Not only does Venus move into Libra August 16th UT, but also a day later Venus crosses the celestial equator (how very Libran)from Northern declination to Southern declination. When Venus moves into in Aries (she shifts to the north, when  she moves to Libra, she shifts to the south) with Aries and Libra being the equatorial markers of the zodiac, as Cancer and Capricorn are the Solsticial markers .  Take note of any shifts you may feel. What appears to be subtle shifts in planetary movements, can often times be more significant than we think.

Venus a fast moving planet, as the above ‘Phases” diagram shows, Venus is now a bright evening star and is still as yet not in her brightest position, still to reach max elongation by Nov 1st. Her brightest phase will be  beginning of December as she comes closer to Earth before her retrograde starts on the Solstice Dec 21 at 28 Capricorn and finishes conjunct Pluto at 9 Capricorn 40 days later.

AN interesting connection with the next exact Pluto Uranus square occurring with Venus at her max elongation, being 47 degrees away from the Sun. Also as the declination chart below shows, Venus will also move out of bounds OOB in October  and be at 27 degrees at her max declination South at the time of the exact square. More on that later.

For now Venus will spend 27 days in Libra and plays out her role in the cardinal T-Square beginning with a square to Pluto next weekend August 24th and culminating throughout the  week after.

We may feel more than prepared to say it how its is, find a voice to speak up for ourselves and put our agenda on the table. Up until now, we have planned and thought much about what has been going on, feeling deeply and deciphering how to express ourselves without creating too much damage , friction and being cautious of not regretting what we have done. Venus in Libra helps in her elegant and strong demeanor, to make us take up the role we are meant to play in all of this unfolding drama.

The cycle of Venus with the Sun is known as the synodic cycle, meaning meeting place, when two planetary bodies return to the same meeting place in relationship to one another. One of the great features of the Venus cycle is that we can count on her being in the same place in relation to the Sun in the sky every 1.6 years- 19 months- 584 days. In 5 complete synodic cyles, 584 x 5 = 2920 days = 8 years, during which Venus creates her magical pentacle, counting either 5 retrograde inferior conjunction points, or 5 superior conjunction points, Venus will return, within 2 degrees, to the same sign, and same phase, the same part of her cycle that she was at 8 years before. This is called the Venus Return. We experience the Venus return at the ages of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 48 etc , with Venus returning to the same position and phase that she was at birth.

So as descriptive and informative as Venus is in a particular sign, her phase and her return to a phase is more so, enriching her story and our experience of understanding her cycle.

So recall  her last max elongation 19 months ago(from Nov 1st 2013) when Venus was in the exact same position in the sky as she will be on Nov 1st.
What was happening in you life.?

Also recall 8 years ago  from December 2013  , when Venus was at the same, phase, position and sign . Get ready for the next retrograde to help by looking back, think of what you were up to back then, who were you with, what were you doing? Be prepared for the next loop and star point.


Agent 12 Julija Simas 2013


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