18/19 months. Plant well my friends.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image Credit – The Soul’s Journey by Freydoon Rassouli

The Venus Diaries on the 25th March as Venus Transition completes and she is re-conceived, lingering in nothing and everythingness, awaiting to reincarnate


Eyes tightly shut, she is unable to escape the light as it penetrates her to the core of her Being. Wave after wave of blinding white heat engulfs her, purifying her consciousness, her shadow embraced and dissolved. Alchemy abounds in this sacred space as negativity can no long play on a perpetual loop, yielding to the sheer heat of love as her truth is reborn.

She finally feels peace washing over her.

Feeling the Presence call inside her head, seducing her with a promise of rest and rejuvenation, she turns towards the soothing whisper.

‘Fear not, my sweetness. Lay down your heart-worries. Leave behind you your heart-cares and frustrations. Give up your position and your dreams of your special status. Give up the illusion of being deserving and entitled. That is the old way and not the way forward. Know that you are lOve. You do not have to seek it. It IS you. Shake the world with your confidence and gentleness, my dear’.

The faint smell of incense wafts across the intense light. Simultaneously a life restoring warmth spreads through her body as she hears those words penetrate the core of her being, rising upwards towards her head. Dizzy but invigorated, courageously yet tentatively, she takes a step forward as she reaches out to accept a gift offered to mark her re-birth.
Opening her eyes, she looks down and smiles. Contained within the crystalline casket is just what she needs to support her on her journey.

What has she been gifted?

What has your Heart been gifted?

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Andrew Smith

The Venus Diaries on the 24th March the day before Renovatio
1 day…
Venus’ 19 month cycle reflects the birth, growth, maturity and waning of your heart based values and over the past two months, we, as a collective, and you as an individual have been encouraged to let go all egoic based attachments to that which you desire. That means who you lOve, what you lOve, what you long for, and who you long for. Yet, it is ironic that the more you focus on that which you desire, you more awareness you are placing on what you don’t have! In creating an awareness of what you don’t have you are generating a reality based on this lack, which in turn further reinforces what you don’t have! Therefore letting go attachments to what you want/ desire/ and long for is important if you are to generate a healthy manifestation of your heart based values.
Healing your heart and its desires is one of the most profound gifts afforded to you during the death and re-birth of Venus, and as Venus passes in front of the Sun on the 25th March, she is being infused with the Solar Light of elemental consciousness, and that baptism light will purify and cleanse your experience of Venus, offering you a chance to renew and replenish your relationship to Venus and therefore your heart based values.
Since Venus is invisible, thinking about what you value or what you desire. That will work during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, especially when Mercury is in an air sign. But will not resonate during a Venus retrograde cycle, especially when she is in a Fire sign. Therefore your healing has to be from the heart and has to be feeling based. But how do you KNOW what to let go of? Listen to your heart!!!
Okay, there are techniques within astrology to do that – you locate where Venus is in your chart by transit and what house or aspects it makes to your natal chart. That will give you a key to where your consciousness happens to be relative to this generic Venus cycle. Alternatively you can cast your eye over the words contained within the Venusian Bubble map, reflecting on the emotions and images that are triggered by those words, focusing specifically on how those words have been for you over the past two years of your life.
Venus concepts
If you find that a particular word, or concept, feels currently uncomfortable, pause and take a note of that word. I would like you to meditate and hold a space around the themes in your life that arise associated with that word. Can I ask you to reflect how that concept is manifesting in your life and specifically when you interact intimately with those in your life? Do you really value that side of yourself? Do you take the time to nourish that part of you? If not, why?
The ability to set a constructive intention concerning your Self-love, Self-valuation and Self-appreciation is what the potential of the alignment of Venus with the Sun concerns on the 25th March. Therefore I would ask you to hold a space for the aspect of this Venusian archetype within you that feels lacking in joy, balance or integration. Visualise that word, or an image that that word invokes for you; place it inside an imagined pentagram, mirroring the quinary symbol that Venus actual will make through space/time on the 25th March; and let the synergy of this Renovatio replenish the light around this un-integrated part of yourself.
The Quinary Venusian Pentagram
As your rejuvenated Solar Feminine makes her ascent back into the world between the 25th and 31st March, you can start to see the fledgling seeds of the intentions set germinate and sprout in the world around you as create reality with your replenished light-essence. Arising as the heliacal morning star, full of youthful zest and a crusading zeal, you can start to experiment with new ways of valuing yourself. The months of April, May and early June (until the 3rd, when Venus makes her Greatest Elongation from the Sun), you have full permission to make mistakes, stumble, fall and get up again, as you find your way with these new pathways.
1 day…
Andrew Smith, © 2017
Image Credits – Andrew Smith

