Father Time, Saturns Birth 2018/2019

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

Art by Alex Stone

As we walk the fields of this passing year, scythe resting on our shoulders, we are searching for the right kind of harvest. There is a celebration on the way. The golden ball will be given, once again to the Child at play….

There is a term used in Astrology for when a planet dissappears into the brilliance of the Sun’s rays, it is combust! There is also “under the beams,” “in the rays,” “burnt,” and “cazimi” for when the planet is exactly in the heart of the Sun.  This idea has a long history, one shining all the way back to the origins of our tradition.  And for the most part, when a planet is “burnt” it is said to create great weakness to the planet in question.

At the moment I write this, in the final days of 2018, the only planet getting properly cooked is Saturn.  Heading towards the heart of the sun (“cazimi”), Saturn is not only walking his field in the form of Father Time, but also reflecting deeply on the past twelve months (his cycle started on the Winters Solstice in 2017). It is in this part of any planetary cycle where the end is in sight.  We have harvested nearly all there is to be had and we slowly prepare for the next growing season.  With Saturn, this begins on the first day of 2019 (some places, the 2nd). What are we going to build next year? Who will we become if we put in the work? Where will discipline take us? Will we respond to adversity with grace? It looks like this:

Saturn cycle

.: Saturn Cycle :.

With all planets Mars and beyond, their cycle begins with the conjunction to the Sun while they are moving direct.  The planet in question is also behind the Sun and furthest from Earth.  Before this radiant beginning, there is a fall though, from the evenings sky.  When the planet dissappears at sunset, it has entered the rays.  For Saturn, this happened around Dec. 16th of 2018.

Throughout the wyrd and winding road Astrology has taken over millennias, there are many opinions on exactly when a planet is technically “under the beams” of the Sun. Some say it’s a specific amount of distance for each planet. Other seemed to agree for hundreds of years that is was 15 degree before or after the Sun.  William Lilly even popularized 17. Being that’s my number and also a guaranteed visibility, we will go with 17. Meaning, we will not see Saturn again until late Jan. of 2019, just after Eclipse season.

What does it all mean?

It means we are melting lead.  The weight we may be carrying from 2018 is lessening day by day as Saturn cooks in the Sun.  Internally, if you allow yourself such a journey, you may find yourself addressing regrets or mournfully watching that hourglass run out of sand. There is a melancholy to the end of a cycle, yet there is also hope.  As Saturn heads for the glory of cazimi, we too should be forging our intentions for 2019 in such a heat, planning seriously for the most auspicious New years Day in recent times. Find 11 Capricorn in your chart to take this meditation deeper still.

He leans through his creaking bones and whispers into the Childs ear. We will never know what was said. But the Child smiles with all his teeth…

Abu Malshar offers a unique insight into the conjunction with the Sun (“cazimi”) by saying it relates to someone being purified, in which the days after, as the planet hobbles out of the rays, gets stronger with every step.  Similar to coming down off the hill or eating after a 10-day dieta.  It is also said, that as soon as the planet emerges, it is fully back to health.  It then gets its stride fully and begins whistling around 60 degrees from the Sun. For Saturn, this won’t occur until around the Vernal Equinox.  Not to worry though, every step of the way is essential.

Father Time (aka The Grim Reaper or Saturn) is the spirit animal of this time of year.  As everyone recovers from Saturnalia and the red, white, and green, he awaits at the threshold of the New Year.  The sand falling quicker through his glass, his blade dull, bones grown weary, he waits for the puer to arrive.  And when the Child comes, starry eyed and ready to change the world, Father Time makes the hand off, and the year begins anew.  For us though, we have the advantage.  We also know Saturn is doing the same with the Sun. It’s a cycle which can be seen.  By the end of month one of 2019, Saturn will be waiting for all you early risers in the East to grade your New Year Resolutions.

To conclude, I give you James Hillman: On Puer (Jupiter/Neptune) and Senex (Saturn):

james hillman