Agent 0720 Michael Svehla

Agent 0720 Michael Svehla

Writer, Consultant

Agent 0720 – Michael Svehla
Michael has been studying astrology since 2006. The transit chart, on the day that his interest in astrology began, shows Sun and Jupiter conjunct in the anaretic degree of Scorpio, close to Michael’s Sun-Moon midpoint. Previous interests include Economics (The University of Iowa, 1999) and Socionics (informal study). Learning about cycles in an academic setting, and studying personality theory, combined with a lifelong enjoyment and love of both mythology and astronomy, led naturally to a passion for the rich symbolism and power of astrology.

Interests include Martha Lang-Wescott’s work, including the eight hypothetical Transneptunians and various asteroids, as well as predictive analysis largely influenced by Celeste Teal’s work. Michael has voraciously read many articles and books about astrology, and attentively listened to many speakers at astrology conferences (favorites include Bob Mulligan and Aleksandr Imsiragic).

Michael’s astrology practice continues to grow along with his Facebook page. One of his missions includes bringing astrology to his part of the Midwest! ‘Triple Water Astrology’, the name of his astrology practice, was directly obtained from Michael’s natal chart. He is a Scorpio ascendant, Cancer, Sun, and Pisces Moon. The number in ‘Agent 0720′ refers to his birthday, July 20.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
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