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Agent 81 – Demetrius Bagley

Agent 81 – Demetrius Bagley

Agent 81 – Demetrius Bagley2021-09-22T10:51:37+00:00

Agent 81 – Demetrius Bagley

Demetrius Bagley is an internationally published astrologer who wrote Vibe Magazine’s celebrity horoscope column 2010–2011. He published and sold customized annual Personalized AstroDatebooks from 2007–2013. In 2012, he project coordinated the anthology book, “Astrology: The New Generation”.

A very active community member, Demetrius assists with the annual State of the Art (SOTA) astrology conference, plus the long-running, 1,200+ member NYC Astrology Meetup. He is an award-winning movie producer, and nationally (U.S.) recognized events producer.

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