Astrology for Month Ahead MARCH 2021- Sun Sign Update

Ceres, a seeding archetype, entered Aries on February 20 (the same day Mercury finished retrograde). Continuing in this sign until May 8, it is an appropriate transit for the start of the spring season. There’s plenty of fresh potential on the horizon, especially in the last 10 days of the month. Mars enters Gemini on March 3. Extending to April 23, one way or another watch for this energizing and mobilizing Mars transit to get you/get it moving. 

Soulful Blessings from the Sacred Goddess ✰ Full Moon 9°Virgo @8:17UT 27th February 2021 


Whenever Luna highlights the feminine sign of the zodiac Virgo, as she does over this Full Moon, we all (male & female alike) tend to get busy, attending to this and that with the kind of great practicality that only an insightful, female kind of wisdom – rationally intuitive – successfully works. Which means for those who are currently adrift in the Sun’s Piscean sea, swimming and surfing the cosmic ocean with alternate waves of chaos, anxiety and/or confusion,

Venus enters Pisces – Feb 25- March 20
In her special place, invisible, fast moving, escaped behind the Sun. Her time in…

Posted by Cosmic Intelligence-Agency on Thursday, 25 February 2021

Ceres enters Aries.
Ceres the 1st asteroid discovered in 1801, promoted to dwarf planet in 2006, begins and ends a new…

Posted by Cosmic Intelligence-Agency on Sunday, 21 February 2021


Astrology and the collective consciousness.

Astrology offers precious guidelines for the years to come: it tells us we are seeds of meaning planted by the cosmos and that our vocation is to blossom If astrology helps to lead a more harmonious existence in many ways, its main function in the coming years might be to connect us - or reconnect us - to the deepest meanings of life, through the cosmogony, the philosophy, the spiritual vision and the quest for truth its very existence implies. Not based on belief or faith, but on an observable and meaningful link that binds us to the cosmos,

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