The Venus Diaries on the 23rd March as Dark Venus prepares to end her Transition

2 days…

Encased within matter it feels as if you are separate from everything and everyone. Your attempts to love and to create are merely efforts at transfiguring that illusory separation so you can build bridges outward to enable other people to reach you, and you them.

But anytime a part of you dies, any time you let go something that your heart is attached to, that illusion is shattered as physical separation is broken. As that part of your soul is released from its particular desires, it moves into a more free and fluent universe of spiritual belonging; it re-connects with unbounded possibility; it becomes unified and whole.

As the reflected light of the pale Moon wanes and elderly, weary Venus rests her wizened head on Sol’s chest over the next two days, her death mirrors the release rituals of your heart felt attachments that you have been doing. Her death creates a space for greater generosity, openness and breath to come into your life.

But know that her death is not final. Her death is merely a transmutation of her soul, as her re-birth looms. So grieve not for what you are letting go of. Rejoice in what gifts you have been offered; what you have experienced; what you have learnt; and what is to come. So come rest your weary head and know your lOve, your creativity, your heart has not been in vain.

2 days…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – unknown

The Venus Diaries on the 21st March as Dark Venus is in Transition approaching the Sun in octile to the Chiron/ Pluto midpoint

3 days to let go

Breath spasmodic and laboured, chest heaving, gasping for air, her mind lost amidst a swirling mass of neurotic thoughts and feelings, the stifling heat wafting over her in waves, threatening to overwhelm her, she fights to hold onto her memories as the boundaries of her awareness start to blur and merge with the One Light.

3 days to surrender

Slipping in and out of consciousness, reality and fantasy merge making it hard to distinguish between her life lived and unlived. Her heart consumed by paradox as feelings of joy and sorrow, hope and despair, satisfaction and regret coarse through her veins.

3 days to THE time

Too tired to fight any longer, her heart too weary to hold onto forlorn feelings, slowly she turns her head in the direction of the susurrated whisper. Images of love immediately fill her heart – that first look into her baby’s eyes; the ionised smell of the sea as a spring sun rises majestically on a crystal clear morning; the gentle knowingness in her parents eyes as they celebrated their 50th anniversary; the warmth of her lovers arms as he reached out for her as they watched the twinkling of Sirius in the cold Winter night skies.

Take my hand, fly with me.

Through the fiery haze, she senses a shimmering hand extended towards her. Finally she realises that she was never alone. Lifting her hand, she reaches out…

3 days…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit –unknown

The Venus Diaries on the 21st March as Dark Venus is in Transition approaching the Sun in octile to the Chiron/ Pluto midpoint

4 days…

An urn sits hungrily by the threshold of the Vault of Light. To enter you have to leave behind something precious, something to which your ego is attached.

Know that there is a price to pay within the Vault – you will no longer be able to hide out from your unique natural perfection, pretending you are unworthy.

You will no longer be able to assert your unlovability as you discover that what you are is lOve itself. You will be no longer able to conclude that a mistake has been made or that you were born under a bad star. In this Light of Lights you will see that even your neurotic spinning is weaved of particles of luminosity, brilliance, and intelligence. In this sacred space you see so clearly that there is no ‘you’ here and ‘lOve’ over there; that lOve is something that you need to search for; that lOve will find you; that you will find lOve within the arms of another. That is an old ideal which is being burned up in the March Fire of Transmutation. LOve is here now and is burning up in its longing to move through you to set this world on fire.

There is no need to carry further any blocks that have prevented you living lOve, being lOve, and experiencing lOve. There is no need to not believe that you can live what you lOve and make a living from what you lOve. There is no need to feel alone, when you have never been alOne. All you need to do is to leave something that you have been attached to, a script or pattern that you have invested your heart in, an expectation that has arisen from your ego, behind. All you need to do is decide what that will be. What you offer up to be burned in the Fire of Transmutation. What is it that you are prepared to leave behind in that urn?

