5D Astrology Report: April 2017 The Inside Out Code

By Agent 98
Lorna Bevan

Nothing is in vain. Nothing is “just nothing”. We are the SOMETHING in the EVERYTHING. I know you. I see you. It matters!”. Andrea Balt

Beautiful art by Ellen Vaman

Without a resourceful operating system or set of guiding presuppositions it’s nearly impossible to step down the impact of overarching astrology cycles into a meaningful practical every day way of living your life. And – like it or not – your old map of the world is being totally reconfigured towards new vectors, as unprecedented alignments expand our awareness, our coda of the solar system and beyond. As within, so Without. As Above, So Below. We have to turn everything upside down, and inside out at this stage of our evolution. The outside is the inside and the down is the up. What we thought was one way is the other. That what we don’t see is actually more real. It’s a good reminder. We’re starting to realise how powerful the invisible realms are and how essential it is to tap into the energy behind what we are seeing.

Playing on a nonstop loop, the theme of 2017-2020 is your evolving Self in Relationship with Source – the Field – and with the Other. The defining astrology of our lifetimes is returning us to factory default: that our natural instinct is to bond with each other. Giving to others-the urge to empathise, to be compassionate, and to help others altruistically-is not the exception to the rule, but our natural state of being. Altruism comes naturally to us. It is selfishness that is culturally conditioned and a sign of pathology. The old self -serving dualities of separation/judgment, Me/Not Me, Insider/Scapegoat are increasingly obsolete in the Field of unity consciousness. Changing the dance of I/ Thou or Self/ Other starting with all the ways you do being You -your relationship with yourself -is a revolutionary act. We are waking up out of the trance of life to the realisation that there is no fixed Self; we are always Selving. As you progressively change your belief system from a Newtonian worldview to one based on the Quantum Field — moving from cause and effect to synchronicity – be kind to yourself. Be discerning, patient and tender towards your growing edge. When you live in a story believing in only cause and effect you stay lost in the limited mind set. When you transition into a belief in the Quantum Field, then you begin your story with the vast fields of possibilities

The Astrology of April

Your Relationship with thought and thinking – change your mind and change your life

Your Relationship with your Self, with others, with your conditioned entangled beliefs that block your inner resources

Your Relationship with your own wisdom, instincts and guidance at this fluid point of possibility.

Throughout April to mid-May Saturn is conjunct the Galactic Centre trine the Full Moon Grand Cross– the Master Teacher merging with the Source of non-local consciousness. As The Lord of Time and Karma slows to turn retrograde on 6 April, there are amazing new insights, breakthroughs and paradigms in development. There’s progressive intelligent downloading to be done through to December 2017 and beyond.

The 3rd Uranus/Eris conjunction across relationship signs Aries/Libra opposite Jupiter and Haumea is an eyes wide open awakening, blasting away the last vestiges of stagnant consciousness. Eris is disrupting obsolete ways of how we see ourselves and each other so obviously that we can’t not see it. Eris is demanding Disclosure.  We’re waking up to the fact that we’re living inside 24/7 live streaming of public commentary/trolling on any one and anybody. To the reality of  the Matrix that exists to manufacture extreme polarisation of Us/Them in virtual reality.

Venus turns direct on April 15th then re- crosses the 0 degree Aries Point – the Relationship of Self to Self – on April 29th. Her 40-day retrograde period is a process of stripping away a defunct version of your Self to allow a higher level of functioning.

