As a member of an astrology group that meets regularly to discuss and share all sorts of astrological techniques, studies, books and ideas, one thing always on our agenda is the deciphering of a “Mystery Chart”.  The Mystery Chart exercise is a perfect way to see how our own astrological learning, ideas and assumptions influence what we see or read in a chart, helping us to be cautious in what we ascertain and expect about an astrological chart, but also helping us trust further our language and recognize how accurate it can be.

Our group starts the session by asking questions about the chart. Without knowing any times, dates or places, only the outer planets giving us clues as to the individuals era of birth, we make statements about the person and share our observances and reasons as to what this person may have done or does in their  life.  This is what the group had to say about the above chart. First their questions or statements, then the signs, planets and aspects they were looking at if mentioned, followed by my answers and prompts.*

Did this person suffer depression, anxiety and fear?
Saturn in the 8th – square moon

Yes , perhaps not in a traditional sense, but you could say that they did through their role and view of  society and the situations they found themselves in.

They had an eclectic mind, were an independent thinker!
 Mercury sextile Uranus con North Node


Were they an Astrologer ?
Pisces  moon and Jupiter in 12th trine Neptune . Uranus trines and sextiles nodes .Aquarius MC.


They had a difficult career path, not a smooth journey through life!
Saturn tradition ruler of the MC in 8th rx, square Moon in 10th.


Was death a big theme in their lives?
Saturn rx in 8th in Sag.


Was their work indicative of their death ?

Yes, very much so.

Did they have many hidden aspects to their lives?
Pisces Moon, 12th house planets.


It shows this person had a great ability to do what they wanted , what they desired and were passionate about,  with Mercury strong  in Gemini , Venus strong in Taurus  and Venus rising!


They perhaps were not so co-operative, they were very much compelled to follow their own path even though it was very difficult!
Venus in Taurus rising.


So they had and carried many hidden aspects?

Yes, but others were very much aware of their motivations, but not what they were up to at a particular time necessarily.

Were they seen for what they do in their work place?
Moon in 10th


Were they a nurturer of the general population?
Moon in 10th.

Yes , but think as wildly as possible as to what that could mean. They weren’t a Mother Teresa.

Were they on a mission?
Strong fire sign planets – Jupiter/Aries, Uranus/Aries, Neptune/Leo, Saturn/Sag and  Mars Pisces.


A charismatic, beautiful looking person, passionate? Expected with someone with Venus rising!


Were  they ill?
Venus and Chiron conjunction ,  Venus rules 6th house.

Did they come from a nebulous upbringing? Drunken home?
Neptune IC

No, but moved around a lot. Although they had a good and safe upbringing, they never called one place home.

Were they  off with the fairies ?
Neptune IC , Pisces planets,  12th house planets.

No,  he was very earthy and real about what he did although very idealistic. The Neptune IC relates to Neptune more in the sense of “ where is home”, which will make more sense when you find out who it is. Oops I just spiltt the beans as to this person being male.

Was he a spy? Behind the scenes type of person?
Pisces and 12th house planets.

Yes. Think about Mars and Uranus in the 11th – what could they have perhaps been up to behind the scenes?

Were they eccentric?

Yes. I think they would have had to be to do what they did.

Did they carry much mysterious information?


Was he a writer?
Moon ruling 3rd , trine Pluto. Mercury Gemini and North Node.


Was he a mystery writer?

No .

At this stage, we seem to be getting close, but  we only have 45 minutes given to do this whole exercise and  every one gets quite intrigued as who it might be and there  is still so much to talk about once the mystery is revealed , it is time to reveal the mystery.

Do you know who it might be? Given the clues and the chart, we know it’s a man behind the scenes but very much noticed, a writer with a mission and many hidden agendas, a charismatic fellow concerned with defending  others, especially the impoverished and downtrodden of society.

A few more clues – before 1 reveal who it is. He became a living legend and myth in his own lifetime, he was much loved and hated, admired and deceived. He had a great cause and a capacity to persist, follow his own moral judgements and beliefs, certainly a unique and passionate individual, this person is no other than the – Go to answer:

If you,re ready to find out who it is,  GO HERE :  or do more of your own detective work before looking at who it is!

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