4 days…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Ashish Kumar

The Venus Diaries on the 20th March – Dark Venus, as Venus disappears from sight and squares the Saturn/Pluto midpoint

5 Days

The name Dark Venus comes from the fact that Venus slips from our sight and therefore is deemed invisible. In a world that favours the bright and dazzling colours, the dark has developed many negative and fearful associations and it conjures up images of concealment, loss, isolation, madness, failure, grief and the demonic shadow. The alchemical power of such a phase may therefore be lost since the purpose of the dark phase of any cycle is that of transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new. The dark time is merely a time of retreat, of healing, of breathing, of stillness, of true listening, of surrender, of letting go, of dreaming and of preparation.

The irony of the title “Dark Venus” is that Venus actually is sufficed with light, as she enters the Vault of Light! Her invisibility is lit with the translucent quality of transformation, as she prepares to be cleansed through a transmutation process, after merging with the Full Light of the Sun on the 25th March. This collective heart-pause encourages an active re-evaluation, re-appraisal and re-envisioning of the manner in which you openly and honest express lOve.

Spending active time over the coming five days contemplating the way in which you have lOved; the psychology of how you have earned a living; the scripts that you have experienced within your relationships and social life; and the way in which you have created from your heart over the past 8 years will enable to you understand the recurring patterns in your life concerning the health of your heart-consciousness. Without censoring your feelings, this magical time is one to allow all emotions to rise; to re-experience and acknowledge each heart ache and heart joy and to thank them for the hard lessons and the ecstasy they have provided you, and to start to dream about what you want to invite into your life.

5 days…

Andrew Smith © 2017

Image Credit – Banana Tree

The Venus Diaries on the 19th March as Arian Venus rapidly falls from her Throne into the embrace of the Light

6 days…

It has taken eighteen months of deep process to reach this point – eighteen months of exploring, wondering, questioning, testing, sharing, reflecting, contemplating, heart aching, tears, angry pride, acceptance, integration, exploring, wondering, questioning, testing, sharing, reflecting, insight, calmness and subsequently maturity of your Heart Consciousness. And now, in such a short space of time you have been exploring, wondering, questioning, testing, sharing, reflecting, contemplating, heart aching, tears, angry pride, acceptance, integration, exploring, wondering, questioning, testing, sharing, and reflecting within a few short weeks, as you can feel an urgency to put to rest those heart centred patterns which have puppeteered your recent relationships. It is as if time has literally accelerated within your heart’s reality, even if it has slowed at other levels of your soul.

This quickening is due to your heart’s pending death. Yes, death.

Yet every death is a precursor to a rebirth, just as winter always cedes to spring and the drab grey clouds yield to those fluffy whites! Soon you will embark upon another adventure. Soon another cycle of love/ lOve will begin. 6 days in fact. Now is the time to shed and release what needs to be let go. Now is the time to prepare your heart to centre itself on a mantra that will define your heart’s re-birth.

What mantra will that be?

Furthermore, what is it that you need to let die?

What is it that you need to transmutate?

Those are the questions to reflect on as your prepare to step into the baptism flame.

6 days…

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Venus Diaries on the 18th March as Venus enters Her Completion, joining with Mercury in Aries.
7 days…
As Her Time draws ever nearer, her Heart deep in reflection she continues to prepare herself to come into Balance with the One Light. It has been a lonely time as she has descended from her Throne making little connection with the world around her. She has been busy, yes; she has been sociable, yes; and countless souls have sought her counsel, yes; but she walks alone as she ends her journey, just as she did, eighteen months ago when this path first started.
Has she truly opened her Heart and let Spirit flow through her? Has she truly cared for herself, thereby enabling her to truly care for those in her world? Has she truly spoken lOve, even during times of unkindness, sadness, anger and frustration? Those questions are forefront of her Mind as the One Light looms ever closer with every step she takes.
What has she learnt? What has she truly embodied? Lost in thought, she knows that it is important to come up with a mantra that will be her totem for the coming year. From somewhere deep within her a Voice whispers – it is very simple; what you feel, colours your thought; what you think, colours your perception; what you perceive, colours your reality; what your reality is, defines your world…
And it dawns on her – So shall it be felt shall be expressed
Her heart uplifted, her weariness lifting, she continues to descend towards the One Light, uttering her Mantra, aligning her heart with her Mind, weaving her perception and reality with feelings of lOve. .
7 days…
Andrew Smith ©2017
Image Credit – Unknown 

