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how to take your astrology from Copernican to quantum • about Pluto’s Tribe of 8 Dwarf Planets: Eris Sedna Makemake Haumea Quaor Orcus Ixion Varuna • about the maverick Centaurs: Chiron Pholus Nessus Hylonome Chariklo Asbolus • how the Centaurs and Black Holes reveal your deepest emotional and spiritual gifts and the Dwarf Planets your transpersonal mission • how to integrate the Plutinos and Centaurs into your Birth Chart to make your birth mandala come alive as a personal evolutionary tool • how to discover new layers of meaning in your past and guidance for your future.
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The Astronomy

   Centaurs are small bodies orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Neptune. They’re named for the half-human, half-horse beings of Greek mythology – an apt designation. Centaurs share characteristics with planets, asteroids and comets and astronomers have struggled to find one classification that fits them all. Centaurs inhabit that complex and dynamic region between Jupiter and Neptune, the Solar System’s frontier, where ancient remnants of the system’s protoplanetary disc circle the Sun in orbits that can be relatively stable, like planets, or extremely eccentric, like comets.

Centaurs orbit the Sun on a path that takes them across the major axis of Neptune’s orbit between Neptune and Jupiter. This path can be perturbed by the gravitational effects of Jupiter and other bodies, though, and those effects can push centaurs into elliptical orbits that take them closer to the Sun.   Unlike the main-belt asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, the centaurs are different. These strangers behave wildly; they have a tendency to approach the Sun vertically, like comets. And they come from afar. They belong to our Solar System but come from the opposite direction of the Sun like fragments that have never been integrated and therefore are very unstable.

Chiron was the first of the main centaurs to be discovered back in 1977.Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus taking 50.7 years to orbit the chart and with an elliptical orbit this rotation is quite eccentric. Chiron spends almost half of that time in two zodiac signs: Pisces and Aries. Instead of a circular path, Chiron’s orbit is an oval and as it moves away from Saturn and towards Uranus, its trip across these zodiac signs can take almost two decades.

The Astrology of Chiron

“Each named Centaur offers a ceremonial platform for restoring part of one’s lost, basic nature. In a time when technology, the Internet and electronic obsessions reduce a healthy sense of humanity, the Centaurs appear to ground people back into their senses – the strongest being the sense of smell, Centaurs inspire us all to use the five basic senses to the fullest of their potential. Listen to what’s going on. Sniff out the cues of life. On a psychological level the Centaurs insist upon restoring a basic, instinctive nature unedited by mental gymnastics. A question they pose is: “Yeah, but what would you do if you could do anything?” Troubling? Perhaps, but recall that the Centaurian agenda is to heal social maladies, not create them” Philip Sedgwick

“Their eyes are stars,
Their teeth comets, their tails
galaxies they are
constellations of the night
they roam the universe…” D J Sylvis

Such is the nature of the Centaurs. They represent raw impulses and needs in us that clash with the normal order of things, as if they were all sick. They will appear coming from the opposite side of the Sun, from the “otherness” of our lives, making us face a lost part of ourselves, so that the experience becomes both intense and healing, making us more whole. However, it also makes us very fragile and vulnerable, so that it is the cure and its opposite at the same time.

Chiron -named after the Healer Centaur who died of a poisoned wound even he could not heal -has long been simplistically labelled: “The Wounded Healer”. But there’s far, far more to Chiron. Wherever Chiron is in your birth chart symbolises:

  • A shamanic process of self- discovery
  • A primal injury that defies resolution -often until the Chiron return at age 50.
  • The desire to reintegrate the spirit into the body.
  • Externalising /projecting an inner split
  • A soul mate urge that defines the need for soul/body healing.
  • The recovery from addictions by healing the soul instead of the psychology.
  • Finding or becoming a mentor for learning desired skills and philosophies.
  • A stepping stone or bridge between body and spirit
  • Physical purification and healthy lifestyle
  • Techniques of rebirthing, soul retrieval and shamanic journeys create soul healing
  • The skill of Re-Patterning

Melanie Reinhart in her ground breaking work: ”Chiron and the Healing Journey” offers the insight of your Chiron placement as marking the area of life of repetitive and futile struggles; all the ways you made psychological bargains and soul compromises in early life to be loved and to be accepted; where, when and how you feel like an outsider.

Key Chiron Transits

Chiron to Chiron transits mark indicate an initiation into a new phase of your life .If you follow the thread of Chiron transits through your life, you will see the pattern of major turning points, crises, events and experiences influencing the direction of your life. For example the 1st Chiron Square often brings experiences that are life markers-a time in young adulthood when the needs of your own soul rise to the surface to challenge all that early socialisation and Saturnian family imprinting.

The period around the Chiron Return age 50-51 is similar to a re-birth signalling the entry into the third age ahead of the 3rd Nodal return age 54 and the 2nd Saturn Return at 58. Its gift is a 360-degree perspective on the wounds and self- sabotaging narratives and beliefs you’ve clung to as a thread. Often karmic connections to the ancestors occur when you suddenly see how patterns of behaviour-such as addiction or self-sacrifice-have been unwittingly handed down the generations. Depending on your chart, serious or mysterious illness might surface at this time such as chronic fatigue syndrome or hard to diagnose symptoms. At your Chiron Return you are being nudged into a spiritual initiation by your soul especially if you have lived by repressing the sublime.

Chiron to natal planets brings experiences of wounding in the mode of the natal planet being transited.

Chiron Current Position

Chiron is transiting through the last degrees of Pisces. Currently Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in late Sagittarius is an opportunity to dissolve your own self-limiting rules and limitations, to make long overdue radical changes in your life, to pierce the veils obscuring your soul purpose then awaken to that purpose and live it out. Saturn with Chiron grounds and concretises that purpose in the world.

When Chiron enters Aries on 18 April 2018 through to January 2028, the Aries Point World Axis will be activated. Anticipate radical breakthroughs in medicine, ecology and psychology.

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