Agent 64 – JD “Khepri” Cogmon

SADLY agent 64 passed away unexpectedly in 2020 – He will be forevr in our hearts and minds as one of tehmost deicated and loving agenst we have ever had the privilge to know and work with. Our heart breaks as this project your loved the C*I*A and your input remian priceless! His leaving copincided with the passing Comet Neowise, to take our wise sage Agent 64 with it on his next great adventure – Report back 64 

Khepri has been studying astrology for 30 years. While this agent specializes in tropical astrology, he blends his understanding of philosophy with the archetypes found in cultural mythology all over the world. This is an eclectic approach to astrology that incorporates the phases of Venus, the galactic signatures of the Hunab Ku and the resonance frequencies of kin numbers and tones. The overall approach is about encouraging others to be present with all of the pieces of their lives. This approach advocates following the path that leads the individual away from social programming into an intimate relationship with the mind and heart. The main mission is to get people to incorporate the needs and wants of personal development into a wide collaboration of cooperative learning and peer support. The aim is a transpersonal approach that intends to raises the quality of life for humanity and encourage people to step closer to the limitless possibility of unity consciousness living.

Khepri’s astrology has been described as: Intuitive, straight forward, diverse, insightful, easy to understand, empowering, down to earth, accurate, wise and enlightening. You can see for yourself 2014 and beyond. Everything ranging from aromatherapy, astrophysics, metaphysics, the tarot and beyond, are fair game in Khepri’s view of shared reality.

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