Agent 51 – Mandi Rae

Agent 51 – Mandi Rae

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Agent  51 – Mandi Rae

Mandi Rae has been studying Astrology since 2012, and has been practicing her own blend of Evolutionary and Traditional techniques since 2017 from her home in Leeds, Alabama. She came to Astrology during a difficult time in her life, during which she became a widowed mother. Searching for the answers in every psychological and spiritual mode available, Mandi eventually came to a better understanding of her life, purpose, and the world around her through this ancient celestial knowledge. In addition to her passion for Astrology and helping others, she is a musician, songwriter, herbalist, and mother to two daughters. The foundation of her story has been an insatiable need to learn. Mandi brings a wide breadth of knowledge and a desire to dig deeper into the story of the heavenly spheres to any endeavor. Her practice is named Ecstatic Astrology because Ecstasy means “to stand outside oneself” and that, she says, is the essence of what Astrology helps people to do. She is expected to complete her OPA Professional Astrologer Certification in the near future.


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