5D Astrology Report: February 2017 Rising Strong

By Agent 98
Lorna Bevan

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better” Maya Angelou

The 1 Year of 2017 – the first green shoots of a new 9-year energy cycle – begins at the Aquarius New Moon on January 26 and accelerates through February’s switch point astrology. This is when we walk across the bridge across tomorrow from the wrecking ball Uranus/Pluto years of 2008-16 into the Light Grid of the 2017-2022 Uranus/Eris/Haumea years. The Year of the Yin Fire Rooster is all about opening up, about asking difficult questions, about seeing the Emperor’s new clothes and revealing inconvenient truths.  No more hiding our heads in the sand or hoping everything will go back to “normal”. It’s our time to step up to history because it turns out we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The future is here, now and it is you. So rise from the ashes, discard your scar coat, re–feather and re-tool.

2017 is also a 10 year – symbolising the sacred circle of Self. The number 10 is formed by a pillar within a circle, it is masculine and feminine, representing the healing codes of Isis and Osiris. In Tarot the number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune; in the Kabbalah 10 symbolises the Tree of Life. 2016 asked you to let go completely. It was a year of trusting in what could not be seen and believing in what could not be felt. 2017 is about standing in the midst of dimensional flux as a pillar of light in the centre of the circle of your creations, about standing centred in your life as a towering obelisk, as a prime number. Your transformational purpose needs concrete expression in the world via a personal creative unfolding. 17 is a highly spiritual number, seen by the Ancient Chaldeans as the 8 Pointed Star of Venus. 2017 will fulfil its destiny with or without you! Sometimes running on automatic pilot, sometimes flying with no pilot, 2017 will lead you to a place you have not been before, in and out of different densities and dimensions. Everything will have a new reverberation, a new resonance.

The Big Picture Astrology – The Next 5 Years

When you can visualise the landscape of the near future, you can make better decisions in the here and now. For the whole of 2017 the defining astrology is the revolutionary radical T Square between Pluto/Uranus/Eris/Haumea and Jupiter- transpersonal and deep space planets. Depending on your personal level of evolution, this could turn out to be either an: “Eyes wide shut or an eyes wide open” Awakening. In 2018 Uranus enters Taurus – think massive worldwide change in financial systems – as Chiron enters Aries – heralding breakthroughs in ecology and medicine -followed by a series of alignments that involve Pluto and Eris in 2020 and 2021. First Saturn conjuncts Pluto, then Pluto squares Eris, and finally Jupiter conjuncts Pluto. There are no words for this, except to say that it’s as potent as astrology gets. What we are seeing play out in politics today is only the warm-up act. The United States is already in its karmic Pluto Return. On 12th January 2020 Saturn will conjunct Pluto for the first time since 1982; on that same day Mercury and the Sun will reach the same degree of Capricorn; and two days earlier a lunar eclipse will trigger the same point. This is a configuration of radical change by any astrological standards. In the 5 years until 2022, we will be pulling up the old paradigm system by the roots – we have our work cut out.

“Take heart for our energy and focus is shifting from the petri-dish of our own psycho-karmic healing to fully focus on clearing the path ahead, preparing the ground and sowing the seeds of a new conscious epoch.” Nicolya Christi

The February 2017 Planetary Landscape

Time to wake up and smell the coffee! Two Cosmic Wild Card Eclipses accelerate the separation of worlds and time-lines, seeding an obvious deepening in your body and life, an unprecedented grounding as the light of your soul enters places never before illuminated. Keep in mind that eclipse events can seem karmic or predestined bringing a distinct sense of sudden transition. You move from one space of life into another. The sudden eclipse re-boots aligned with Jupiter/Venus aspects this month perfectly mirror the exponential rise of women and other groups reclaiming their voice against intolerance. Expect this to build and build in the months to come as tribes and groups form and reform like cells to shape solutions.

The Eclipse Chandra Symbol LEO 23
An old man cutting mistletoe off an oak tree with a golden knife.
Everything prepared and ready. The consummation of lifetimes in the destiny – drama of self-mastery. Your tireless pursuit of perfection and gift of knowing what is asked are charged with collective power. Marking out a pathway which shall remain always. The Gods inspire, the hour is ripe and the whole idea is to become selflessly yourself, offered to the Goddess and emergent through time.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26 2017 is the final Pisces Solar eclipse signing off the Pisces/Virgo eclipses between 2015-17,signifying that something essential, as bright and important as the Sun in your life has come to an end, its task completed. Look back to March 9 and September 1 2016 for insights.

The Eclipse Chandra Symbol PISCES 9
A vampire awakens.
Darkness calls to those who have had enough of too much compromise and too unbearable a weight of suffering. And inside the darkness, an immense power of what is here in the Earth and still raging can be felt and harnessed. You are imaginatively and inwardly pulled toward the great extremes–not able to go on in any usual way. But you ultimately fathom the mysteries and the depths, by exploring all that is there and finding in the end that all is sacred, all is beautiful, and all is integral to the fibre of existence.

Jupiter Turns Retrograde on February 6th

In these tumultuous times of major and powerful convergence of planetary forces, Jupiter shows where grace can be experienced. Jupiter is the difference that makes the difference. Anticipate radical expansion of the higher mind / breakthroughs in science, astronomy, medicine and technology

The Light Bearer /Hierophant is retrograde in Libra between February and June and begins and ends the year connecting us to the Grid via outer and deep space planets. This is nothing less than Universal Law at work here, masquerading within our culture as chaos /re-adjustment. Jupiter‘s esoteric purpose is soul fusion blending the dualities of head and heart, mind and love to create wisdom. The Hierophant restores the Law of Life Mastery. Whatever 23-13 degrees Libra symbolises in your birth mandala has the potential to grow, expand and flourish.

Venus crosses the sensitive World Axis and Aries Point on 3 February 2017

Paving the way for her Aries Venus Star Point on March 25, Venus encourages the quest for co-creative intelligence, self- identity, self-discovery and self–agency. Venus will be a Morning Star in warrior Goddess mode. Look back at the last dates of the VSP in Aries – 28 March 2013 and 27 March 2009 to track how you expressed this aspect of yourself in your own life. This Venus Retrograde will give emotional momentum to the overarching trend of 2017 – the radicalisation of disenfranchised citizens

Developing Your Own GPS

Walk your talk and start by walking:

Away from repetitive victim stories / towards visionary activism

Away from enlightening yourself/towards enlightening the whole – from the Inside Out

Away from estranging yourself from others through spiritual inflation /towards embracing the ordinariness, the everydayness of life.

Away from Waking Up by navel gazing/towards Waking Down into concrete action

Away from being at effect/towards being at cause – not passive but proactive.

Away from I’m not ready/towards being the change you want to see in the world

Instead of Inside Out Thinking based on: What other people told me to do /My thoughts /My feelings /The effect I want on other people /Whether I think I have time or energy, trust the absolute pure miracle of Knowing or Not Knowing. Both are 100% reliable. Both are personally unique to you and universal in quality. Both are pointing in the same direction – inside. Within you is the space for the answer. It might not be there right now but it will be. The not knowing is simply knowing that the answer is there. You’ve had this experience over and over – it could be a feeling in your gut, goose pimples, an Aha! Moment or a warm recognition.

“The world doesn’t owe us anything. It is we who owe the world a different image than the one that is hurting us. Weare the mirrors. We are the living labs where creative change starts to grow. Nobody else can save us but ourselves!” Rebelle Society

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Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

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