The Venus Diaries on the 17th March as Venus prepares to leave her Completion and enter Transition

It has been an intense journey, since this most recent incarnation of her heart in August 2015, but now the end draws near as her heart prepares to be reborn on the 25th March. The intensity of this past week’s emotional heart strings has been a necessary journey as she prepares to cross the bridge and leave this stage of her life behind her. Reflection, old heart-patterns and scripts, loneliness, regret and sadness have dominated her heart’s consciousness as she attempts to make sense of the ‘why’.

Her mood today, however, is turning and her heart feels lighter and somewhat uplifted, as hope, in the form of a gentle ray of light, can be seen as she falls towards this comforting beam. As the light builds, images of times past, of love shared, of jOy flash through her mind, coupled with a sense of satisfaction and comfort knowing that many old patterns have been laid rest and fundamentally altered, as her Heart remembers what is, and has been, important – union; connection; people; and lOve. Always lOve.

As death approaches, her heart is drawn to feel the gifts that each person she’s connected with has brought to her life. Each experience and each relationship has fundamentally served her and made her who she is.

Ahead the Bridge awaits and Transition dawns. As this heart cycle ends, please take the time to find those gifts that those in your life have brought, as you are faced with the decision to continue to carry the past with you, letting those heart-based scripts companion with you on a new path, or to fully embrace what has been offered to you and raising the vibration of how your heart-consciousness resonates.

Andrew Smith 2017

Image Credit – Stock images

The Venus Diaries on the 10th/ 11th March as Venus Completes whilst Mercury conjoins Chiron and squares Saturn
It is a strange light that shines on that space between spaces, where time is suspended and space is meaningless. The pressure that has been building within is released, leaving you tired yet curiously refreshed. More emptied and ready to be filled with … Well that good old Shadow will want to enslave you with those fine leaden bonds to that place you have come from, chaining you to the perpetual wheel of life, ever repeating, again and again and again and … But something feels different.
The light feels … protected… even as your Shadow walks.
Can you see it?
So face it. Look straight into its presence and see through the willowy illusions that it casts. Can you hear how perversely alluring its voice has been and how coarse life has been within its shadowy cloak?
Things are different now, as you have within you the power to confidently stand up to this old and frail demon. You can heal and release what was once an iron clad grip, should you choose to see through the illusion, opening your life to house a new voice and a more expanded version of you. That has been the gift on offer over the coming days.
Andrew Smith © 2017
The Venus Diaries on the 8th March as Retrograde Arian Venus reflects during the Sun’s sextile to Pluto
Her step quickening on her path back home, insights flash before her from what her heart-consciousness has learnt during this latest incarnation. How she battled with her worth and esteem, judging herself, restricting her jOy and focusing on what she perceived that others want from her. How futile that was when all she needed was to listen to her heart. Within her resides a core that remains unaltered by the opinions and beliefs of other people. It is a core that she tapped into so that she could find her true power. As she sought to live her truth, she had to follow her intuition and instincts, even though she shook like a leaf in a violent wind. Frightened, at times, as her heart’s beat led her away from a path that other’s wanted her to walk, it felt un-nerving but now, as her days wane, she ‘sees’ that her anxiety was merely an illusion. All that happened was that her unhappiness continued when she was led by her mind. All that happened was that her happiness continued when she was led by her heart.
A quiet air of confidence now surrounds her now as she is guided by her spiritual heart. Her Truth revealed, her identity taken back, so too her dreams as she feels both courage and strength surge through her veins.
In sync with the Heavenly Queen’s path, you too know what the right thing to do is. The question is whether you will step up and seize the moment to let your heart shine true?
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The Venus Diaries on the 7th March as solo Venus retraces her steps in Aries
As the twilight spreads silently over the land, the sky darkening and the gentle white lights appear in heaven’s carpet, she senses His presence. Inside she feels a growing sense of the inevitable as the slope down increases, the path straightens and time quickens.
‘It is time’, she hears a quiet voice whisper inside her head. ‘Let go’.
Images of love forgotten, love broken, love found, love experienced flash across her mind’s eye filling her heart with both joy and remorse.
His voice. His presence. She feels safe. The distress drains from her body and soul. She feels gently held by Him. She has not felt that since the 15th August, 18 months ago, when she awoke from a similar semi-comatosed slumber, rejuvenated and re-invigorated. Excited with the possibility of rekindling her heart again, she sees that her way forward has but one route! To surrender and embrace the burgeoning twilight!
Mirroring Venus’ decent from the 4th March into her embrace with Sol on the 25th March, you too have the opportunity to you are prompted to travel alone within your Dark so that you can face yourself and humbly strip yourself of your feminine ego; to seek atonement and ultimately raising the consciousness of your femininity to a level that better enables you to fully embrace your feminine Light. The question is – What has your heart-consciousness learnt during this past nineteen months?
What have you truly learnt? Will you forgive, let go, let be, let your heart become vulnerable and open it fully? Will you truly integrate all that you have experienced, so that you can get off this ever perpetual Wheel? Will you continue to lOve openly, honestly, truly and ardently?
17 days to release what needs releasing; 17 days to integrate what needs integration; 17 days to renovatio …
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The Venus Diaries on the 6th March as isolated Venus dims as she descends inwards

