5D Astrology Report: November 2017 Dispatches from the Front Line

By Agent 98
Lorna Bevan

5D Astrology Report: November 2017

Dispatches from the Front Line

“We are participants in bringing into being not only the near and here, but the long ago and far away” Professor John Wheeler, Father of Quantum Theory

Maybe – just maybe – we’re beginning to get that to step up to the potent, utterly life-changing, taking- no-prisoners galactic astrology being live-streamed into our worlds, we have to focus like a laser on the meta cycles, on the big picture and learn to futurise to make better choices in the present. It’s no longer cutting it to react to each passing transit. In fact, the 3D concept of “working on yourself”, jumping like Pavlov’s dogs whenever there’s a Full Moon or an Equinox or some other manufactured drama, is dead in the water. Because, if it’s not a solar eclipse, it will be terrorism breaking out somewhere in the world or physical symptoms or family psychodramas. No more allowing external circumstances – even celestial ones – to dictate how we feel. And, paradoxically, that’s exactly what the sky code is underlining. In November and December 2017, the astrology is one of the most transformational setups in recent memory or much further. Unlike the eclipse, we’re not being pushed over a brink but rather pounded in a crucible of awakening by Jupiter and Saturn – the Guru and the Master Teacher – aligning with deep space karmic points: Jupiter on Shapley 8 in Scorpio Pluto’s sign + Saturn on the Galactic Centre.  Saturn conjunct the Galactic Centre, exact on November 24, 2017, is the culmination of the 3 year Saturn in Sagittarius journey, which dates back to late 2014. This is the big synthesis of the metaphysical and the physical – the practical application of spirituality. Brace yourself for a surreal ride. Because whether you are ready to admit it or not, we’ve collectively begun to wake up to a strange new porous reality. Or as Morpheus says to Neo in the film The Matrix, “You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

What to Expect:

A Life Review

a de-fragging process of your mental hard drive, as the centrifuge of the Galactic Centre spins your outdated belief systems, mind viruses, self-hypnosis and Matrix collective trance away from the centre, revealing an empty space where you are receptive to grace- an emptiness which is also full; a mind melt with higher voltage deep space information from the Cloud or Noosphere. When the last 5° of Sagittarius are activated by Black Moon Lilith, Pholus, Ixion, Saturn and Quaoar, a process of awakening from various layers of falsehood is initiated. The arrows of the Centaur point to what is Beyond what you know now, and at the same time to what you have always known in your inner depths. When the Galactic Centre is in the cosmic viewfinder, a time of accelerated evolutionary growth is inevitable.

A Karmic Sweep

Frame the next two months as a Karmic Sweep before Saturn crosses 0 degrees Capricorn on the December 21st Solstice, returning to his own sign for the first time since February 1988. Know what you want to change. Make two lists: what you want to resolve or eliminate and what you want to create. You are now in a moment where you get to review, rethink and recreate just about anything you want. This may involve any facet of your life. You have the opportunity to work from the roots of your existence upwards and outward. For now, stay close to the ground and work from your core reality. You can’t so easily relate to your past anymore.  Our soul sees it all as just experience.  There is less and less emotional attachment to it.   It’s a blessing because it is making room for new memories.  It is freeing you up.

Erase + Eliminate

Whether you were aware of it or not, time has been served on who you used to be, how you thought about yourself and what you believed was possible for you – in other words, your fictional Self is being dissolved in an acid bath of a whole new reality. This process is operating continuously and relentlessly, like a software program running without your conscious awareness, intensifying as Saturn crosses the Galactic Centre in November before returning to his own sign of Capricorn. Pay close attention to what and who is leaving; to who and what needs to go; to what suddenly holds absolutely no interest, energy or attraction for you, even if it used to be a passion or you’ve devoted your energy, love and time to it. This is the leverage you’ve been waiting for since August’s eclipse to disentangle yourself from what no longer fits. It’s the heading back towards higher HOME journey where you go through the process of collecting all your other aspects and selves scattered throughout different timelines and/or dimensions that are to be embodied by you now. 

The Chandra Symbol for the Galactic Centre

“Sagittarius 27 Siamese twins talking to each other. Tuned into a multiple consciousness that is sensed and known as though it were singular and familiar and just the place to hang out when you want to be living at the crossroads. But all the forces encountered on the outside are also alive in the inside and anything we can meet here is also met completely and utterly by one of our many voices inside. An extraordinary aptitude for exchanging, for cross-fertilising, for being useful, informative or decisive in planting seeds and bringing the unexpected to bear. Able to slip through with enough enigmas at once to throw anybody off. But amidst the chaos, there is a message and a meaning. What comes through here is life wisdom which has arisen from every side and been gathered from myriad worlds. The life wisdom is easily accessible, yet veiled. It is right there for the asking, but it comes across in a form that makes it seem far removed from what it is. The ultimate potential is to commemorate and disseminate advanced information and inspiration across a cosmic spectrum So much is coming through. On the innermost planes, this is an influence of tapping boundless worlds freely as a matter of course. It is astoundingly rich in its reach and its grasp.”

Time Collapse

Watch for an unsettling feeling of time-collapse; of weirdly stepping outside of it all for a while as things further exit/enter/shift/transition more fully at this latest level of the evolutionary burn and embodiment process. This is Saturn Lord of Time and Karma encountering the plasticity of Source and Jupiter on Shapley 8, the steering mechanism behind the Great Attractor, the Galactic Centre and ultimately the course of our solar system. This body is so massive its gravity bends light around it, such that we can virtually see around it. You might even start noticing the so-called Mandela Effect when you and others “remember” something contrary to agreed collective reality.

Amplified intentionality

In 3D Copernican astrology, Saturn and Jupiter are described as the Master Teacher and the Guru, framing us as children waiting to be guided by the hand of fate. Think of the people you’ve given your power to, the rigid belief systems you’ve accepted or the rules you’ve swallowed whole. But Saturn returning to his own sign of Capricorn is the tipping point to knowing that you, like Neo, chose the blue pill and now have the free will to act as your own arbiter, sponsor, guide, coach and mentor. Enlightened Self-interest aka putting your own highest interests first is crucial, not just a nice slogan.

Q:  The power question to ask yourself is:” What if my life belongs to me?”

Ask it and let your unconscious mind answer. What you think of as your highest, wildest and least likely goals are the ones that you will tap into first. You’ve been processing them for a long time; you’ve been restless and curious and working toward an idea of what you want. It’s as if you’ve taken most of the steps and now you’re about to be met by something traveling to you from the opposite direction.

Find Your Flow Magic – the sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full on engagement/participation and during the November and December Gateways, take as many steps as possible in moving forward with your creative expression, new service work, anything that you have been procrastinating over. Notice what inspires your imagination or presses the accelerator on the engine of your creative expression. Can you accept universal directives that steer your actions towards your dharmic destination? One small energetic shift from each of us pushes the envelope to break through any remaining blockages to the highest timelines and outcomes – in the Now.

“In this space between worlds, before we become something new, before we are ready to emerge, we are tender and vulnerable. Perhaps it is not a final destination we seek, but the ability to give ourselves permission, again and again, to be both initiate and witness in this birth.” Kristen Roderick

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Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan


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    This is such an awesome article, Lorna. It is absolutely what is happening to me right here, right now. What a powerful time! It’s so exciting when we’ve spent our whole lives preparing for something and that time finally arrives. Thank you for sharing. xo


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