New Moon in Taurus – Intention activation:

This new moon is inviting you to breathe deeply, to become present and aware of your senses. An offer is extended to make a commitment to yourSelf to Be the Change you wish to see in the world. This is our time for Healing through Connection - to Planet Earth - and to each other. A time to Plant Seeds of rEvolution. Nature is our greatest teacher, so Be outside and delight in her fruits. Get your hands in the dirt. Take your shoes off and feel the Earth beneath your feet. Remember your connection to your own body and that of Gaia.

BE PRESENT – New Moon Taurus – April 26th 12:16 UTC

Sense… At first your mind races in contemplation – after all there is so much to process, sort through, deal with and get your head around. Those early first steps are missed as your eyes drop to the ground, unable to see the bigger picture, as your mind is lost to your body. Nature’s voice strengthens in an attempt to gain your attention – the birds chirrup loudly, the wind rustles through the leaves and branches, the trees creek in consort, the aromatic scent of the land envelopes you…

Internal Authority – Pluto Retrograde

Pluto stations to begin its retrograde period on April 20. Often referred to as Lord of the Underworld and archetypally associated with Scorpio, Pluto’s retrograde period often involves karmic lessons of surrender, regeneration and eventual rebirth. T

The healing light of homeopathy.

Those who follow my writing know that I am deep into the art of healing. My love for astrology is beyond words, however, working towards healing people, there is a missing link in astrology or any other consciousness work, and that is the workings of the body and its energy. Talking about healing is nothing compared to finding a cure that works.

Conference Costa Rica starting shortly!

Starting May 6th 2017, the Conference brings together wonderful insights into today’s modern astrological thinking, intertwined with exalting body and mind releases, a very holistic experience for any astrologically minded soul.

The C*I*A will bring highlights from the conference on a daily basis, stay tuned to our website or follow us on Facebook.

Kaypacha, Rick Levine, Patricia Walsh, Julija Simas, Sol Jonassen, Maurice Fernandez, Mona Valenas, Timothy Halloran, Ari Moshe, Christina Caudill, Marci Winters

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