Are you seeing April’s theme here lit up in flashing neon lights? The Relationship Axis is lit up by the first of the annual spiritual High Festivals at the Libra Full Moon on April 11th. Look at the stunning sacred geometry the Cardinal Grand Cross between the Sun/Uranus/Eris + Moon/ Jupiter Haumea square Pluto /Juno and Vesta /Varuna. These are light bridges of calibration and alignment that will root our new awareness into our cells while upgrading our capacity to think with our hearts

A Code to Change your Reality from the Inside Out

Wouldn’t it put you at cause, not effect to experience clarity, peace and freedom, even in the midst of challenging circumstances? To find a way to orient yourself in a turbulent world with no familiar signposts? To have the means to make change happen faster than you think and more easily than you can imagine? The have the tools to connect more deeply with the people you care about most and create rapport with people no matter what their view of the world? What Evolutionary Astrology, Buddhism, NLP, the Three Principles, Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology all share is a revolutionary operating system that aligns you with your deep Self 24/7. If that sounds a bit esoteric for your current reality tunnel, think of it like an inner GPS – a factory installed, fully reliable guidance system with access to real-time data from somewhere beyond your inevitably limited perspective on things. Cultivating a deeper relationship with this inner sense of knowing is the single most powerful way of making better decisions, producing desired results, and navigating life with more ease and grace.

It helps to install and hold these pre-suppositions as true:

The map is not the territory. Are you feeling your thoughts, not your situation? The only thing you’re ever up against is the insecure feeling of your transient thoughts dressed up as fear. This could be the most important presupposition to understand. “The map is not the territory” means you are separate from reality. The menu is not the food. The road map is not the city. The map of the world you have in your mind is not the real world. You short-change yourself of your full potential when you believe your mental map of the world is the territory you deal with every day. If you take your assumptions of people’s behaviors, your position in the world, how people perceive you, or anything as reality – when it is merely your mental map painted from abstract understandings – you cheat yourself out what you can become. Instead of interacting with the world, you interact with your map. How you treat people and yourself is dependent on the map you hold. Your mind is a projector, not a camera

People make the best choices they can at the time from the thinking that looks real to them at the time.

Respect for everyone’s map of the world. We each have our own interpretation of reality. Our interpretations may be quite similar or different. We each map our experience of the world differently, because we all have different sets of experiences and filters. You may not understand or agree with my behaviour, but if you had my experiences together with my beliefs and values, you might. You do not have to agree with my model of the world, only respect that I may see, hear, feel, interpret the world and behave differently than you do.

You can increase choice by constantly moving from your Small Me perspective to the Witness Perch and back. Having choices about how to interpret your reality changes your experience of it. And having more choices available to you begins by choosing to interpret each experience in a way that frees your thinking to explore different points of view. So, how else can you look at your situation, and how else, and how else… …? In this way your map of reality expands.

People work perfectly -there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do. No one is wrong or broken. People function perfectly even if what they are doing is ruining their or other’s lives. All your actions have a purpose but your strategies may be poorly designed and ineffective. When you understand the purpose, you can do something different to get better results.

You cannot not communicate. Which is more important: what you intend to communicate or what you actually communicate? Master the art of Rapport and join others in their map of the world.

You already have all the inner resources you need or can create them. There are no unresourceful people; only unresourceful states of mind. You are designed to live from your infinite creative potential, not from the history of your past creations

There is no such thing as failure; only feedback. There is no such thing as failure, only useful results. “Failure” is feedback that you need to course correct your way towards a desired outcome. You can negatively label what you do which falls short of success as “failure” or alternatively, you could view it positively as feedback or information to help you change course.

Action changes understanding. If you want to understand something, act, move, embody it.

Everything points to integration and wholeness. At all times independent of circumstances and independent of thoughts and emotions, there is a world of deeper feeling available to you – a sense of expansiveness, peace and being fully alive. The deeper mind is always on 24/7, not only does it have your back, it’s part of who you are – when you lose sight of it it’s because you’ve gone back to thinking you have to handle this life thing on your own.

Live courageously and confidently from your core as you transform the world around you – one experience and conversation at a time.

Join Lorna for more insights into the Dwarf planets and coming up next Month, February, Lorna explores the Centaurs, this month PHOLUS currently joined to Saturn and the Galactic Centre by joining our C*I*A Membership, includes access to the archives on dwarf planets.

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

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    Blessing for you Lorna, thank you so much for your connection with wisdom and the courage to be authentic. This article is amazing!


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