Agent 919 – Bernard Duchatelle

Agent 919 – Bernard Duchatelle

Agent 919 – Bernard Duchatelle2021-09-24T08:59:44+00:00

Agent 919 – Bernard Duchatelle

Bachelor of Letters, author of the blog « Bernard l’astrologue », writer and lecturer, Bernard Duchatelle spent about ten years as a traveling astrologer in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, where he became acquainted with Eastern spirituality, yoga and Hindu mythology. He also resided in Ojai, Southern California, Jiddu Krishnamurti’s privileged residence, whose teachings have been with him since 1975, the same year he began studying astrology. He traveled and stayed in many different places, including Europe, central Asia, most of the East-Asian countries, Japan, Australia, Columbia, Equator and Argentina.

His practice promotes self-realisation through the in-depth understanding of thought processes and the emotional mechanisms that constitute us. Astrology he writes, appears as a coherent cosmogonic and philosophical system, illuminating the nature of the universe, our consciences and our destinies.

He is the author of « L’astrologie trans-saturnienne » (Trans-saturnine astrology) Dervy-Livres 1985. He wrote his own version of the Centiloquy called « Le Centiloque », Editions Dervy 1993 (actually freely accessible on the Internet) and « L’astrologie et la mécanique de la pensée » (Astrology and the mechanics of thought), Amazon 2015.

He also published « Initiation à la guerre intérieure » (Initiation to the internal warfare), a short book that explores the problems posed by fear and ways to address it.

He currently lives in the mountains of the hinterland of Nice (France), where he devotes his time between consultations, research and writing.
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