5D Astrology 2016 Dwarf Planet – ORCUS

by Agent 98 -Lorna Bevan

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The Astronomy

Did you know that our Solar system has recently grown by 8 new planets? In front of our eyes, our solar system is expanding along with our consciousness, especially around Pluto in the Kuiper Belt where we are discovering a whole new species of dwarf planets – Haumea, Makemake, Quaoar and beyond that to Sedna and Eris and encountering the tuning forks of the Galactic Centre, the Great Attractor along with Centaurs, Black Holes, pulsars and masers. Pluto is not alone! Meet his Kuiper Belt tribe, every one as powerful and as special as he is.

Orcus is a Kuiper belt object with a large moon called Vanth. It was discovered on February 17, 2004 by Michael Brown of Caltech, Chad Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory and David Rabinowitz of Yale University.Orcus orbits the Sun at a distance of 30.27 AU (4.53 billion km) at perihelion and 48.07 AU (7.19 billion km) at aphelion. Its orbit is the same 248-year period as Pluto’s orbit and it’s just a little smaller than Pluto

Orcus has an orbit that goes around the Sun twice for every three times that Neptune orbits around the Sun. As a result, the IAU approved the permanent name “Orcus” for this object, which comes a Roman god of the dead and is another name for the Greek deity of the dead Hades. The Orcus discovery team has pointed out that the object’s elongated orbit points in a nearly opposite direction from Pluto with precisely the same orbital period and both always keep to opposite phases of their orbits, as if Orcus was an “anti-Pluto”

Orcus Astrology

The Discovery of Dwarf Planets has changed the classic delineation between Inner and Outer planets to:

Inner Planets Mercury Mars Venus

Threshold Planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune plus the Asteroids and Centaurs

Deep Space Planets Pluto and the Dwarf Planets

Keywords for Orcus: integrity, authenticity, implacability, ruthlessness, loneliness, isolation, dark night of the soul, alienation, meditation and prayer, spiritual depth, determination, diehard, unbreakable, detached, merciless, inhumane, cruel.

Orcus is the guardian of the soul’s vows and promises.“This means that the Orcus path of action -from its south to north node- motivates us to apply the efforts of our daily activity while in the world of human affairs toward our soul’s greater galactic truth, purpose or mission on Earth; and in support of and in tune with Earth’s greater evolutionary time-cycle. This axis supports us to move from a punctual / personality consciousness to the durative awareness of the soul’s greater evolutionary galactic sojourn; to apply ourselves and our daily lives for a far more embracing, long-lasting ideal.” Nick Anthony Fiorenza.

This is a huge task so Orcus themed people –anyone with several aspects to Orcus or Orcus on the angles – tend to deal with the inner pressure by creating structures, boundaries, rules and order in a way quite resonant with Saturn. It can become a numbing defence against imminent chaos and feelings of powerlessness. Orcus is a Hadean archetype, and, alongside Ixion and Pluto, completes a trinity of mostly unconscious, often challenging drives and compulsions, which, gradually help to bring us to self-awareness. “Where Pluto is intense and personal and represents the compulsion to attempt control of situations and people in our lives, Orcus is detached and impersonal and attempts to manage challenging circumstances, not with Pluto’s habitual power struggle but rather through cold, inhuman disinterest. In archetypal terms, Pluto is the Mafia boss pulling everyone’s strings and Orcus is his henchman with a heart of stone. Pluto is impassioned, Orcus passionless. Orcus rules extreme human qualities: the determination to survive in pitiless conditions, as well as the drive to overcome all odds. Orcus has a strong correlation with oaths, and, when negative, rules swindlers and liars, while when positive, persons of integrity” Jeremy Allan Neal.

The psycho spiritual task of wherever the Orcus archetype lives in your birth chart and psyche is to convert separation and isolation into genuine and congruent integrity. That means knowing your highest level core values and then living them out in daily life – prioritising your life around them. In other words, walk your talk. Be impeccable with your word. Under promise and over deliver.

People with a Prominent Orcus

Richard Nixon;  Princess Diana;  Kim Il Sung;  Kim Jong-Un;  Joseph McCarthy;  Bashar al Assad;  Vladimir Putin;  Lenin;  Leon Trotsky;  Joseph Stalin;  Muhammed Ali;  Mike Tyson

Orcus in the World Chart 2017

Currently, transiting Orcus is at 8 degrees Virgo in an ongoing opposition to Neptune in Pisces until 2019. In April 2017 Centaur Nessus opposes Orcus through to 2022. Plus the transiting north Node of Fate has just crossed Orcus not to return for another 18.65 years.

Neptune rules, among other things, spiritual principles and impersonal idealism. So if we apply Orcus’ implacable and extreme tendencies to Neptune, we are presented with extreme spiritual ideals, and inhumane, often cruel, ideologies, but also, when in opposition, a kind of dogged, unbending determination to stand against spiritual or religious dogmas and accepted ideological positions. Centaur Nessus strapline is “The buck stops here” While it addresses cycles of abuse the most poignant key concept comes from Melanie Reinhart indicating that in some situations it speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.

It is not hard to witness Orcus/Neptune/Nessus acting out in the real world in the implacable rise of Isis – cruel and inhuman in their warped view of religious codes – and in the epidemic of emerging abuse stories kept hidden for generations.


There Are More Plutos  by Sue Kientz

Orcus by Jeremy Allan Neal