It is funny how time feels towards the end. It took such a long time to get to this place – at times it was a struggle; other times it flowed; at times there was pain; other times jOy; and now, time has speed up. However quick time now feels, every precious moment lingers more acutely; however numb it gets, senses are both sharpened and heightened, though acutely selective; however amnesic the brain becomes, past memories flash in and out as regret diminishes within the panorama and jOy within those simple moments accentuates.

What a time to live through as understanding dawns within this eagle eyed view of the patterns and scripts that puppeteered the heart’s consciousness as the journey down and in accelerates over the coming 17 days. Forgiveness of Heart is all that is needed, after all it has all been about lOve, even those terrible times. It has all been about lOve, even when there was pain. It has always been about lOve, even when darkness was a solo friend. It is always about lOve, as egoic pride is released. It is always about lOve, especially in winter.

18 days to renovatio …

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The Venus Diaries on the 5th March as wizened and alone Venus completes

No longer perspiring with concentration, muscles relaxed on the downward slope, her mind is able to focus on the path and also on the past. Memories flash before her, as images of love lOved, love broken, love deepened, love that got away, love that grew apart, love that was only love, lOve that was lOve but she didn’t realise it, love that was never lOve, love that was merely platonic, love that was groaned and screamed, lOve that was open, lOve that was hinted at, lOve misunderstood, lOve that will always be lOve despite time standing in the way, and age, and maturity, and circumstance, love that hurt, lOve that healed… so many experiences, so much pain as tears of jOy, tears of regret, tears of friendship, tears of hurt, tears of beauty, tears of pain, tears of awe and tears of majesty roll down her face that distracted her heart from the truth – that the only lOve there is was the lOve she made.

Downwards she descends. Let the healing in. Let the healing in.

18 …

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The Venus Diaries on the 4th March as Venus enters completion, pauses and descends.

And there she stands, a threshold to cross, a path sloping downwards, a path that will, very shortly, lead back home. No longer needing to hold a space for all those whom she lOves; no longer interested in the Darkness striding through the world; no longer possessing the energy to worry about the heart of another, her focus, her breath, her heart turns inwards as silence envelopes her. Sacred is the prayer that asks for nothing, as she gives thanks to all that she is and all that she has. Stillness beckons as she seeks her spiritual essence, her sOul heart.

41 days to wander inwards, 16 days until Darkness consumes her, 19 days until her last breath and the bridge she will cross, 20 days until she embodies the Light and understands that there was never any darkness. Ever. There is only lOve. There was only lOve. There will only be lOve.

But now is her time to shed. Now is her time to walk with her enemies. Now is her time to cross the threshold and journey into the underworld. Now is the time for her death.

“Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, friend, lover, wife, noblewoman, gOddess, temple priestess, enter. It is time…”

It is time…

19 days…

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The Gold Diary on the 1st March as the Sun and Neptune unite
Crazy chaotic, crazy tired, crazy emotional, crazy weird, crazy boundary-less, crazy dreams, crazy cravings, crazy unicorns and fluffy pink bunnies, crazy surreal … crazy releasing, crazy dissolving, crazy dissipating, crazy letting go, crazy releasing, crazy visions, crazy insights, crazy zany, crazy crazy…
Did I mention the word crazy? Been a bit crazy of late? Been feeling a little surreal and existentially exhausted? Been a tad emotional? Been a tad hysterical? Want to blame the stars? Pity you can’t…
What is has been about is facing the lie and illusion, the co-dependency and addict, the saviour and redeemer, the victim and the martyr, so that you can see the illusion of it all and realise that they are all you and none of it is you.
And it has been crazy.
But something has shifted today. Something has felt different. As you stand on the fledgling threshold of this new beginning you can see just how necessary it has been to have died. All semblances of your masculine ego gone, leaving you with nothing, yet everything. How difficult that has been, since everything in your world is set up to cling purposefully to order and routine, to slavery and fear, to being dummed down and pretending that you are someone. How difficult it has been to have no identity, yet to have started to experientially grasp the meaning of William Blake’s poem ‘to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour…’
Today is a day for a fresh vision. Today is a day to be crazy but clear. Today is a chance to see the dream and the illusion; and today is a new dawn. Crazy it is, but purpose exists within the craziness. All will be revealed in six months.
Andrew Smith © 2017
Image from Burning Man 2015

The Venus Diaries on the 27th February as isolated and aging Venus starts to descend, slow and lose luminosity in Aries

The ethereal temperature has been pretty high of late and it is far too easy to descend into a description of conflict and complaints, existential exhaustion and despondency; fear and emotional drama. It’s too easy to blame what’s going on on something other than ourselves and to continue to perpetuate the myth of the external. But that is not necessary the purpose of the grieving Heavenly Queen, whose lustre is diming, whose speed is slowing, yet whose message remains strong, mature and wise. As she reigns high in heaven, she reminds us that by developing a relationship to your spiritual will, a synthesis of the will of your humanity and your personal or self-will, you can be endowed with a new power; a power to set clear intention, determination and purpose to realise your Divine plan and to experience a greater sense of effective focus and service to you and those in your life. Rather that this being an end of days, this is effectively, a time wherein you can awaken to the will of your soul and to recognise your place in the wider scheme of life, expanding your awareness to identify with a larger purpose that extends beyond societies loins, pockets and podium.

Andrew Smith © 2017

The Silver Diary on the 26th February on the dawn of the New Moon in Pisces

So as the Moon disappears from our night sky, a space opens up to view our celestial origins more clearly. As you gaze into the apparently fathomless beauty of the night sky, you are actually looking deep with your own numinosity, since your inner world is reflected in the world that you ‘see’. With no light to distract you from your interiority, you are afforded a space to travel into your Deep. The vibration created by the synergy of the Cosmic In and Out breath’s (Luna and Sol) coming together, creates a portal within your interiority to forge a new relationship to the re-kindled archetype of the living water, or Pisces. Pisces really refers to the fluid exchange of emotionally charged light between all living and non-living things. Wherever this sign falls within your birth chart shows you where you can actively and consciously lose all sense of Self, let go all notions of ego and merge with someone or something, as you move beyond the illusion of the ego mind and return to the One-ness of Source Consciousness.

The night skies have been dark for a little over two days prior to today’s new moon and will continue to remain dark for two more days, before you see the Moon in the early morning skies, and it is a profound time to take this time to meditate, contemplate and reflect on the question concerning the emotional context of your beliefs. As allays, respect comes to the front line along with tolerance, friendship and peace and as we know everything starts from us, as Ghandi said: “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”.

Extracted from Emotional Storm, the New Moon in Mutable Water by Andrew Smith, 2017

Art by Josephine Wall

The Venus Diaries on the 25th February as virtually un-aspected Venus nears her Retrogradation (4th March)


Awakening can be a kicker, especially if those you lOve are moving at a different pace to you. You may know that you are loved, but still feel unlOved, and that is tough, especially since the predominate paradigm is to give yours complete to love. But you are expected to give yourself to love, not lOve. And lOve has been what this past three quarters of a year has been about.

