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Regulus in Virgo! WE Can be Heroes!

With Regulus now in Tropical Virgo, it seems so appropriate and timely as we consider a world ruled by powerful elites and societies ruled by money and power. Now we have Regulus in the sign of service, resourcefulness, technology, skill and duty, as we consider waste, global resources, efficiency and how to get things working better. This shift seems timely to say the least. We are all called to a service of some kind, helping to shape a better world. Leo is a Fire sign ruled by the Sun and Virgo an Earth sign ruled by Mercury. The shift from one to the other brings with it a new focus, a new energy.

Uranus Retrograde: August 11th – Jan 10th 2020

There’s a ripple in the cosmos this week; the great awakener, Uranus, retrogrades on August 11th at the 6th degree of Taurus. This Uranus  journey retrograde, or `inward,’ continues until January 10th 2020. Uranus is the `mad cap professor’ which inspires by shaking the status quo through the tools of detached brilliance. Uranus is the energy of the odd. Even the astronomical planet orbits on its side axis, a metaphor for the maverick. Uranus represents eccentric, eclectic, electricity, science, energy, innovation and inspired change. As one of the `big three’ transpersonal change planets, Uranus serves as a generation marker because it remains in any given sign for about seven years. This means once every 84 years the energy repeats; 2018-2026 will resemble 1934-1941 in terms of focused change applied to Taurus themes.


The Lunar Occultations of 2019 : The Circle of Grandmothers and the New World Order

What is a lunar occultation? This phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes between the earth and a star or planet, temporarily obscuring it from our viewi. It’s an eclipse of sorts, and requires an exact alignment in several different celestial planes. Because they are unified on more than one plane of measurement, these occultations are more than a simple conjunction and deserve an elevated delineation. We interpret regular eclipses as endings and beginnings, seed times when circumstances and conditions are ripe for change and development.