5D Astrology Report: 2018: Matter Meets Mystery

By Agent 98
Lorna Bevan

5D Astrology Report: 2018:

Matter Meets Mystery

This 5D Report describes the meta field that you dance in with the mysteries between choice and non-choice. In 5D there is no “future” waiting to be “predicted” – it’s an open Source, a collection of possibilities until it merges into the present. The leading edge of space-time marks the “present” crawling outward, moment by moment, transforming tomorrow’s maybes into yesterday’s fixed happenings.   Quantum uncertainty says the future is not determined until it’s happened.  Instead of buying into either the usual utopian or dystopian projections of the future when we’re either living in heaven on earth with angel wings or we’re all toast, don’t expect it to be perfect and get comfortable with the mystery, with What Is.

The years from 2018 – 2023 will be steep stair steps through the connected universe into the Age of Aquarius when Pluto enters the sign of the Futurist. These will also be some of the most exciting, interesting and creative times of our lives. Even by recent standards, 2018 will be a year of radical change as no fewer than 4 slow moving transpersonal planets, 3 deep space points plus the Nodes of Fate enter new signs. The hot spot world axis Aries Point – where the personal meets the political – is activated over and over by Saturn and Chiron. There are 5 eclipses instead of the usual 4. The Yin Earth element replaces Yang Fire. And all this is not happening in a void but in the churning backwash of the revolutionary Uranus-Eris conjunction, increasing the impact of the digital revolution on consciousness. New sine wave patterns form, changing the zeitgeist, seeding the watershed Saturn /Pluto conjunction of 2020 – there is no going back as reality bites. This is the clash of the metaphysical /physical + the tangible /intangible – the big synthesis of practical application of spirituality. There’s a lot on the line along with huge potential for progress.  Brace yourself for a surreal ride – the physical, mental and emotional levels are grasping for an old reality which has been deleted. The back and forth activation across the cusps of Pisces/Aries and Aries/Taurus combined with a summer of retrogrades creates a hang-time between expired lower timelines – dissolving platforms – and a fully anchored new reality.

2018: A Close Encounter with Reality

  • Financial systems shocks + political fragmentation
  • Yang shifts to Yin as the elemental balance + the Year of the Earth Dog

accelerate the Age of Woman

  • Continuous reality checks
  • Reckoning, testing and accountability
  • Truth dealing + radical honesty
  • Conscious contracting
  • An intensifying frequency of embodiment
  • Identity crises
  • The return home via a solo journey of ground breaking proportions
  • Creating structure, definition and direction in how you harness your power
  • Making decisions that alter the trajectory of your evolutionary path over the next three decades.
  • Going permanently offline with helping people transition and awaken

2018: The Meta Field

Radical Honesty

Jupiter in Scorpio. October 2017 – November 2018. This one-year transit through change agent Pluto’s sign is the subliminal shamanic drumbeat to mastering the spiritual wisdom associated with transformation, sexual awareness and experience and the ability to have a deep conversation when it counts the most. Expect a continuous rolling exposure of sexual harassment and corruption of power. In these testing times only truth, integrity, congruence and radical honesty will cut it. Anything else will create a karmic bounce back. Any secrets, insights, truths you excavate now will free you for new creations. Come alive to your new story

Show up

Dig deep

Speak out

Find your authentic voice and use it to rise strong

A Reckoning

Saturn will join Pluto in his own sign of Capricorn between December 21 2017- March 2020 accompanied by deep space planets Pholus – small cause, big effect – and Quaoar the creation force.

Chandra Symbol  CAPRICORN 1 :
“A canopy bed with curtains.
Standing on the inside of life. Protected and guarded, guided and led. Held fast. Kept so far back inside that what does express itself is purely a ceremonial display, a formal declaration. The observer or witness empowered to prevail — able to see, to realise, to comprehend the mysteries. Clairvoyance. Keenly sensing and viewing meaning and value, purpose and spirit. So very strongly and steadily directed from within that there is no outer, there is nothing to do. Instead, you centre yourself and align with who you truly are and stalwartly remain in the place of authority and power and inward truth as your statement and the only thing you know.”