And now, alone you walk along this path, slowing daily, starting to ponder the nature of your heart-reality. Ahead you can see is your desert. 40 days beckons. And you can sense a re-birth nears. But before that, death awaits. You can sense it. You will have to let go something that you love, so that you can truly lOve. Heart-honesty is all you have. It is the only currency that matters. It is the only thing that the Dark is frightened of and this ginger time calls you to lOve in the face of confrontation; in the face of misinterpretation; and in the face of reclaiming that which you have not clearly seen before.


Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Ivan Guaderrama

The Indigo Diary on the 25th February as Mars conjoins Uranus as Jupiter opposes Uranus

… there are times when the world feels as if it opposes you! And in the moment that may not feel comfortable. It may also feel unkind and devoid of lOve. But is it? Until we all reach a point wherein we have fully embraced our Shadow, we need the world to act as a mirror so that we can face ourselves through the lens of someone who is ‘not’ us!

And so it has been with the space that we, as a collective, have been moving through of late, as you have either been confronted by, or received confirmation of, how you believe, what growth means to you and whether you are truly free to expand and grow in whatever way you choose. Utterly enveloped within an emotional cocoon, even dreaming has not been giving respite as confrontation abounds. However, confrontation offers illumination if you can leave your ego behind you and truly listen to what is being said. Granted, you do not have to agree. But in the midst of confrontation, the highly charged emotional responses you feel rise within you are good indications of a thought form that is not truly yours, that needs to be explored and released.

So on the eve of the solar eclipse, as the primary Yang state of our consciousness is not able to shine forth, you have the chance to see confrontation in a new light, a humble light, a light devoid of ego, and you have the chance to see what you truly need to see, embrace, heal, integrate and lOve. Look at the drama in your life; look at your reactions, and ask, do you need it? What are you truly gaining from it? Is not time to let it go, offering it up with gratitude for the illumination that you have been afforded? Is it not time to show the arrogance of ego the softening light of lOve? Remember as allays, respect comes to the front line along with tolerance, friendship and peace and as we know everything starts from us, as Ghandi said: “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”.

The text is adapted from Emotional Storm – the New Moon in Mutable Water by Andrew Smith

The Venus Diaries on the 24th February as Arian Venus prepares to move into her Completion (4th March)

How sad she feels observing how filled with anger, getting even and getting one up many hearts have become. Reflecting back on her own life, she truly knows that using anger when confronted with anger simply does not work. It never has. It never will. All it does is to further reinforce the wall that someone wants to build, isolating, separating and dividing. She realises that remaining firm and resolute, being honest and offering lOve where there is pain, is the only path she can now walk, as she walks surrounded by confrontation. Tension abounds and an emotional storm rages. But from the depth of her experience, having started this particular path back on the 15th August 2015 (and renewed on the 6th June 2016), she now understands that confrontation is merely illumination in disguise – an illumination of what she has not integrated in herself and needs to, lest she remains bound to the Wheel. She knows that by healing herself; healing her heart; and trusting lOve, in time, slowly, the Wheel turns and a new dawn will come. Patience and lOve. Unwavering lOve. It is the only way.

Andrew Smith © 2017

Art by Eva Ruiz

The Purple Diary on the 23rd February as Jupiter opposes Uranus (extract from Emotional Storm – the New Moon in Mutable Water)
It has been an emotionally intense time on planet Earth of late, or I should reframe that statement – you have undoubtedly come aware how emotionally intense it has been at all levels on the Earth of late, as Darkness fights hard to survive against the increasing numbers of those that are remembering they are Light. Yet Darkness no longer has a stranglehold on the Earth, despite what it appears. Quietly, Light beckons and spreads. Goodness prevails, once you ignore the double talk echoing from your newsfeeds. Yes, justice is being hammered; yes, truth is being questioned; yes, parts of the world appear in regression; yes, egoic reactive anger has been heightened; and yes, Gaia is reappearing in various guises all over the world.
Remember that we are witnessing an age old dualistic, yet one sided, fight as Darkness goads and taunts Light, hoping to defeat Light by anchoring it to Darkness’ level. That ‘fight’ has escalated of late, as the world moves through a fascist echo of the late 1920’s and mid 1930’s, as our global community is being tested to see how deeply integrated have the choices been made to stand up against ignorance, racism, prejudice and wanton greed and corruption. One of those tests that Darkness has thrown at Light has been veiled behind the attachment to opinion and belief.
(Extract from Emotional Storm, the New Moon in Mutable Water, by Andrew Smith, to be published shortly on
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