Agent 77 Marg Murphy

Agent 77 Marg Murphy

Agent 77 Marg Murphy

Marg is an astrologer, counsellor and teacher living and working between Alice Springs and Daylesford. She completed the Diploma in Applied Astrology from Astro*Synthesis in 2003 and the Diploma in Medieval Astrology in with Astrologos in 2008. She is a professional member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers(FAA) and the Association of  Professional Astrologers (APA) and is Agent 77 of the CIA. with her Aquarian ascendant she has always been on the edge and enjoys the label ‘subversive’ ( most appropriate for an agent of change).

Agent 77 is the prime motivator and organiser of ‘Agents in The Outback’ and has run 3 Star Camps in the red centre for the C*I*A. Recently she ran the opening and closing ceremonies for the Crossing The Rainbow Bridge with Kaypacha in Healesville, Victoria.

Marg has a special interest in the aboriginal sky stories and their connections with our astrology. She is doing research into the cultural astronomy of Australia and has close connections with Arrernte traditional custodians.

She also watches the cycles of Black Moon Lilith and the progressed Moon with a keen eye. Her thesis was on the progressed moon and family systems.

Marg teaches, writes and consults and astrology is her passion.

Location: Daylesford, Victoria, Alice Springs, NT
Phone: 0418 120 460< Email: [email protected]


C*I*A Star Camp – April 20 – 24th 2017 _ SOLD OUT

Journey to the heart of Australia, the red centre, for a four night star camp, April 2017. The night skies of Mbarntwe* are awe-inspiring, you will see the magnificence of the Milky Way as you have never seen it before. We have chosen the date to allow for moonless nights. There is nothing in the world quite like sleeping in a swag, with the night sky as your heavenly blanket.