Agent 44 – Luke Balcke

Luke’s gateway drug to the world of Astrology was a 9/11 conspiracy video back in 2014. This led me down the rabbit hole and began my journey back to my authentic self. I began studying Astrology and other occult and magical studies in 2015 at a time in my life where I was literally questioning everything I’d ever been taught. When I came across Astrology and started absorbing the wealth of self knowledge that it allowed, I remember thinking “why aren’t we taught about this earlier in life or schooling?” Fast forward 6 years and I am now a practicing professional astrologer and I’m beginning to understand the answer to that question!
Astrology was such an integral part of my awakening and spiritual journey and I am honoured to be able to help align so many awakening souls back to their authentic self through the work that I do. My professional approach defiantly has a more occult or esoteric angle that enables me to be able to blend my other skills as a reiki healer and trained subconscious regressionist  into my sessions.
My missions is to help reconnect awakening souls to their authentic self and be a bridge for those transitioning from a lower conditioned state of consciousness and moving to higher states of self awareness and empowerment.

: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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