5D Astrology Report: January 2018 – Close Encounters with Reality

By Agent 98
Lorna Bevan

5D Astrology Report: January 2018

Close Encounters with Reality

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” J.K. Rowling

If 2018 is the Year when Matter meets Mystery, January is the month of close encounters with reality. Rare alignments in Capricorn nudge us on to the evolutionary growth path of Diamond Consciousness crystallised through Saturn. New sine wave patterns form, changing the zeitgeist, seeding the watershed Saturn /Pluto conjunction of 2020 – there is no going back as reality bites. This is the clash of the metaphysical /physical + the tangible /intangible – the big synthesis of practical application of spirituality. There’s a lot on the line along with huge potential for progress. What is happening is a simultaneous global, collective and individual restoration and beyond it through 2018-2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius, a return to your essential higher Self. It is catalysing a process of evolution through the deletion of lower time-lines and access to embodiment.

The astrology of 2018 and 2019 will begin to de-construct the foundations of power – governments, banking, careers, men versus women – ahead of 2020, the defining year of the 21st Century so far when the Saturn/Jupiter/Ceres/Pluto merger in Capricorn combined with America’s first Pluto Return since the Declaration of Independence will bring a systems collapse, the towers crashing down so a new world can be born. It begins this month January 2018 with a hard reality check. You will have to deal with the way life is, not the way you would wish it to be.

January 2018 Time-Line

January 2018 is essentially a compacted acceleration of evolution on to the higher time-lines

Saturn in Capricorn — Super Moon Trilogy — Capricorn Venus Star Point — Lunar Eclipse

  • Lord of Time and Karma Saturn has returned to his own sign for the first time since 1988 to stay until March 2020. The combination of Saturn + Pluto in cardinal Earth Capricorn means that worldly rubber meets the spiritual road. Saturn, aka Chronos, the Black Sun, the Architect of Eternal Laws, the Master Teacher and in 5D the Inner Guru, is your bottom line. In your own birth matrix, the area of life represented by Capricorn points to your unique arc of evolution for the next few years. The degrees between 0-19 Capricorn in your birth chart are your personal leverage point.
  • A rare Super Moon Trilogy accelerates the separation of time-lines between December 3 2017; January 1 2018 + January 31, 2018. The Super Moon on January 31st is a Lunar Eclipse and a blue Moon. Super Moons are a New or Full Moon when the Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth, creating an uptick in seismic activity, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and huge tidal surges. Kicking off at the Super Full Moon/Mercury max on January 1- the most powerful of 2018 happening on Day1! – and bookended by a Lunar Eclipse on January 31st intensifying the fallout from last August’s solar eclipse across the USA, anticipate a month when seismic windows are constantly open and emotional and physical volatility is rife.
  • The Capricorn Venus Star Point January 9th 2018

2018 is a year of elemental shift from Yang to Yin escalating the unstoppable collective emergence of the deep feminine. There is a hugely influential inflexion point at 18-20 degrees Capricorn where Pluto is conjunct its own South Node of Fate, plus the Saturn/Jupiter South Nodes. Pluto works the underlying law of Evolution collectively and individually so via the South Node of Pluto in Capricorn, we are revisiting the time of the patriarchal takeover in order to metamorphose, eliminate and dissolve the artificial structures, dynamics, beliefs, memories, conditionings of the past. On January 9th, a Venus Star Point conjuncts Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn for the first time in 248 years, catalysing the quest for self- identity, self-discovery and self–agency in an extraordinary dance of light and shadow This kick starts one of the most important themes of 2018 the desire for personal agency. The Venus Star Point in a new sign, element and phase marks the arc of female power. Rising as an Evening star, Venus aligns exactly behind the Sun, the time of the Venus cycle when our twin is furthest from Earth and halfway through her months of invisibility. This is the Death and Rebirth moment of an Underworld Star Point. Venus Star Points are like eclipse points 9.5 months apart, aligning you more congruently with what you are continuing to create and attract into your world. What house is the Capricorn point taking place in your chart?  What was significant about this point 4 and 8 years ago? Bring into consciousness an intention that you have held since January 2014. As you imagine your future Self living this out, amplify the emotions and sensations in your body – they are the catalytic engine of the attractor field. Deliberately dial up the volume of your embodied desire.

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Chandra Symbol for the Venus Star Point
“Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.
You are destiny-charged in a larger-than-life fashion. Being self-possessed is your watchword. There is so much to accomplish. And at the centre of the journey lies self-knowledge and the overriding determination to clear the karmic slate, to free up what has been trapped and bound and to come to yourself afresh. This destiny-will is guided, cosmically supported, centrally relevant to your whole world, and you will do it. Turn the darkest of hours into the brightest breakthroughs by refusing to stop anywhere or to back down from your resolve to wake up this time and get on with the greater path, at long last.”

So what does it all mean?

It means that as the time-line overwrite accelerates, our faces are being rubbed in those New Age accepted “truths” we swallowed whole such as: being a light seeker enables you to skip the hard work of your evolutionary burn; that believing in non- duality and non-action lets you escape reality because ” you’re not who you think you are”. The reality is definitely not coca cola – teaching-the world-to-sing unity consciousness. It’s worth repeating that nothing is working because the 3D time-lines have been deleted. No modality, nothing outside you, no matter how temporarily uplifting, can change you or rescue you. Look around you – the current chaos – climate, political, financial – is elemental, energetic and profoundly personal and collective all at the same time. The personal confronts the political and global events arrive right at your front door, escalating in 2018 through to the crunch year of 2020.
It means recognising that 2017 was a crash course in mastering new tools and spiritual technologies but in 2018 to survive, you have to apply them. You have to make hard choices based on your highest values, not on comfort or expediency. The time for superficiality of any kind is gone – life is being stripped down and pared back to essentials and you need to collaborate with it. Become self-reliant, self-supporting. Prioritise your own highest interests – highest being the key word. Cut away anyone who drains or feeds on your precious life force.
Re-draw your boundaries, pulling them in tighter and closer. From now on your mission is to engage only with creators, those who have already woken up. Get real and be real. Stop curating your life. Become inner not outer directed. Find what you’re really good at and do more of it. Do a personal resources inventory. What do you know or what skills do you have that are valuable to others? You have physical, emotional and spiritual resources all around, lying neglected and unacknowledged in your psyche or hidden away in your very own dustbin of history. Now is the moment to excavate all of them – your finances, time investment, skills, talents, possessions, qualities – and release them into the light of day to form and reform into more authentic ways of self-expression and making a living. This is the shift from random to causal creation

“Delete your New Year Resolutions + apply amplified intentionality”

-Ask yourself:

What’s my intention, my wildly impossible goal for the next 27 months?

What’s my deeper purpose – my big Why – that’s seeding my tomorrow?

What radical options are available to me in this shifting field?

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better” Maya Angelou

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Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

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