23RD AUGUST, 2005

The birth of a concept

During the final years of her Diploma studies – Agent 12 Julija – downloaded the name Cosmic Intelligence Agency, inspired by a peeling old circular logo, on a wall near her office, with initials of C*I*A. It was sometime around May 2004. With that name in mind, Julija wrote her finishing Thesis for her Astrology Diploma with AstroSynthesis – Melbourne, on the Anima Mundi and Astrology. On Aug 23rd, 2005 (2/3/5/8 numbers fibonacci nicely reflected ) as thoughts and ideas developed it was time to make an official personal commitment to do something with the NAME to help put astrology – further out there!  It was noty an elected time but a spur of the moment compelling need to secure the webname NOW, at that time.  It wasn’t clear exactly what this C*I*A would be at the time, but has grown to what it is today with lots of hard work and commitment and of course love and profound awe of Astrology and the cosmic connection!

    • The Sun in Virgo in the 8th house – Being of service to – the quest to reveal and uncover, the magic, the creativity and going to places others may fear to tread. Appropriate for the service the C*I*A provides as well as our need to uncover hidden truths and meanings, share resources, merge ideas, research and all types of astro-investigations. Virgo, also linked to the many involved with this project. Many Agents with Pluto or Uranus in Virgo or both.
    • Sun conjunct Regulus – Regulus the fixed star currently at 0° Virgo, one of the four royal stars of the zodiac. Regulus commonly associated with fame, wealth, prestige and honours. Regulus n moved from the sign Leo to zero Virgo in 2011, reflecting a consciousness shift, from Ego Consciousness to Global consciousness. The C*I*A very much attuned to this conscious shift, building a greater awareness to the importance of a greater connection to sacred cycles, nature and the treasures of the earth. As we consciously move away from a world dominated by power, money and greed, depicted by Regulus in Leo for the last 2160 years. With Regulus in Virgo, we will become more attuned as  dutiful servants to our precious earth and her resources. The new heroes will be those tuned to sacred nature. The tropical zodiac precesses 1 degree every 72 years backwards, therefore it takes 2160 years to move through a whole sign. 72 x 30 degrees =2160 years.
    • The Moon in Aries  in the 4th– appropriate for a start and a beginning – separating from North Node in fourth house  opposite Jupiter in 10th. We can see it grow, the potential, strong in the fourth, soulful roots with inspiring big new ideas and independent ways, may nothing hold us back! Moving forward with the most activated agents.
    • Venus in Libra on the MC in good condition – we love what we do and the people who join us. As our muse is the Cosmos, we love the connection of Venus to beauty, and the word Cosmic stemming from the word beauty! It’s a beautiful thing!
    • Uranus in the 3rd in Pisces – Astrology, our link of communicating our message for an inspired new world. We pride ourselves on being different, not following the same old rules, looking for like minded individuals. An inspired network of Agents from all over the world.
    • Mercury/Saturn in Leo square Mars Taurus, square Neptune. It take much effort to keep things running, keeping us focused with getting our message across. Many Agents call Agent 12 – Julija – Control, from the famed 1960’s Get Smart series, the organisation behind all the Agents. The challenge continues, but we persevere through inspiration. Our relationship to the outer world is, – that we have a message , – we are convinced and our challenge is to make sense to the outside world.
    • 23° degrees Capricorn rises  -with Chiron – Our purpose is about movements toward the healing of our planet, as shamans, rebels and renegades, astrology is still misunderstood by many. Collectively we hold the wisdom and the light of astrology, and are responsible to pass it on!
    • North Node trine Mercury and sextile Neptune – we have a message that involves new directions, insights and ideas, inspired by the sacred connections, geometry, the connecting of heaven and earth, soul and spirit.
    • South Node and Jupiter (conjunct asteroid Apollo) in Libra 10th house trine Neptune in Aquarius – It was meant to be, a big idea, sharing and being part of a creative network. We value promoting the idea, that it is through connections, communicating and sharing that we can put together the aspirations for our world.
    • Saturn and Jupiter – quintile(0’06) we believe and trust in what we are doing.
    • Venus and Pluto – quintile ( 2:40) We are passionate about what we do.
      (Quintiles – 72 degree aspect – division of a circle into 5)
    • Mars and Venus – Biquintile – (0’20) – we value creative energy.
    • Uranus and South Node – Biquintile – (0’43) – an inspiration from the past.
    • Saturn and Uranus – Biquintile – (1’39) we do things differently.
    • Uranus and Jupiter – Biquintile – (1’45) – Highly inspired, great ideas.
    • Pluto and Mars -Biquintile – (2’20) -Not afraid to be different, that’s what it takes, sticking to our own creative force.
      Bi Quintiles – 72 x 2 – create the magic 144 degree