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The Astronomy



The Astronomy

Pholus was discovered on Jan 9, 1992 by David Rabinowitz and was the second Centaur discovered, Chiron being the first in 1977. It was due to this discovery that the planetary class of Centaurs was defined .The properties of that class included the objects being relatively small bodies which crossed the orbits of major planets and which were not in any previously known orbit. Pholus has an orbital period of just over 92 years, and crosses the orbits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto .Just as Chiron is considered an astrological key to Saturn and Uranus, so Pholus is a key to Neptune

The designation and rapid progress of the Centaur class is the perfect metaphor for Pholus. Chiron, by contrast, was first seen in 1895 and not discovered until 1977. Fifteen years later, Pholus was discovered and within a relatively short time, there were dozens of new Centaurs. Chiron is associated with long delays followed by rapid changes; Pholus is about rapid changes prompted by something as seemingly insignificant as idle curiosity.

Pholus Mythology

In myth, Pholus guards the centaurs’ vines, the wine from these being the actual cause for the battle between Hercules and the Centaurs. Like Chiron, Pholus becomes embroiled in the battle by chance, and dies due to a tragic coincidence – while curiously inspecting one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows, he is mortally wounded

Pholus Astrology

Key Words: PHOLUS:

Luciferian; the Fall; an angel, a trickster; intelligence operations ;
metamorphoses; overflow; invasion; outcast; untamed; the nobility of the wild; communion of two worlds; predator; shamanism; dispossessed; waste; un-conditioning; looseness; homeless; a nomad; exodus; illumination, rapture, euphoria. By Juan Antonio Revilla

Astrologer Melanie Reinhart in her ground-breaking book: “To the Edge and Beyond” coined the strapline that has come to define Pholus in our charts: “Small cause, big effect”. At times, the energy of Pholus feels like taking the top off a pressure cooker. It’s just that the stuff keeps coming out. A genie coming out of a bottle is perhaps a better metaphor, but that, too, comes with the sense of materialisation.
Pholus has a quality of opening the door to the infinite. Depending on the door, that may or may not be helpful, or seem helpful, but it is what it is and when Pholus has become active, it’s necessary to get out of denial and work with the energy consciously.
Pholus has the property of release from situations, thus opening to new possibilities, and emerging into new states of existence. It is the Centaur of fast-moving changes, or rapid transformations, typically initiated by one’s own action. Something as simple as curiosity or a chance encounter may start the chain of events. One quality of Pholus experience is, “I would never have done that if I knew what I was getting into,” sometimes with the added idea, “but I’m glad I did.” A small gesture that leads to something large, a minor project that becomes one’s life work, an experiment that takes on a life of its own, leading to many developments, all are properties of Pholus.
Robert von Heeren adds:” Pholus is the catalyst and provider for a landslide-like change and turning points. Pholus exaggerates energies in their raw state. Pholus is an emphasiser.”

In some cases, Pholus activity represents or instigates situations in which something gets out and you can’t get it back in, such as when riots begin and the government cannot stop them, or you make one change and it cascades into a series of other developments. This same quality also gives Pholus experiences the quality of a leap to a new level.

Another quality of Pholus is anything involving three generations, which relates to its mythology. Pholus was the keeper of a cask of wine given to him by Dionysus, which he had kept three generations, and which was the collective property of all the Centaurs. Wherever there is a question within an astrology counselling situation that may be multigenerational, no matter what the subject, the position of Pholus in the natal chart or transits at the time can offer insight and assistance.
Look for the influence of ancestors, issues and gripes to be taken up with ancestors and relationship to predecessors of any kind. Pholus addresses issues that belong to the entire tribe, collective psychological property and group responses to situations.

Pholus has a relationship to addictions and the healing of addictions, as well as their causes and consequences, which often have multigenerational and group causes and effects that may or may not include the actual substance itself — but rather the effects of being raised under its influence, attitudes toward the substance, or attitudes passed from a grandparent.

In light of the above, Pholus may help to lead us from the conforming bounds and limitations of our past, to make the radical changes in our lives, to pierce the veils obscuring our more transcendent soul purpose, and to awaken to our unique purpose and live it. Conversely, Pholus may also help us to then ground and concretise that purpose in the world. Pholus would seem to help us refine our sense of responsibility to one living true to soul’s oath. Upon this journey, guided by Pholus, we may also confront the fear and loneliness encountered when leaving the apparent safety of our past established karmic patterns and choosing to live true to live our uniqueness in the world

Given that Pholus’s orbit crosses the orbits of all three modern planets, with their revolutionary changes and compelling spiritual processes, as well as that of Saturn, you can be sure it carries enormous energy wherever it goes, that it can go nearly anywhere, and can wear many masks.

Pholus Position August 2017

Pholus was discovered at 0 degrees Leo in 1992 and has now moved to 29 Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Centre. It will retrograde until mid-2017 then cross into Capricorn on the World Axis for the first 6 months of 2018.Significantly Pholus is conjunct Ixion, Saturn and Quaoar-all clustered on the Galactic Centre-our homing signal and Sun of our Sun. The planetary algebra translates: Small Cause, Big Effect + Rebel with a Cause + the Lord of Time and Karma + the Creation Force = epochal change.


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