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Enid Rosa

Writer, Consultant

Agent 79 – Enid Rosa, Priestess Luna   
Enid is a Certified Life Force Energy Medicine Practitioner, Natural Rhythms Creation Coach, WCI Certified Spiritual Coach and Priestess.  She combines spiritual counseling, coaching, energy work, meditation and movement to clear limiting beliefs and energy blocks. She teaches practical tools to help you gain clarity, awareness and experience a potent activation of your life purpose.  She offers meditations, one-on-one sessions or group classes.

Enid began to connect with her Over-Soul Priestess Luna in 2009 after aligning herself with the Universal Energies. Her focus is to help empower people to connect with their higher self and Creation Energy (Universe) by using intention, affirmations, visualization and organic timing. She guides people to navigate transformation and connect to the natural world so they could use their inner guidance to more consciously co-create their lives.

Her intention is to support you with your goals, dreams and visions. Help you clear old patterns and move forward in your life to feel empowered, find your purpose and Ignite your Divine Expression.

Specialties: Life & Spiritual Coaching, Life Force Energy Healing, Meditation Circles
Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico
Email: Enid @


Full Moon in Pisces Eclipse – Intention Activation – September 16th UT

The eclipse Full moon is very powerful this month. We have been simmering and stewing in this emotional eclipse energy. This powerful Cosmic Portal enables us to release what is not working and step into who we truly are. Break free from the past and transcend into a new state of being. This eclipse will give you the power to dissolve thoughts, ideas, beliefs, old intentions and energetic contracts that are holding you back.