12:03am UT, 2015

by C*I*A Agent Chuckle No. 937
(Chuck Hungerford)

If ‘War and Peace’ were the Aries/Libra theme, what would be the Virgo/Pisces slogan?  ‘
Work and play’?  Serve and pray?  Heal Away?

”The angry band played on, cacophony the rule of the day.  Discordant notes forcefully inserted into what had been intended as lilting harmony.  Fire-nuts infiltrating honey.

Libra balance, that fine edge between fair and foul play had been severely violated…all over the world…within individuals, their abodes, and their countries.   Aries, the war god, captures the kindly violinist, separating him from peaceful expression.   Woodstock, this was not. The world was sliding pell-mell towards the ‘demon’s-bonfire’…in an upside-down hand basket.  It was a bumpy ride destined to empty out all ‘phony-fairness’ doctrines.
From whence would come future relief, retribution, rectification?  Perhaps the shifting of the nodes…from Libra/Aries to Virgo/Pisces would sound out, sort out, analyze (Virgo), and provide ultimate answers (Pisces)…?

If ‘War and Peace’ were the Aries/Libra theme, what would be the Virgo/Pisces slogan?  ‘Work and play’?  Serve and pray?  Heal Away?

Well, Pisces would soon become the ‘promoter of-past dreams’ (South Node).  But let’s face it, o-religion (Pisces) had stunk the place up.   All that ‘righteous’ killing, you know.  And then there were the massive cover-ups, the conspiracies…the rulers basking in a liar’s lair, the insanity of the status quo.  Truth standing on its head.
So the understanding and acceptance of Pisces energy would have to evolve in the consciousness of individuals..

A critical turning point was at hand.  A major edit was in order…a manuscript written on a mud-covered coffin…sunk deep in Davey Jones’s Locker….to radiate healing into the future through its more logical opposite number.   A new story, rooted (Virgo) in excruciating truth.  The truth hurts, but the truth also heals…

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A hurled trident, dripping in pseudo-compassion comically punches itself thru Donald Duck’s tail feathers (he never did wear pants, did he?).  The grand illusion whereby undisciplined ducks best be ‘all in a row’…lovin’ the status quo…was nearing its end…further preparations for Aquarius’s magnificent new age.
New energies come forth…intent on change.  Change beginning deep within.  Virgo NN. Virgo’s painfully honest self-examination reveals that individual healing supplies the fuel for grander, broader social healing (Pisces).  Time for us folks to face the fact that they we are seriously flawed.  Distorted, fanciful thinking would be honed into the more practical, the more pure…if all went well.
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Enter the effusive silver-tongued-devil, Donnybrook (Don) De Trumpe’. (Troom-pay) was a brainy book reviewer/critic turned North Node for the New Haven Mercury-Gazette.   As such, he was on the cutting edge of present social acclimatization.   He knew the score.  He had the unerring good sense and logic to spot a scammy premise or conclusion in any story…and he had the integrity to do something about it…to not let grime pass, like so many before him had…to push truth forward with great vigor.  Harshness of ‘critique’ was not something which overly concerned ‘The Donald’.  He was good at it.
Mr. Trumpe was about to be promoted.  The gazettes’ publisher, Byron Jove (Jupiter), was tight with him (see True-nodal ingress chart), and most thought it only a matter of time before he was thrust into prominence…into editorship…into leadership.
(Because DeTrumpe’s progressed Sun will be passing into Virgo (conjunct Regulus in his 10th h) in January, 2017 (when he’ll be sworn-in to the presidency), his persona will be used interchangeably with the Virgo NN).

The Donald was a fervent believer in the adage, ‘’a good book is like a tuning fork tapped into a rock-solid mindset.  It can’t be ignored…as it zapifies (vitalizes) previously untapped reservoirs of thoughtful, common sense interpretation.’’
It was a long adage, but an apt one for the tall, soon-to-be Virgoan. He has already begun tap, tap, tapping on corrupt government status quos…until, finally, the establishment shudders, then shatters from intense ‘Good Vibrations’…amped up by  NN ruler, Mercury, joining Sun and Moon in Scorpio of the Nodal ingress chart.

This opens a deep shaft wherein the brilliant, tho distant, light from glorified Pisces may be glimpsed and brought forward.  Virgo forgiveness of man-made guilt and ignorance now becomes the order of the day.  Practical integrity permeated by gossamer goodwill and togetherness.
Tho the Trumpster, like you and I, will be pushed thru transformation by crisis (in his case, ego must be tamed…humility embraced), The Universe has blessed this moment-in-time when NN moves into Virgo.

And those blessings will be enhanced when DeTrumpe’s progressed Sun arrives in Virgo… January, 2017.

De Trumpe’/NN will become fixated on the nation’s wounds, probing each with meticulous care, with unbendable resolve…until a healing strategy surfaces.  This exclusionary impulse may ‘put off’ some, but no one will deny that they always get to the bottom of that on which they focus.  ‘’The better to heal at the source,’’ they would mutter absently to one another.

At any rate, NN/DeTrumpe was now in a leadership position.  As he saw it, his job was to do the research, to find the missing key in slimy fish scales of past polluted oceans, and to serve and heal a war-torn world where the past had gotten the best of the present (Aries over Libra).
But what of Virgo’s unbalanced past…Pisces, the so-called ‘Prince of Peace’ (POP)?

As stated, religion had not worked out, but Shangri la still beckoned…strongly!   For POP welcomed SN into its very own watery realm where POP himself was now posited…a fluid three-bagger which would demand equal time…which might, in fact, teach the Virgoan how to walk on water…as only a POP could.
With POP’s support, and By Jove’s faith, DeTrumpe/NN  could become a bona fide hero (Mars exactly conjunct NN in ingress chart).

The Captains of past and future would work well together.  The past is the essence of Virgo research.  There, amidst the fishies, she would find that missing key,…that nurturing, healing, salve   In turn, Pisces’ essence, Universal Love, will be methodically distilled, alchemizing away impurities.  Depth of understating will ensue on Planet Earth.  It is the promise of fulfillment…of inferior (humble healer) moral action supplanting the superior (dominant-wound-er).

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.01.56 pm
In the case of Virgo NN, perceived ‘fairness’ and balance must be understood as ‘Libra-erroneous’.  Political correctness is not fairness, it is tyranny.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul never works because Peter eventually runs out of resources…unless he doesn’t…in which case everything’s cool.  We are either too critical…or too penitent…or too…too….  Well, we are learning to let such thoughts…go.
The crises are of consciousness, then, of how we view the world generally…and individually, how we view our personal world:  How are we to be compassionate and practical at the same time?  Are we able to forgive self for imperfection?  Is compassion for others of more value than compassion towards self?  What does ‘work’ mean.  When does ‘sacrifice’ rule?  What…matters?
In DeTrumpe’s case, grandiosity must find its roots in meekness of spirit…roar in quiet excellence.  He will be criticized only til he forgives himself for extremes of expression (soon, he will realize that no forgiveness was ever needed…only within himself).  He has the opportunity to be loved greatly by the public once he has passed thru the narrow gate dividing ego from selfless service.  But wait?  Maybe a more critical approach to all this would be….????

C*I*A Agent Chuckle No. 937

(Chuck Hungerford)

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