This is Saturn’s first return to his own sign since 1988, fresh off the Galactic Centre, activating the Aries Point of the world axis, when the collective meets the individual and the political comes right to your front door. Saturn is all about matter, reality, building strong roots and foundations – the underpinnings of your life. And, crucially, all about harnessing your potential. Chronos brings a reminder of life’s impermanence – as the Buddha said: “The trouble is, you think you have time”. Paradoxically, this will also be one of the most exciting, interesting and creative years of your life if you can step up and lean in because tangible real-time progress is available. 2018 is when the 2020 era- defining, new world order Saturn/Pluto conjunction really begins. Choices made now will lay the reality tracks for the next 30 years. The structures, bureaucracies, hierarchies and rules we’ve come to rely on are collapsing – expect yet more radical change and the dissolution of boundaries and borders. Be aware of a hugely influential inflexion point at 18-20 degrees Capricorn where Pluto is conjunct its own South Node of Fate, plus Saturn and Jupiter’s South Nodes. Pluto works the underlying law of Evolution collectively and individually so via the South Node of Pluto in Capricorn, we are revisiting the time of the patriarchal takeover in order to metamorphose, eliminate and dissolve the artificial structures, dynamics, beliefs, memories, conditionings of the past. On January 9th a Venus Star Point conjuncts Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn catalysing the quest for self- identity, self-discovery and self–agency. This kick starts one of the most important themes of 2018the desire for personal sovereignty. These degrees in your birth chart create your personal leverage point.

Just do the next right thing

Walk your talk

Redraw your boundaries

Shift to living at cause, not at effect.

Identify the one thing you’re afraid to say about your life and what you’re going to do about it

The Body Electric

Uranus Enters Taurus. May 2018 – July 2025. Since 2010, Uranus has been in Yang Fire cardinal Aries, creating seismic collective shocks and breakdown as the revolutionary future oriented change agent of the seven-part Uranus-Pluto square and the Uranus-Eris conjunction. Now the Awakener enters Yin fixed Earth sign Taurus, as the Body Electric. This will focus attention on physical reality, revolutionising fossil fuel and farming, exposing the impact of 24/7 digital virtual reality on 7 billion earth inhabitants. In the next 7 years, we are going to see the end of banks and currency as we know it via new local currencies and electronic payments not yet invented. Even now, you can buy Facebook credit, Microsoft points, Bit coins. Taurus rules values – who/what you consider to be priceless. In the future, post 2023, we will have a phenomenal number of currencies to choose from. We’ll set the value. Not the money markets. What happens around May 15th 2018 is a shock to the banking system.

“A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.
An ongoing realisation that you are in your own element, doing what you need to do and subtly fired by an inner purpose that clarifies everything. The glow of your central intent warms you through. This quality of soul is simple and direct. It makes for a primal, elemental presence. You cannot grasp complex matters in this sphere. But you know what you need to know, and you’re on the beam so palpably that nothing much matters except being there. You distinctly charge the atmosphere with a pranic renewal, a source sustenance, and the whole idea is to make way for the universal life-force to stream right in and bless with its all-forgiving radiance.”

Taurus is a profoundly important sign relating to personal identity, only less conceptual and more tangibly physical. Identity in the style of Taurus is related to your body, your home and to your values and priorities as your soul imprint. So this Uranus transit is universal mind imploding into Matter – shocking your awareness back to your physicality. As it wakes from the trance coma of unconsciousness, your body is the carrier of your soul. We have the makings of a resurrection of the highest order or at least the highest to date. As with any major influx of deep space light, your embodiment experience is amplified. “Rather than the body being collateral damage in this process of awakening, it is instrumental. The biggest shift in the entire process of Waking Up to the new reality is realizing the body is the vector for enlightenment. It is literally the delivery mechanism by which we experience the vastness of who we really are.” Lori Ann Lothian

Take concrete steps to becoming self-supporting and self-sustaining

Make financial independence your priority, what would you do differently starting now?

How can you deliberately live between structure and surprise; between safety and experimentation?

Recognise that the deeper mind is always on 24/7, not only does it have your back, it’s part of who you are – when you lose sight of it it’s because you’ve gone back to thinking you have to handle this life thing on your own


Chiron Enters Aries.
Shaman centaur Chiron crossing back and forth over the hot spot world axis Aries Point will bring a reckoning then a re- patterning on the level of personal accountability to self. It will push into your awareness any way it can whatever aspect of your existence you have neglected. Chiron functions as a holographic influence; its role is to promote wholeness, balance and integration in an era of fragmentation and radical imbalance. Such is the nature of the Centaurs. They represent raw impulses and needs in us that clash with the normal order of things, as if they were all sick. They appear to be coming from the opposite side of the Sun, from the “otherness” of our lives, making us face a lost part of ourselves, so that the experience becomes both intense and healing, making us more whole. However, it also makes us very fragile and vulnerable, so that it is the cure and its opposite at the same time. Over the next few years, expect to evolve through several radical shifts of identity as Chiron bridge builds and repairs the inner fracturing and splits between Saturn and Uranus.

