Agent 229 – Kamila Lizis

Agent 229 – Kamila Lizis

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Agent 229 – Kamila Lizis

Kamila is a Consulting Astrologer based in Co. Wicklow in Ireland. She practices and lives deeply immersive psycho-spiritual Western astrology and often uses sound, music and embodiment in her practice. She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy and Literary/Art Translations from Trinity College Dublin, and a postgraduate degree specialising in sound within the science-fiction genre. She is a performing musician for 20 years.

Trained and mentored in the Blue Rose School of Astrology in Ireland, I have been encouraged to develop a unique mantic approach to astrology which has opened up my consciousness to an abundance of immersive practices and advanced astrological techniques.

I publish regularly on my social media channels and website taking a creative poetic angle on the mundane astrology focused mostly on the cycles of Venus, Ceres and the fixed stars. I have also been published in the Astrological Journal and on

In my client practice I focus on deeply transformational dynamics and striving to support people to live consciously whilst exploring their true creative potential at the same time. I also offer healing sound and energy sessions and heart-light in-person circles.

For me Astrology is a way of life. I chose to help others consciously tune in with the ‘reality’ surrounding us without and the multi-verses within, to move with the spiralling waves of life’s rivers, and to discover the immense skies and the mystery of our resonances.

I offer consultations in person in my practice in Greystones, Ireland and online with clients overseas.

IG: @kamila_lizis

FB: @kamilalizisastrology

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