A Page & a Candle (Mars Rx with Ketu)

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

Mars retrograde

There comes a time along the ascending wyrd road where we begin making choices from a different place.  Intellectually, it’s something we’ve always known, yet in practice, we are likely still working it out.  We begin making choices based only from love and Truth.  Wisdom sprouts from our growing intuition.  It begins to transcend the longer and descending road of fear and discontent.  That is the easy road and a dangerous road for traveling.

Maybe you’ve seen him in your evening walks or felt him even as you lay in bed reaching for dreams. Maybe he has been keeping you up with feelings of irritation, regret, or even….revenge!  Mars is growing by the day from our perspective here on Earth, thus his presence is easier felt, his voice is louder, and depending on your relationship to him, it is accelerating your speed down one of the roads mentioned above.  He is also currently with Ketu (South Node of the Moon/the coiled tail of the Dragon).  If you use Mean, the conjunction has already occurred; If you use True, it’s coming this Friday (the 20th).

A trembling hand

A candle lit

What would life be like if those pages were burned

Via Negativa

Whenever a planet crosses Ketu (SN) it is an opportunity to rewrite the story of that degree of the zodiac in our lives.  This conjunction between Mars and Ketu is at 6 Aquarius.  Being Mars is also retrograde at the moment, confidently striding towards the Battle of the 27th, this offers a unique kind of power and willingness to finally extract that particular strain darkness from our lives.

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” 

Tennessee Williams once said

Mars agreed

And taught him how to feed them

We say, “They’ve got demons,” or “I’ve got my own demons,” yet many don’t like to admit they have any, that it is an illusion, that all there is is love.  Perhaps in some meta-sense, all is love, but in this human drama, we are gifted by some mysterious architect: demons! Maybe it’s by the hand of Mars-or Pluto? Whoever forged them and wherever it is they come from, they sure can make their presence known when Mars is retrograde and he is close.  We are in such a time.

For those who fear demons, they seem to see them everywhere.  Trump is demon! JP is a demon. The X is a demon.  Everything but themselves…demons! Scary tactics for working with these essential energies. It’s what creates trolls and their myriad holes they hide in. This is obviously the wrong approach.  And for all of us trying to bring light into our darkest caverns, we must remember our own demons, not adopting those flung at us from others shadows.  We’ve got our own battles to fight.

There is this perennial idea of “raising the candle.” It flickers with Eros & Psyche; it remains lit with Beauty and the Beast; it even illuminates the face of Valemon the Great White Bear King.  It’s a scary moment because it shines a light on what we’ve been hiding and would much rather keep hidden behind our masks and cleverly cloaked stories.  But of course, this is the wrong road.  We must instead reach for the candle ourselves and begin the telling of our true story.  The one composed of secrets in hidden chests, blood-soaked habituations, and those tendencies of forking our tongue and talking about people when they aren’t around. “Raising the candle” is a practice of vulnerability.  We need someone to trust for such practice though.  Best to start today.  If you don’t have someone you can trust with your musty myths, find a good therapist or an Astrologer! This is what we are paid to do.

Demons hate iron.  That is, they don’t thrive around the gym or the mat or when our wills are certain and pointed towards the light.  It takes a lot to do what we don’t want to do, but we know we should do.  It can seem impossible to change a destructive pattern you’ve been perpetuating for 2o years, but it can be done.  It also may seem useless trying to hold back your tongue whenever talking shit about someone you don’t like, but it must be silenced.  Because if we aren’t rewriting the story when Mars is trying to uncoil the grip of Ketu, then we are only creating deeper grooves in our bad habits.  This is what turns us into ghosts.

As the page burns

As the flame dances

Strength returns

A certainty of direction

A wyrd road populated with good people

With gorgeous bridges

under which trolls are even radiant and content


Stay cool my friends,

Stay cool.