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by Agent 98 -Lorna Bevan

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how to take your astrology from Copernican to quantum • about Pluto’s Tribe of 8 Dwarf Planets: Eris Sedna Makemake Haumea Quaor Orcus Ixion Varuna • about the maverick Centaurs: Chiron Pholus Nessus Hylonome Chariklo Asbolus • how the Centaurs and Black Holes reveal your deepest emotional and spiritual gifts and the Dwarf Planets your transpersonal mission • how to integrate the Plutinos and Centaurs into your Birth Chart to make your birth mandala come alive as a personal evolutionary tool • how to discover new layers of meaning in your past and guidance for your future.
– As we wait for this great addition, this month Lorna writes a Month Ahead Sun sign column for all signs in her own unique fashion.




The Astronomy

Discovered by astronomer Mike Brown of Cal Tech in 2004, Sedna is a large dwarf planet in the outer reaches of the Solar System that was, as of 2015, at a distance of about 86 astronomical units from the Sun, about three times as far as Neptune

This small world takes roughly 10,000 years to complete one circuit around our Sun, not only because of its vast distance but also because its orbit is so elliptical or oval-shaped. At the time of its discovery, it was at one of the closest points of its orbit to the Sun, making it easier to spot.

The Astrology and the Myth

Since the last time Sedna orbited as close to Earth as her discovery was the Stone Age, Mike Brown searching for a name, thought about how cold it must be out in deep space and came up with Sedna, after an Inuit Princess who lived at the bottom of the Arctic ocean. The myth was all about suffering, loss and redemption. Sedna was given against her will in marriage to a strange Bird Man who took her away to the icy wastes far from her family and fed her scraps of raw fish. Her father finds her and they set off in his kayak to return home pursued by the vengeful Bird Man. As the kayak threatens to capsize, her father chops off her fingers and throws her overboard to save himself. Her severed hands and fingers magically change into seals, sea lions, whales and dolphins and Sedna sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but does not die. Instead she becomes the Goddess of the ocean’s sea creatures.

Sedna Themes

Trauma, suffering, illness and survival against all odds repeat over and over in Sedna’s discovery chart and those people and events who have strong Sedna indicators. Sedna is sadness and suffering- an archetype of Saturn and Neptune all in one. Yet if Sedna symbolises the worst of Saturn/Neptune, she also brings out the best – tenaciousness and extreme devotion.

People with strong Sedna aspects in their birth charts or through progression can prove resolute and visionary on the upside and inflexible and unrealistic on the downside.

Too simplistically, some astrologers simply label Sedna influences as victimhood and sacrifice because she is female and can therefore be adopted into the ever expanding group of so-called Goddesses. This is reminiscent of what Caroline Myss called “woundology” to describe how some people define themselves by their physical, emotional, or social wounds. The bedrock of Sedna’s influence goes far deeper than being a victim into something far rarer-a solid determination, almost a willingness, to suffer because you they are committed to achieving a difficult goal.


Sedna Events

The Apollo 13 mission which went wrong threatening to leave the astronauts abandoned in icy space. In the nick of time, a solution was found and they splashed down in the ocean.

The Columbia shuttle disaster 1986

The Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004

Tunguska Meteorite Strike 1908

People with Strong Sedna Contacts

Stephen Hawking, diagnosed aged 21 with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and paralysed, yet with immense persistence, is one of the planets leading scientists.

Isaac Newton, ill as a child then restricted by the Great Plague of 1665, produced the ground breaking mathematical theories of his age

Milton Erickson crippled by polio as a child, yet became the father of hypnosis and revolutionised psychotherapy.

John McCain captured and tortured by the Vietnamese and refused to collaborate. Went on to serve the United Sates as a Senator

Sedna in Your Birth Chart

To discover the sign, degree, aspects and House of your natal Sedna, look it up in this Sedna Ephemeris. Since 1930 Sedna has moved from 16 degrees Aries to 26 degrees Taurus. This extreme slowness-an average of .5 of a degree per year – obviously intensifies Sedna’s impact by transit and progression.

Until the 19th century, if you were born with Sedna aspecting personal planets Sedna hardly moved in transit, so you were stuck with it at virtually the same degree your entire life. With Sedna now traveling faster, if you have a difficult natal Sedna contact, it diminishes as it moves away, signalling an opportunity to conquer whatever trial Sedna represented in your life. Conversely, if you have no Sedna contacts at birth you will likely experience a dose of its harsh reality in transit or progression. There is a silver lining to this, since going through hardship often produces compassion, empathy and much greater understanding of others. Use an orb of 1 degree either side of a conjunction, square or opposition.

Sedna is currently at 26 degrees Taurus conjunct Medusa and Caput Algol, referred to in superstitious times as the most evil star in the sky. Algol is positioned in the forehead of Medusa and I like to think of it as her 3rd eye. The ancients mistrusted Algol’s blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances, but it turns out it is a binary star, eclipsing itself every 3 days. This is a plutonic point of high intensity, volatility and deep emotional undercurrents. It brings an ability to heal through having walked through the dark of your own soul. So transiting Sedna here is having a generational effect working in parallel with the Uranus/Eris conjunction I n Aries to rip away false illusions of safety and security.


The Chandra Symbol tells us: Taurus 26°  Grotesque rocks in a sand garden

“Being brought into a distinctive, unique, specialized, highly individualized form of awareness. This brings with it huge blunders and so much wisdom on tap. It is a matter of recognising that something is missing from this picture, yet that what is known matters greatly. An assignment. A cosmic task. Go in there and see what is obvious, yet overlooked. Don’t concern yourself with all the things the others are preoccupied within. It is your part to recognize and point out what is crying to be salvaged and restored to its rightful place. A very peculiar edge of eccentricity, of going off the deep end. Almost going out of one’s way to court the exotic, the forbidden, the neglected. Yet it is true that somebody here must love and identify within and track through the spaces which are not so comfortable and easy to grapple with in any other way. One jewelled wonder comes forth from this realm. If we can see with new eyes and share what we glimpse, we can actually restore a shared feeling for what seems to have been left behind, but is coming toward us from the future. If we can enter upon the Mysteries of these interior realms, even the ones dark and forbidding, we can tap a lost chord and make sure that the synthesis we are all contributing to encompasses those x-factors which upset the status quo and the fixed assumptions. We still are captivated by the strangest things. And we may get pretty far lost in there. Sometimes you need to be gone from ordinary consciousness to probe the innermost secrets.”

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