“A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.
Earth existence embraced with a fury. You become ready and quite able to do what is asked or needed and to put nothing in the way of each next thing happening, right on schedule. You actually become a vessel for strong Earth usage trying to get certain things straight for a brand-new start. It is the initial phase, the radically new cycle taken up with a passion, with an appetite for things to do, problems to solve, worlds to streamline. Tremendous for activating will.”

Chiron in Aries acts as an initiatory archetype creating fresh new patterns of living. Going far beyond the clichéd “wounded healer” label expect:  a shamanic process of self-discovery; the desire to reintegrate the spirit into the body; the recovery from addictions by healing the soul instead of the psychology; physical purification and healthy lifestyle; soul retrieval.

Which early psychological bargains and soul compromises that you made to be loved and to be accepted have time expired?

Which repetitive patterns and futile struggles are dead in the water?

How could you live from your infinite creative potential, not from the history of your past creations?

  2018’s tangible planetary shift from Yang to Yin will intensify and escalate the unstoppable collective emergence of the deep feminine via Jupiter in Scorpio; Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn; Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. This will take us way beyond the 3D “male/female re-balancing” polarity which is yet more duality disguised as progress. The incoming frequency of the 5D high heart will shape a new zeitgeist no matter what gender you are. It will be the start of an epic transformation. Definitely not pretty but a roar of intent from the throat of Kali Ma. But this time the difference is that rage is only the fuel for transformation – the first stage of a much deeper nuanced journey through and beyond Goddess worship in reaction to toxic masculinity. We don’t want to create an egocentric feminine as a reflex but rather move toward an emerging consciousness that is world centric in orientation. Go beyond your fears into power.

Living in Free Fall without a Safety Net

To live and thrive in the chaordial – the edge between order and chaos – you have to move to where you can exert most influence by conscious contracting and amplified intentionality:

Go permanently offline with helping people transition and awaken.

As Saturn Lord of Time and Karma crosses the World Axis 0 degrees Capricorn for the first time in 29 years, if you are a sensitive, an empath or working to help people wake up, it’s time to pay attention. Because you, more than anyone else, need to stop, reflect and move on. The time for being a bottomless well, a never-ending resource, always available, giving away your knowledge, wisdom and love for free is ending. 2018’s radical astrology is taking you on to an entirely new trajectory starting with continuous reality checks. With Saturn in Capricorn with Pluto the emerging higher time-lines will compel you to re-draw your boundaries, pulling them in tighter and closer; permanently cutting ties with anyone who is a spiritual consumer, who feeds off your words and your energy, demanding more and more as a distraction or drama. From now on your mission is to engage only with creators, those who have already woken up. Your new template simply won’t tolerate anything else. Remember your tribes are your unconscious influencers/echo chambers – choose carefully.

Signs that you are transitioning to this higher time-line are: losing all passion for your usual ways of working, feeling confused, exhausted and physically drained or ill. Despite this your heart isn’t as heavy as it used to be.  You don’t get so triggered by guilt or sympathy or empathy as much anymore. If so, understand that you are in a grace period and down tools to allow the evolutionary burn to re-align you. No more feeding the devouring Facebook machine, no more 24/7 availability, no more underselling yourself. Close down, let your energy leaks repair themselves. This is not selfishness, it is an act of enlightened self-interest. You’re setting the trajectory of your path for the next 30 years – take it seriously.
Remember: who you are is irreplaceable and not to be given away free to spiritual vampires.

Become a Self-Supporting Source

Make a bid for the power of your gifts and talents. Become your own best sponsor. Find your authentic voice. Cultivate your creative vision. Produce a product or service that you are compelled to offer because it’s the next right thing. Stream it to those who are capable of collaborating with you and are willing to consciously contract with you. Ground your vision into a purposeful and profitable plan. Create a blueprint to take you into the next 15 years. Seek self-sustainability by setting your own value and currency.

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Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

Agent 98 - Lorna Bevan

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