Want to reach out to the astrological, metaphysical education, consciousness raising, healing, spiritual community?

Our website is fast becoming the go-to place to find out about the whirrings and mechanizations of the astrological cosmos.
With  1000’s (approx 5000)daily hits,  1o,000’s (30000) per week and 100,000’s ( per year, with many more page views per year adding to advertising exposure. The Cosmic Intelligence Agency dot Com has the ears of a wonderful community of like-minded souls and is growing every day. Our Facebook page has now 320,000  fans and attracts much interest to our website. VIEW HERE

Do you have a message to send out? Something Astrological or soul-searching or meditative, are you wishing to advertise your services to this exciting community? We’d love to have you on board,  place your message in our bottle of energy and reach out to our audience.

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If you have an event, book, website, astro -course, workshop, conference, magazine or promotion you would like to advertise, as we don’t charge to read our articles or subscribe to newsletter, this is a good way to support the Agency and help keep us going, whilst getting your own information out there to a wide and diverse audience.

Single Ads  300 x 125 for one month  $ 75 (rotating) per month
Single Ads  300 x 125 px for 3 months  $ 180 (rotating) 3 month
Single Ads  300 x 125px  6 months only  $ 320 (rotating) 6 month

Single ad  300 x 125 px  $600.00   (only $50.00 per month, rotating) 12 months
For Ads 300 x 125 px rotating as gif(animated) files(3) – $850.00 ( 3 x rotating) 12 months

Please note we don’t charge a set up fee as many other websites do!

C*I*A Agents who advertise don’t need to pay their yearly membership fees! Please email for amended prices and EFT details

This is a bargain compared to other advertising rates, in magazines and journals and websites, with much less traffic than the C*I*A’s.
Compare to Living Now advertising prices, with not as much daily, monthly  yearly traffic and exposure as the C*I*A http://www.livingnow.com.au/showcase-packages

As of April 2014 – our web ranking is 170,000 in the global Alexa Ranking system, and 3,000 in Australia(blue letters), see what your ranking is at the link.

Our Face book fan page is now over  320,000K and grows everyday contributing enormously to our website traffic https://www.facebook.com/cosmic.intelligenceagency?ref=hl

Images for adverts need to be:

300 x 125 pixels in size and sent to us in jpeg format or gif format
That is 7.94cm (794mm) x 3.31cm (331mm)
Please also send the link you would like the advert diverted to.
See Adverts on the right hand side of this page, make sure type is legible, clear and not too small.

Other ad sizes, and static ad prices are available to suit your needs. Please contact us to get a quote!

Your advertisement will start within 1 week  of payment being made, we will send you a receipt and start and finish date once advertising has commenced.
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If you require assistance in designing your ad, (Charges from $50) or booking a place for your Ad please contact:

[email protected]  of phone  61-417 988 512







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  1. Avatar
    Carlos says:

    Hello Julija! Maybe you could answer this because nobody has been able to give me a convincing answer to: Why are we having so much hours of Moon V/C during this March 2013? Thank you, great work in site!

    • Avatar
      Agent12 Julija says:

      Carlos, many planets are in early degrees of signs, so as teh Moon moves around once it moves past middle degrees of sign, it makes no more of the Ptolemaic aspects – squares, trines, oppositions, conjunctions,sextile,


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