Agent 141 – Ra Rishikavi – Raghudas

Agent 141 – Ra Rishikavi – Raghudas

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A Michigan native who has lived in Los Angeles, California since the year 2000, Ra has been a professional astrologer for nearly 40 years. He has a broad metaphysical background and is a sought-after speaker at astro conferences. He is also an author, poet and screenwriter. Ra often combines showbiz topics with astrology, and has many prominent clients in the entertainment field. He is former Vice-President and past Education Director for NCGR-LA, and being in showbiz himself, predicts the Oscar winners every year purely through astrology. His ASTRO OSCARS accuracy rate over ten years’ time is above 80%. Widely published in Dell Horoscope, and other astrological journals, Ra is known for his personal style and incisive insights. His latest book is “The Astrology of Bond–James Bond,” available on Amazon. Check out Ra’s website to book a consultation, or for other goodies:

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